How Far Ahead In Time Can A Lucid Dreamer Really Go?

I have been reading “The Lucid Dreaming Pack” by Robert Waggoner.  On Page 36, he describes how he went into outer space; saw planets and moons; and experienced energy as he moved through the ring of a planet. He asserts that it is hard to ignore that one feels that all this is real since this content already exists before the dreamer enters this world; at the same time, he speculates if this is a symbolic inner journey of some sort. I felt very astounded when I read about this because going into the space is an idea that I am not that open to for some reasonnow that I  have been given this idea, I might try it in the future. This finding is the reason why I wanted to compose this blog post.

I have read in Islam that the soul leaves the body while someone is asleep. Read blog post, Detecting Soul As It Leaves the Body. In addition, a Biophysicist named Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov shares that he has found a way of displaying the human soul as it leaves the body. See YouTube video “Scientist photographs soul leaving body”. To answer the question, “Where does the soul go when one is asleep”, I turned to the Sufis who are well-known for deep meditation, which is required to activate the brainwaves needed for lucid dreaming.  According to Sufism, the human soul resides in a place called Barzakh during death, sleep, and meditation. If you put pieces of the puzzle this way, it is easy to see what that outer space Robert Waggoner is talking about. Its part of the Barzakh!

Okay! Now comes a dream that I have so far felt very daunted to document. I think I had this dream when I was a teenager. Before I share this dream with you, I have to share two significant things about me.

1) I am a Writer.

“When it comes to perceiving the truth, …over and over again writers who seem to be way ahead of their time describe things that we wind up experiencing. And, I also think that through their imagination, they have the ability to penetrate these other dimensional realms, what we take as fictional really does exist in some ways” Source: “Rosemary E. Guiley The DJINN“.

2) I am an ENFP, which is a personality type that holds the most geniuses. Read Which Type Has the Most Geniuses? I know that I am a genius not by looking at my grades but my evaluating my attitude. For instance, sometimes I become telepathic and/or lucid and other times I am tuned out. This tuning in and tuning out is an indication of a genius brain.

Okay! So I feel you are ready to read the rest.

In this particular dream, my family members and I were inside a round object, which looked like a roomI think that the roundness of the room is important because it is easier for the round objects to travel through time. The room was dark although there was some orangish light that illuminated certain parts of the room including the bed and the window. I could see my parents sleeping on the bed; they seemed fast asleep and disconnected from things that were around them. I could also see one of my younger brothers standing near the window and looking outside. I was watching while sitting in the far corner of the roomI must have chosen this position because I was having an Ambient Lucid Dream during which I do not engage the dream characters but just watch what goes on. I looked outside the window along with my brother. To  my surprise, I saw a war break outside. Things were getting destroyed and burned. Soon, a shadow appeared in the room and now I could see it on top of my parents’ bed.

This dream makes sense after more than 20 years I conceived it. I am a Muslim; and, I am currently witnessing a genocide involving the Muslims. Muslims are being abused and murdered in so many countries including United States, Canada, Britain, India, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and China. All this has worsened since 9/11, which happened when I was no longer a teenager. As the dream predicted, my parents are currently somewhat disconnected from their surroundings because they are very old. This is what this particular dream was foretelling.

I have thought about what exactly created this dream. I used to pray to God when I was a child and I continued to do this one way or another as I grew older. During my deep meditative states, I used to think about protecting the Earth and the Earthlingsonly recently, I have found out that I could think like this because I am an Empath ENFP. However, I feel that teachings of Islam are helping me think this way as well. Another aspect of my personality that is allowing me to think so clearly is my ability to daydream and create fascinating dreams. I am an ENFP, which means that I have survived adulthood and I am still childlike despite being old, wise, and mature.

So here is my advise to all of you. Use the following to become lucid:

  1. Your spiritual and/or religious self
  2. Meditations
  3. Daydreams and Imaginations
  4. Any strong aspect of your personality
  5. Delete any lines or concepts about time and boundaries that you have learned while navigating except for lucid dreaming techniques

If you become afraid from a finding, acknowledge your fear and attempt to overcome it. I don’t mean to teach in a pushy manner, which is what I do when I am learning as well. This is why I said, “acknowledge your fear”. Seriously! It is okay to slow down if you need to. I think you will learn and act in a more effective manner even if were going slow compared to what you know is your “real speed”.

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An Angel Guards Him

The dream started in a house. It was dark, perhaps because there was less light or perhaps because I wanted it this way so I may think less while I wander. I had come to meet a great Human Rights Activist—he is a world renowned activist. I could see him and his son sitting close to each other as a tall, lean gentleman addressses both of them. Then the father just dissappears while the son remains. Eventually the discussion is over. Thus, the tall lean man just sleeps on the sofa—maybe, he was a guest or a family member. The son then left to do something; and, I tailed him asking him where this Human Rights Activist had gone. I was now in a different part of the house which looked a lot like the first part of the house I had initially inhabited. I could now see a female family member carry a bowl of food while walking in the room. At this point, something made me leave the house. I was now outside, near a garage. A woman stood near the closed garage, her head turned upwards as if she was seeking the stars. When I arrived, she looked at me; and, I felt less fear since I was staring at a human face—it was oval with slightly pointed jaw bones. The way her head was titled upwards made me think that she was not a human being—it was tilted all the way up, at 180 degrees from the position that is used to bow during prayer, in a freakish manner. She was very still for several moments as she listened to the sky and then quickly checked me out. She smiled at me; opened the garage door; and, let me in. He was inside. He saw me and walked towards me. I went close to him and placed my hand and head on his chest. At this sight, the woman who was standing outside said to him, “I think she likes you”. He smiled and replied, “She is a friend”; and, then he hugged me gently. He seemed very happy and relieved for some reason. I could sense him fully at this point. He was a being full of positive energy, laughter, and life. I see how he had made me feel so safe! I have always wanted to meet him because I have found his work to be very inspiring, which is why I had this dream.

I woke up soon after he hugged me. I could still sense him around me; and, I felt an extremely vibrant energy surging through my mind, body, and soul. I felt different! I felt much rejuvenated! This is when I realized that the female dream character who was standing near the garage must be an angel. It was analyzing me before allowing me to proceed further and it was totally out of place! In my dreams about portals that I refer to as Stargates, things usually go out of place. What if this woman was not fitting into this entire picture because she is a stargate or an angel! I mean the Human Rights Activist in question has saved so many lives and still continues to do so. I can’t share his name here because I feel shy! If you review my site properly, you will find lots of dreams where the names of the individuals I dreamt about are not mentioned. The person from this dream is actually mentioned in the blog post, Dance of Heroes.

I have done some thorough thinking before adding this paragraph. Carl Jung used his dreams about his career to become the Founder of Analytical Psychology. What if this dream means that one day I am supposed to do something big in the field of Human Rights! What if this Human Rughts Activist was actually a spirit guide! I am currently working on two projects related to Human Rights: one is related to poetry and second is about World Peace. Please sincerely pray that things go in the right direction.

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Me, Wearing Face Decorations

I am usually a very serious person; but, there is this really funny side of my personality that shows when I am writing funny stuff like jokes or having fun with close friends. I just captured some images of my face with face decorations—I took these with Samsung Galaxy A20. Thought to share with everyone!

So what exactly grants me this type of lethal sense of humor? Well! Here is a real answer based on my personality type, ENFP—ENFPs are considered Champions of Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Inside my creative mind, I see very fine lines that separate different aspects of my personality and thoughts. Its exactly like looking at a thin line appearing or disappearing all the time! This is why it is rather easy for me to be very serious and be very funny. If you are really close to me, you will soon realize that I am not the Arzoo you see in front of others!

I can clearly see why my two ex-fiances got attracted to me. Both of them had a very strong sense of humor. My Pakistani ex-fiance used to make everyone laugh in parties or in group setting. My Belgian ex-fiancea Dyslexic geniusused to prank only his closest friends; and, he definitely wanted to prank me after our marriage. Extremely funny and smart men! Read blog post, “What Kind of Guys I Attract?

ENFPs are often extremely silly people…They enjoy playing pranks on people, and simply do this in order to get a laugh out of everyone…This makes them great company… Source: “What Your Silly Side is Like Based On Your Personality Type“.

One of the worst pranks that I have ever thrown occurred in my best friends’ company. Once my best friends decided to prank a groom at a friend’s wedding by making him eat sweets that had vinegar added to them. I helped them change the Indian sweets that were purchased for the couple; and, I also sewed the sweets in a thread. The idea was that the groom will pick up one thread and attempt to all the sweets on that thread. We were all bridesmaids so we were able to offer this condition to the groom. This is how he ate more than one sour sweet just before his first night. KO!

Traveler Grandpa
Traveler Grandpa
Traveler Grandpa
Asian Girl Eating Hot Noodles
Reading A Great Philosophy Essay
A Great Essay Has Ended!
Chippy & Cheese
Chippy & Cheese
Feeling Slick!
Miss Nutty
Tired Chef (This Recipe Isn’t What I Wanted)
Tired Chef (Arguing Over Type Of Pasta)
Tired Chef (Doing Overtime; At End of Shift)

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Four Of My Favourite Brain Foods

I have been hooked on these four brain foods since I was a teenager.

  1. Coconut Oil: I used to get this in form of Coconut chunks that I would chew for pretty long.
  2. Potatoes: I used to eat lots of home made chips. Read “Pickled Mangoes and Potato Tikkis“.
  3. Mangoes: I rarely eat like 4 mangoes at once; sometimes, I eat 2 mangoes in a day.  Read “Pickled Mangoes and Potato Tikkis“.
  4.  Red Peppers: I love food and snacks that are spiced with red peppers. Read “My Favourite Treat: Achaar With Roti”.

I was always like this! I did not had Internet back home in Pakistan. I only had access to school books and one local bookstore. When I came to Canada over 20 years ago, I learned about the benefits of the foods that I had been consuming. Apparently, all of these are great for brain’s health. Seriously! Every time I eat these foods, my brain literally makes an additional yummy sound/voice that I feel vibrating deep inside me. It’s kind of freaky to experience this although I totally love it!

Below are some helpful articles.

How Coconut Oil Benefits and Protects Your Brain

Potatoes: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts

Mango Nutrition — Tropical Fruit for Lowering Blood Sugar and Boosting Brain Health

How Spicy Food Changes Your Brain And Overall Health, According To Science


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Types Of Eye Contact

I sometimes receive stares by men when I am in the busan odd place to do this, but I think its natural instincts. Once this guy got into the bus; walked right up to me; removed his glasses; smiled at me; and, called me “Beautiful”. I smiled back and said thanks. We had a short conversation, which ended pretty wellI was a bit scared throughout this dialogue because I did not knew him at all. But, nothing happened! Gosh! I was very glad when all this was overI experience this discomfort only sometimes but not all the times. There are some more such incidencesin one extreme event, the guy who was gawking at me fell in a gutter! Fortunately, these weren’t dangerous guys at all and some of them were pretty decent. Seriously! even in the workplace setting, I have come across very normal and moral men who can’t help but stare at me.

Today, in the bus, a rather handsome, tall, and muscular man was sitting right across me. His long legs were spread out as he leaned over and played with his cellphone and luggage. Every now and then, he would look up and stare at me. Throughout the ride, he gave me a couple of lengthy yet innocent boyish looks. I tried ignoring him a bit; but, because he seemed so keen about me that I felt compelled to make a little bit of eye contact. Of course! I smiled at him a little bit. But, I also made sure to look away and hoped that this would shake him off. But, he kept at it! As we approached the station, I realized that I had gotten a bit scared. Now, my head a bit scattered; and, I was thinking all sorts of things. I was now clutching all my luggage, even the one that I had thrown on the seat when this ride started. I even thought to use a different door than the one he would use to get off the bus! LOL! I thought all this although I knew that the bus driver would notice if something went wrong. His staring was nerve-racking! Pretty soon, I realized that he was not going to harm me at all. Like me, he got off at the last stop. Just before he descended from the bus, he looked at me again and gave me that really cute puppy face. Yeah! I think he overdid the glancing thingperhaps, he really wanted to have a conversation with  me. Still, I somehow managed to muster a little smile. Then, he went ahead of me and got off the bus from the front door. This is when I realized that he was not trying to make me nervousif he wanted to scare me, he could have chosen to get off after me. Suddenly, I stopped feeling scared and got off from the front door as well. Hehehe!

When he reacted like this, it hit meonce againthat men who gaze at women they find pleasant somehow are just behaving due to biological responses. I find that noticing the types of stares is actually something women learn as they age. Over time, I have learned whom to ignore and whom to encourage just a little bit by saying hello, smiling, or conversingits tough for men to get me as date because I am an ENFP Empath. I feel its easier to read what some guys are thinking about me when they check me out. However, in some casesincluding those about some rather warm menI have difficulty reading what exactly they are thinking.

When I got home, I thought about what happened today. Then, I found Mark Manson’s article, “The Levels of Eye Contact“. Thus, I found out that this interesting gentleman was giving me a Level 5 stare referred to as “THE GAZE”. I have learned from experience that its easy to notice that someone likes you if you receive this look. I am sure its a tactic that helps men get dates!

This is a captivating lesson for all of us, especially the writers and poets.

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Sensing The Writer Through His/Her Writings

I was volunteering to help a writer finish her tasks today when I got too absorbed in typing out some of her works. This is when I almost felt her sitting very close to me. I sensed a certain sort of energy again today! This energy is specific to this particular writer; I sense it whenever I am working for her. I had a couple of dreams that remind me of her. I started having these dreams when I kind of forgot to work on her project. This is when I started getting haunted by dreams that seemed a bit broken and not mine⁠—I know its not just stress. I took this as a signal to start working on her project right away!

I had similar encounters with other writers and poets⁠—I can have lucid dreams about only some of them. Read “Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet“; and, you will realize that it is possible to receive energies/vibes before becoming lucid. These sensations are called “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. One way of inducing such hallucinations is to meditate while lying on bed; relax your muscles and body; and, then start listening to all the sensations and sounds around you. Make sure all the electronics are turned off though! Since I am telepathic, I can experience energies with just a little bit of stimulation, such as a poem.

So I listened to one of his poems tonight. The atmosphere around me started changing gradually while I was still awake. First I felt a presence near me while I was resting on my bed. It was a very comfy presence so I slept near it while hugging it. This is odd to explain! Basically my bed is always warm; but, today it felt different because the atmosphere became heavier and denser. I could feel strong vibes of some sort coming from somewhere. Then there was this comforting smell that I continued to experience till morning. Source: Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet.

Once you have successfully activated relevant “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”, then know that the portal to connecting with an idea or person is now open. This is how I keep getting repeat dreams about some of my inspirations.

I was tired and resting on a large bed. A man who resembled a famous American poet sat on the floor near my bed. His face was facing me; and, he was slowly stating some mysterious and endearing words. I could hear him say something in Urdu although I know that the poet whom this dream character resembled does not know this language. His voice was very soothing; and, I started feeling relaxed after listening to him although I could not fully understand what he was trying to say. Source: A Man Sitting Near My Bed.

After interacting with your dream characters for some while, you should be able to tell certain things about the person you are dreaming about. For instance, something will play differently that would show you a particular characteristic of your inspiration.

At some point, his face started vanishing because I was too tired to maintain the dream scene. But then I thought that I did not want him to disappear. As soon as I thought this, his face appeared again. Source: A Man Sitting Near My Bed.

This tells me that the American poet I have been studying is actually a very sensitive and empathetic person because his face disappears and appears based on my needs. So adorable!

Try connecting with yourself and your inspirations while activating “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. Its an experience you will never forget!

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I Dreamt Of Wearing A Red Wedding Dress

I had a funny dream around year 2012. I have forgotten all about it because it made really less sense to meI have been very preoccupied with work.

In this dream, I was wearing a traditional Pakistani wedding dress; it was well-embroidered and had a lovely design. Red is one of my favorite colors; but, I reserve it for parties. In her article, “Here’s What A Man Perceives When A Woman Wears Red”,  Julia Brucculieri states that men find red color more desirable. Does that mean that I actually dreamt that I was at my wedding or that I will actually wear red on my wedding? Next, I stood near a man who reminded me of a teacher of mine. He was bald and very polite and caring. I spoke to him; perhaps, I complained about something as well. He replied back after listening to me in a patient manner. As I interacted with him, I realized fully that he was not my husband! Am I supposed to encounter this man on my wedding day; or, does he actually belong to the groom’s family? After talking to him, I woke up because my extensive red dress and the presence of this gentleman awed me!

Sometimes psychic visions take time to come into play. I have often wondered who my husband is; I have two ex-finances who tried desperately to win me but ended up losing me instead; and,I think less about men because I am an ENFP who likes going her own way. But recently, I have received multiple visions of a man who always appears very close to me. I have discussed in blog post “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband” what I think this means.

Below, I have added some pics of mine that were taken at one of my cousin’s wedding. I was wearing a red party dress that day! It is a nice memory so I thought to share.



arzoo red dress 2 - Copy

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My Favourite ENFP Songs

I like my ENFP personality although sometimes I think that real personalities are broader than Myers-Briggs personalities. One of the best things I have discovered about learning about my personality type is to listen to songs. Here are some songs that I think relate well to my personality type.

Delain – We Are The Others This one talks about how ENFPs do not believe in looks or labels. When I look at humans, I see them as who they are. I cannot fully read into things like “he is more handsome than him” or “she is fatter than her”. Even when I look for my future husband, I look at intellect and sincerity first.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping  ENFPs learn fast and become more powerful after gaining lessons from any failures.

Auli’i Cravalho – How Far I’ll Go Curiosity and the need to explore new horizons is one of my key characteristics. When I was studying at University of Toronto, I studied English, Linguistics, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Biological Sciences. See how far I can go when I want to!

Phil Collins – True Colors   ENFPs attempt to bring the best out of everyone.

Owl City – Fireflies  This poem is perfect because it uses little things like fireflies and bugs right next to bigger things like dreams and Planet Earth. It sounds like a fantasy but it is actually a description of how ENFPs view reality and dreams.

Bryan Adams – You Can’t Take Me ENFPs become the face of resistance only when they truly believe in a particular cause.

OneRepublic – Good Life This song shares how ENFPs seem undecided because they have a need for adventures and spins.

Barenaked Ladies – One Week ENFPs notice behaviour and intentions really well; and, they attempt to correct bad behaviour. They also engage in small talk, which is what this song is all about. They like living their lives and having fun despite all the challenges that are offered to them.

Pocahontas – Just Around The Riverbend  ENFPs enjoy living their lives fully and exploring things as best as they can. They do not wed unless they are sure. Pocahontas never married Kocoum because she wanted to navigate through her life on her own. Same here! I have two ex-finances whom I could not marry because I felt that I could not enjoy my life with either of them.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years ENFPs do what they feel is right. Although this song is about how ENFPs are dedicated life partners, I see a bigger meaning. I am not the type who likes to be centre of attention; but, I usually receive lots of attention for some reason. I made this blog after 9/11 and in response to an ongoing need to protect the oppressed. I am writing about myself here although doing so is not one of my favourite pastime simply because I feel that the world will be a better place if people get to read the thoughts of a coloured Muslim woman.

No Doubt – Just A Girl This song talks about how ENFPs easily see the bad side of the world and constantly fight back.

Lorde – Royals International Version This one summarizes me pretty well. Songs and dreams are important to me but someone’s private life is not unless someone shares things on purpose or something opens up in my dreams for some reason. ENFPs cannot be royals because they find life is some sort of fantasy and people select their rulers. In this blog, you must have read that I have Royal lineage since I am a Rajput. Well! This statement actually ties back to how after 9/11 I created this creative blog project to protect the oppressed. By mentioning my lineage, I am stressing the fact that people and ethnicities do not get annihilated simply because some Hitlers are after them.

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) ENFPs are very inquisitive people. If they cannot find answers to some of their questions, they are very likely to daydream an intriguing story.

Maddi Jane – Only Gets Better This one tells you that ENFPs are usually optimistic folks who have seen the ups and downs of this world and learned from experience. This song also shows that ENFPs are great friends because they offer their sincere efforts and feelings to their friends.

Pharrell Williams – Happy ENFPs are happy people because they see goodness of even the smallest things.

Yael Naim – New Soul ENFPs are very vulnerable people—a part of them is like a child—but they still attempt to protect you. They have some weaknesses and they are aware of them all; but, they tend to transform weaknesses into strengths.

Tangled Lyric Video – I’ve Got A Dream  ENFPs are the type of people others like opening up to. They make people feel better and help them live to their full potential.

Aladdin – A Whole New World ENFPs are great life partners because they are full of ideas and imagination; they explore things pretty well, which is the glue needed to keep relationships healthy.

Air Traffic Controller – You Know Me True! ENFPs usually open up to their close friends.

Queen – We Are The Champions ENFPs are considered the champions of Myers-Briggs Personlity Types because they help others achieve their goals.

Which songs suit your personality type? Find your list online and run it when you feel bored. This activity is lots of fun!

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Last Memory Of My Best Scarf

My best friend once gifted me a lovely scarf. It lasted me two winters or so; and, then I lost it. I still do not remember where and how I lost it. I was commuting by bus so it is hard to remember when exactly it was not with me anymore. It was a crazy looking scarf. It had my favourite colours: maroon, red, some shade of blue, and brown.

Since I do not recall anything at all about how I lost it, I am healing this trauma by using a positive memory. Just a couple of months ago, I was in Downtown Ottawa. It was very cold and many well-dressed people were shivering. I saw a younger man who seemed frightened about the cold. I noticed him shaking a lot so I addressed him to find out if he was okay. He looked at me and blurted that he is very cold and does not know what to do. He seemed unable to keep on moving although he was standing inside a station. I immediately offered him my scarf; but, he was too shy to take it. I pressed further but he politely declined. So I pointed to a nearby bar and said that thee places are usually warm and they might have tea or coffee, which would help him get warm. He rushed towards the bar after thanking me. I prayed for his safety and ran downstairs towards the O Train.

Today, I was thinking about my scarf and trying hard not to curse when it occurred to me that maybe God took it to signal to me that He liked my previous attempt at saving a person from extreme cold. Now I can imagine what it would had felt like if he ended up taking my scarf that day. LOL! I don’t miss it now!

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