Love is something you can’t describe fully no matter how hard you try. I understand how love is both truthful and unreliable. I mean it’s actual form is really that scattered and variant. It’s more than what other sees; and its form is not just contained inside those who choose to love and respect each other, like best friends; but, it actually exists way beyond their existence as well as this dimension. I feel that lucid dreamers can experience love in it’s strongest form because they can read thoughts even when those they are located too far away from each other. For example, I always end up calling my close friend who is in another city just when she is about to run in trouble. It’s like my Lucid Knights are still protecting her. Thus, I love God more than the rest because God granted me the mind of a lucid dreamer.


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2 out of 3 Canadians: Lack of Sexual Consent, Pornography, and Sex Trafficking

I have volunteered to help out abused women before; I have a history of being physically, verbally, and sexually assaulted; and, this is why I was not surprised when I read online that 2 out of 3 Canadians do not know what sexual consent means.

I wanted to know why they did not knew about this simple task so I goggled it online. According to HuffingtonPost article, “Two Reasons Canadians Are Confused About Sexual Consent”, which is written by Diane Hill, most Canadians don’t know about sexual consent because of Sexism and Silence. This article further states the following:

They still think “real” men should aggressively pursue sex and “good” women should resist (and eventually give in).

Aggressive behaviour (by men or usual offenders) and resistance (by women or usual victims) are characteristics of rape not sex. Again, I am not surprised to read the implication that most Canadians see sex as rape.

The above article misses the role of porn in creating aggressive behaviour. Porn is actually a much loved concept among Canadians, which is hilarious given how shy and reserved most Canadians appear. I find it shocking to see that most Canadians are heading that way while not attempting to learn about the actual fun associated with courting, obtaining sexual consent, and then forming and maintaining a real relationship.

Pornhub receives over 3.7 million unique visitors in Canada per month, which accounts for 10.6% of the country, and that’s just one porn site! So clearly, there’s a bit of underreporting going on when it comes to Canadians denying their own love of porn. Source: “Canadians Love to Pretend They Don’t Watch Porn” by Justin Ling.

Just one porn site, Pornhub, receives 10.6% of the Canadian population. I realize why some men at one of my previous workplaces were talking about porn so openly—obviously, I moved away from that office pretty soon. So what exactly is pornography doing to change sexual behaviour and harm the partner/spouse? According to Brian Mcneill’s article “How pornography influences and harms sexual behaviour” males who watched porn visualized pornographic images during sex on purpose. OK! If you are experiencing porn and not sex during sexual encounters, then how are you going to read your partner well? How are you going to tell that you are hurting your partner or just having fun?

Furthermore, I think that if pornography is twisting men’s behaviour, then it can cause rape really easily. For example, some porn involves intimate acts after listening to just a little bit of conversation that is not always considered romantic. Correct! If you study a rapist up close, you will see that he/she acts the same way.

We found that exposure to pornography increased dart throwing at human faces, which is correlated with aggressive tendencies….In particular, viewing violent pornography can increase males’ subsequent aggressive behaviour because it portrays a male’s coercive and aggressive behavior against a female victim as being a reward. Source: “Effects of Exposure to Pornography on Male Aggressive Behavioral Tendencies” by Dong-ouk Yang and Gahyun Youn.

Now think about this! Most Canadians are busy watching porn, which is what’s skewing their behaviour. Men are learning to be more aggressive and thus most women have learned to walk away. I have even met some Canadian women who do not want to have any sort of relationship with men due to their history of abuse. So if there are more and more Canadian women who are like this, then obviously men are watching more and more porn. But, that might be adding more force inside their minds. So what do they end up doing? Well! They are then participating in sex trafficking.

When men use pornography, in that process they are trained as tricks. Pornography is men’s rehearsal for prostitution. Source: “The Problem of Demand in Combating Sex Trafficking” by CAIRN INFO.

This above quote now takes us to the Erika Klein’s article “Human Sex Trafficking: Canada’s Hidden Crime”, which was published on The Mantle.

A booming black market industry, earning $32 billion dollars annually, more than the worth of Google, Starbucks and Nike combined. Human trafficking for the purposes of selling sexual acts, also known as sexual terrorism, is the use of illicit sex, violence and threats to intimidate or coerce to the state of fear and submission. It’s a problem worldwide, but it is becoming more widespread in North America, especially in Canada.

So you see why 2 out of 3 Canadians don’t know about sexual consent? So you see their future given that pornography and sex trafficking remain high in Canada?

Perhaps, it helps to know that Canada’s legal system itself is helping these causes. For example, the article “Why police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless” by Robyn Doolittle clearly state some flaws in the process used to handle sexual assault allegations.

Every year, an average of 5,500 people are reporting sexual violence to Canadian police, but their cases are dropping out of the system as unfounded long before a Crown prosecutor, judge or jury has a chance to weigh in.

The result is a game of chance for Canadian sex-assault complainants, whose odds of justice are determined not only by the facts of their case, but by where the crime took place, which police force picks up their file, and what officer shows up at their door.

Earlier in my blog, you must have read that I stated that Canada is actually one of the most dangerous countries to live in. Again, you can see why I think so.

Spirit Guides Create Routes for You

Today, I had an interesting dream. I was in a dark room and I found a large thick book. I opened it and reviewed some pages. The book showed the journey of a young, slim, and tall man. In the pics, he was giving speeches on stage in front of many people. He seemed energetic and enthusiastic about his volunteer work. I felt that he was somehow alive and did not just exist inside pictures. I read the content. It gave me two names: “Volunteer Think” and “Volunteer Heart Think”. There was some other content but I did not fully memorize it except for some stuff like he went to a specific company to volunteer that was very thorough in helping him move in the right direction. So I googled the words “Volunteer Think” because I have never heard of this before. I found three organizations that actually have “Think” and “Volunteer” in their names, webpages, or articles. These are “Think Together –>Volunteer“, “Think Volunteer“, and “On Think Tanks; article ‘Engaging volunteer interns for think tank activities: a win-win collaboration’“. I cannot believe that an article about “Think Tank” is showing in there. I love Think Tanks

I have been thinking about how to find work overseas if I decided to move away. This dream created an answer for me. Great Lesson! I was thinking of talking to “Dark Giant” during sleep today. This is when I met this young, slim, and tall male spirit guide.

Lots of Love to my Spirit Guide!

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Time is a Funny Bond!

I have been very busy with studies, this new blog, and my first book. Today, I was scrolling over my older blog and I found something startling. I have been taking content randomly from my older blog and putting it on my new blog. I never check the date or try to match them to the current dates while posting simply because there is no spare time to implement this strategy.

On August 19, 2017, I wrote the blog post “My Thoughts on ‘Key Of Solomon'”.  Today while reviewing my older blog, I found the same post under date August 10, 2016. I have no clue how this happened! I am a lucid dreamer, which is how this is possible. I am making the clicks unconsciously. I completed my entire research thesis on fruit fly the same way; I got my reference letter about stereodepth vision the same way; and I drive safely the same way.



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Asad and Anya – Part 2

Note: On Sep. 6, 2018, I started imagining a story because I couldn’t fall asleep. I wrote a post titled “Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful”. I am calling this story “Asad and Anya”; and, it is supposed to be an Arab Romance. Please forgive any errors because I am writing this in haste; and, I am posting the unedited version here for fun. I sleep well when I am making up romance stories in my mind while lying on the bed. That’s just one of my eccentricity! Here is Part 2. I will post Part 3 tomorrow.

The horse keeps running until they reach the 300th city; and, in the 300th city, there is a witch who rules certain areas of a jungle. The witch falls in love with the Knight; and, she tries to separate them from each other. “I am not going to let you go. Its just that one of you is going to die! Heehehehe”, she cries vehemently. Then she scans their frightened faces and points naughtily to the Knight, “You are coming with me!” Anya starts crying, “Don’t take Asad. Stop! Stop!” She runs towards the witch to hit her; but, the witch puts a spell on her. The spell causes Anya’s arms to be lifted in air and her head to fall on the side as her tongue falls out in an unattractive manner. Asad feels a bit scared; and, he tries to use his sword against her. But, his sword just falls to the ground due to the spell. The witch laughs maniacally and holds his arm; she starts to drag him away towards her hideout. Suddenly, from somewhere from the darker parts of the jungle, comes three arrows drenched in holy water. The arrows hit the target, the witch, in three places: the forehead, the throat, and the heart. The witch burns and burns. She screams for helps and clings to Asad as Asad’s shirt starts burning as well. The spell that was placed on Anya breaks; and, she comes to her senses. She rushes to Asad’s side; forcibly removes Asad from witch’s cruel grasp; and, helps him remove his shirt before its too late. Feeling exhausted due to her struggle and overwhelmed by Asad’s mature and well-built body, Anya almost faints.

Asad holds her in his arms to make sure her head does not hit the ground and whispers, “Are you okay Anya? Oh God!” Anya recovers slowly; and, stands up again while holding Asad’s arm. “Thank you Asad, its just that…” Anya smiles in a shy manner; she seems baffled and is unable to place her words properly. As they turn around, they are startled to find the shopkeeper standing behind them with Bow and Arrows. “Come to Think about it, you did leave a note for me,” The shopkeeper says to Anya. “Oh wow! You actually came looking for me. I cannot believe it,” Anya exclaims and runs towards him. Asad does not reach for his sword as he sees Anya’s confidence returning back to normal after seeing the shopkeeper. “For how long have you been tailing us? And, we never noticed you! How intriguing,” Asad slowly comments as he approaches this stranger. “I heard you were a legendary warrior of some sort; but I have never seen your skills before. Thanks for rescuing us,” Anya addresses the shopkeeper in a very polite manner. Asad lifts his eyebrows in surprise because he has not seen her talk like this before. “Oh! Rustom is a friend; but he is also a Royal. He is less Royal than me; but, he is still part of the Royal lineage. He is not directly related to me though although he is always around me!” Anya hastily explains to Asad. Rustom gives Anya lots of great food that he has brought from his Palace. He complains that the food that she has been eating is bad for her health; and, he is not happy about this. Anya thanks Rustom for his kindness.

They travel together until they reach Asad’s country. Rustom protests that he is not going to enter this country; but, Anya seems very delighted. “I, the Knight of the third state of the Kingdom of Maurit, permit Lady Anya of the Kingdom of Yamirates to enter the Kingdom of Maurit. I promise to escort and guard you during your stay in my country, my dear lady,” Asad shouts this quickly while ignoring Rustom’s comments and behaviour and hopes that Rustom stops complaining. Rustom yells, “I want to see how strong this man is. Is he really the fabled knight Asad? Really! And what was he doing in our country? Anya’s stories of her travel through the 300 countries only show that some people have left plenty of clues about both of you”. At this point, Rustom and Asad fight and fight with their swords and tongues until Anya loses her temper. “Go to hell! I don’t want any of you now,” Anya screams as she throws her shoes at them. “I just want my Royal food. And, I want my new dress, the one that Rustom brought”, she whines like a child. “Yeah! That was in the luggage I gave you. The dressmaker was right across the street so I got your dress from there,” Rustom smiles and replies in a gentle tone. “Oh shoot! You bought the dress from the dressmaker? Together, both of you have left a whole lot of clues behind!” Asad points angrily to Anya and Rustom with his sword. “Sorry! I was blinded by my affection and sense of duty towards this young lady,” Rustom looks Asad in his eyes in a challenging manner as he puts his sword in its sheath.”Who exactly are you to Anya,” Asad stares hard at him and his eyebrows fall and form a shadow on his eyes. “Why do you need to know our relationship…and pedigree?” Rustom complains in a tone that simmered with rage. “It’s up to you if you want to enter my country; or, you can just leave us alone,” Asad addresses Rustom in a much nicer manner as he gradually starts noticing Anya’s frustration.

After hearing this, Rustom bows to Anya, rides his horse, and disappears behind the trees. Anya holds Asad’s hand and says, “Asad! Please, I can’t go back; I don’t have my title or power anymore. But, please be gentle with this man!” Asad comments jokingly as he lifts Anya and places her in the carriage, “I will erase him if he follows us. But, do you love him?” “Yes, I love him. You are not going to kill him,” Anya blurts as she leaves the carriage and sits on the seat next to Asad. “What have I gotten myself into, lovely lady!” Asad exclaims as he holds the reigns of the horse. “Why don’t you show me how you drive this carriage?” she engages him again hoping that he will forget everything about Rustom. After traveling for some days in Asad’s country, they start feeling that they are being tailed again. “Is Rustom still behind us?” Asad looks back and asks Anya whose gaze is focused on the city ahead of them. “Where are we?” she asks him as they enter the city. Anya doesn’t want to bring Rustom up again because she did not like what happened.

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Celebrity Drawings: Ibn-Sina (Avicenna)

Ibn-Sina (known as Avicenna by the West) was the father of Modern Science and Freedom of Thought in Europe; he belonged to the Islamic Golden Age. He was well-versed in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Philosophy, and Medicine. One of his works, The Canon of Medicine, is used a lot by the European and the Islamic world.

This sketch is based on the picture that is here.

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I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully

I have met both Agent Mulder and Agent Scully during my lucid dreams. The dreams involving these two are usually weirder because I try to do them like X-Files. But, I can never fully remember everything because the buildings I see and live in during those dreams are far too complex.

Today, I dreamt of them again. Perhaps, I was missing watching X-Files. These dreams are very thorough and because they have occurred many times now, I wish to start paying more attention to them. The stronger dream character in these dreams is Agent Fox Mulder. I say this although I don’t know his preferences and IQ. Here is today’s dream:

I was at a place that seemed to be somewhere near a college; and, Mulder noticed me. There was a large street that was connecting the mall to a college and another large brown building where Agent Mulder and Agent Scully were working on X-Files. Mulder spoke to me briefly and asked me to meet him in the building in the evening. He said that I should meet him at Floor 14 of the brown building. He was hoping to connect me with Scully and then let me enjoy the X-Files. I said yes to this offer; and, then I ran back to the mall. “I had to look great for this,” I told myself as I started shopping for clothes. I finally found some clothes; and, I even bought an iron for myself. I will have to pay someone at a ladies spa to manage me; and, then I will iron my clothes there. I did exactly that; and, then I dressed up. Then, I wanted to run to the X-Files set. “Floor 14 is really at the top somewhere,” I told myself as I realized that it will take me too long to walk from the mall to the X-Files set. So, I willed myself to fly. I flew on top of the streets. I could see people walking below and they now appeared too small. They could not see me because I was going too fast. I descended near the large brown building and almost slipped on ice. It had started snowing and some snow had collected near the entrance of the building. People were still sitting outside on chairs and drinking some beverages. “Perhaps, there is a cafe at the entrance of this building. But, I don’t wish to be seen by these people,” I told myself as I hid behind a wall. I looked up and slowly wondered if I can just fly up there. I felt intimidated but it was worth giving it a shot. So, I flew upwards and now I had flown too high. I had to reverse myself a little bit so that I might not hit the wall. I was now just suspended in front of a window that was at Floor 14 or Floor 15. Was that snow or was there an ice creature standing inside? I could see her silhouette covering one fourth of the window. I felt scared for some reason and lost my balance. I fell down; and, as soon as I recovered from this fall, I received a kick on the left part of my face. Just before I got hit, I clearly saw a slim foot hitting me. It reminded me of my sister’s foot. I told you that these dreams are weirder in nature!

Now here is the craziest part of this all. You must have read earlier in my blog that I receive dream signals from my family members. Well! when I woke up, I saw a cellphone message by my younger sister.

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Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful

Note: Part 2: Asad and Anya

Ever since I was a child, I imagined and imagined. When no one was watching me, I would be a stern teacher who is always writing on the board (my room’s wall) and disciplining children and youth (imaginary friends). I used to do the whole routine after classes were over. Some of our (my imaginary students and I) tasks were to have an assembly; review uniform, nails, boots, and hair; group exercise and a march to the classroom; notetaking as I wrote on the blackboard (my wall); and, ongoing disciplining or praise of students as well as feedback from students. I used to spend hours doing this routine alone in my room. I would even memorize my homework while writing on the wall. By the way, I used to also dress three of my siblings for school and teach two of the younger ones. I used to do some of these tasks in the mornings and the rest in the evenings or nights. I used to imagine things whenever I had spare time on my hands. Can you believe it? I was really that super-smart…

I thought I would stop imagining one day. But, I couldn’t stop. I am much older now and my mind is preoccupied with things that adults do like managing job, friends, and family. But in the night, I am a child again. This interesting mental state of existence becomes even more alluring every time it rains or storms. I feel so romantic during those moments. Thus, I sleep while imagining almost any kind of story going from Regency Romances to Arab Romances.

Here is what I imagined tonight:

Once upon a time, a young lad had to visit a new village to sell some bread. The village was far away so by the time he got there, the bread became stale. He sat near his merchandise and cried really hard. As he was shaking with grief, a gentle hand touched his shoulder. Then he heard the sweetest voice, “Why are you crying?” Feeling shocked, he turned around and was startled to see a young maiden smiling at him.

“My bread is stale”, he complained as he cleaned his nose.

“Oh! But do not worry. I will buy it all from you”, the young maiden replied in that soft bewitching tone.

“Thanks! But wait! What will you do with it?” he questioned as he hushed his selfish heart.

“I will cook Fattoush with it and then sell this appetizing dish to the locals”, the young lady smiled as she took out a large bag of coins.

“Thanks a ton! You just saved my life. Wait! Can I visit you while you cook this dish? I need to know how you make it,” he smiled in a boyish manner as he took the coins from her and packed all the stale bread for her.

Then, I thought to myself, “I think he just got a date”. Then, I started feeling so happy and sleepy. Hahaha! This sounds so fun. I think I will imagine further after finishing this post. Maybe, she is a fairy; or, maybe she is very rich and adventurous.

Sheesh! This works better than counting sheeps. Obviously, there is gonna be a better effort if I were awake and writing.

Sigh! Goodnight!

Added Next Day on Sep-06-2018: Below are the rest of my thoughts that came to me last night. I slept very well after imagining all this. Storytelling improves my mood. 

As she cooked Fattoush, the young man just stared at her, her utensils, and food.

“I love your place; You seem really rich,” he slowly observes. “C’mon, gimme some of the food, mother,” he jokes in a boisterous manner.

“You can have it because its ready now,” she smiles generously and places some food on his plate. “Its not my place. Its my best friend’s place,” she adds hesitantly.

“Where do you live?” he asks politely. And, he is surprised to hear her blurt, “Please! I need to run away from home. Please take me when you leave this place.”

His guts tell him that something is really wrong. After some more conversation, he finds out that her dad is not a good man and that she wishes to flee his company. “Of course! I need to help her,” he thinks as he tells her to hide behind the large rocks that are situated to the left of her friend’s house. The young lady next complains that her dad will find out that she is leaving because she has lots of stuff to carry with her. He calms her down and tells her to involve her close friend. “You will take one month to slowly move your stuff out of your father’s place. You will store all your luggage in your best friend’s place. We will meet behind the large rocks after one month,” he holds her hand and kisses it gently.

For a month, he remained a hidden man and she got ready to leave. The escape takes place exactly as it was planned. He had also worked hard to sell his donkey and buy a horse and a carriage. As she clings to him, he drives her away from her city.

“Who exactly is your dad?” he asks her cautiously while hoping that he has not disturbed her.

“He is the King of this country,” she starts sobbing hysterically. “He is a mean man who scares me a lot.”

He runs his horse faster. “King of this country! Hell No! She is making me confront that dude with a horse and a carriage. Sweet babe…” he thinks as he eyes her with more affection. His horse runs even faster as if he is also cued into their needs.

As they approach the second city, some thieves attack them. The young man tries to fight but he is easily outnumbered. To his surprise, the young lady uses a staff to harm them all. “She is applying the art of the Royal army,” one of the hooligans screams and runs away. “Stop fighting, lady,” the guy whispers. “You have just created a witness who can easily narrate that we were here.” Off they run again!

As they enter the fourth city, she throws a note folded on a stone at the window of a really large shop. “What! Why did you do this? They are about to just kill us. These people are really wealthy, God Dammit!” he curses at her loudly. “Don’t worry! My best friend runs this shop. He will read this note; and, he will know where I am going. He usually sits near the window I just broke,” she laughs and replies back. The note gets delivered to the right hands and the horse runs faster.

By the time they reached the sixth city, they had eaten all the food. As he stops to feed his horses, she runs away to a shop. “Pack this, this, and that,” she orders the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper stares at the Royal coins, which are specific to the Royals of this country, as he hurriedly packs all the food.

She gives him the food and asks him to eat. “How did you pay? I was still feeding the horses. You should have waited,” he exclaims in a tired voice. Even before she answers, he screams, “Wait! You just gave them the Royal coins. At this rate, we are going to get toasted, young lady,” he complains as he lifts her and places her in his carriage. Then he commands the horses to run fast.

“How dare you touch me? You fool of heart!” she cries and pulls his hair.

“How dare you touch me? How dare you touch me? Is that all you have to say? You are the one distributing all the evidence out there. Don’t you know how to stop, young woman,” he finally lets it out. “Who am I? Who am I? I am a Knight from your father’s enemy’s country. I just got to your city to collect some evidence; and, you found me. What am I going to do with you?” he hits his head in frustration.

“Sorry! I won’t tell dad. I promise!” she replies slowly as she uses her handkerchief to wipe his forehead.

“Wait! What! I won’t tell dad. Is that all? Your dad is the worst man if he hurts you. I mean I just took this job because I had to help my country; but, now you are adding additional purposes inside my mind. I am sorry too! I am not angry at you anymore. And, thanks for the food,” he takes her handkerchief; wipes his hands with it; and, puts it in his pocket.

The horse runs faster as she clings to his arm.

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