Some Colored Women Are Told A Lie That Appearing “Reasonable” or “Great” Should Get Them Jobs In Canada

I find Canada to be a dangerous place for colored people especially colored women. It is a very misogynist country where you will meet lots of men who talk to women like they are drug or drunk.

Articles About Misogyny

I have been told a couple of times by colored men that I look reasonable and great; then they specified that they think that I should have no trouble landing a job simply due to my looks. Once, I was told by a Black Canadian that I am so beautiful that people will be more willing to buy from meI was like is this “Sales” or “Sex Trafficking”? Another time, a young White male told me my blouse and perfume felt amazing; at the same time, this guy was picking fights with a coloured male I happen to knew. I felt very distraught after I heard them talk like this simply because I feel that they were making a wrong assumptionI am sure that some other colored women also have to hear and perhaps believe this lie. Quite frankly, I have seen lots of resistance from both Muslim and White communities as I hunt for appropriate jobs. Whether I get a job or not does not really depend on my skills, experience, qualifications, recognitions, or connections. It all depends on who is hiring and what are his/her views about colored women. And, no one is willing to officially recognize the gap that is created in my resume and life due to all of this. When I bring this up with Human Resources experts they either become very quiet and empathetic or they attempt to change the topic of discussion. Its disgusting to witness the later!

Just recently, a Norwegian writer Kent Jensen attempted to discourage me from speaking out online.  I am glad that I immediately wrote about his commentary and posted print screens of the conversation online. I am also glad that I faced hardships in Canada because now I have sufficient arsenal to discuss what really is going on in this country. One example of such misuse is when some White people approach me to get help on something that I am very much versed in or just to make friends and later tell me harsh misogynist or racist things. I have learned to block such people my life; however, this entire “investigate and then block” process is very disturbing in nature. Such people can destroy your brain, mind, attitude, personality, character, values, beliefs, and lifethey can double you if you don’t watch out. I have learned how to stay away from them because I have struggled hard to learn about the “real me”.

It helps to learn that a very large number of skilled and rich immigrants including colored women are leaving Canada after they have spent so much money just to come here and properly attempting to settle here.

Articles About How Immigrants Are Deserting Canada

Then, there is this interesting fact that the entire Canadian labour market is color-coded. This just tells me that most people who are earning high and are considered influential are not really smart and are just using their privilege to learn!

Articles About Canada’s Color-Coded Labour Market

What adds to this problem is the fact that some companies like Randstad are offering misleading articles to the public. Read article “11 reasons canada’s an awesome place for new immigrants“.

What I find extremely sickening about CanadaI hope I don’t puke all night today—is how some White people keep telling me that Canada is a very inclusive country when all the facts point in the other direction. Sounds very dirty and extremely fishy!

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Playing With My Siblings And Their Kids In My Lucid Dream

I had an interesting lucid dream today. I was in a small bus that was pretty high, the kind you see in real cartoons. One of my younger brothers was driving this mini-bus. Two young toddlers—both girls—were bothering him as he drove. There was an older womanmost likely my younger sistersiting at the back. She also had a child with her with whom she was playing.  Perhaps, there was another older person there as well. One of the toddlers who was bugging my brother ended up going near the door and attempted to open it. I was sitting near the toddlers so I caught her and locked the door before it swung open. I sat with my legs open and drawn together in a semi-circle so that one of the toddlers sat securely in my lap; and, I easily held the other’s hand and talked to her. The bus was a bit dark from inside and we all felt a bit restless. The only light that shone inside the bus was coming through the windows. I glanced at the window and saw street signs, some part of the street, a bus station, and, some people who were waiting at the bus station. My brother turned the bus and I felt that it went too close to the bus station; but, it swerved away in time.

Pretty soon, my brother parked the mini-bus in a special parking zone. It was a square space which was decorated with flowers and greenery. The mini-bus stood in an awkward manner almost like it has crashed in there and now a part of it was slightly up. We all came out of the bus and started running towards a place where there was some sort of festivity going on. My sister and one of the toddlers sat on a chariot that was being driven with pink machines of some sort. The toddler sat or walked in a special area that was in the front so it seemed like the toddler was driving the whole contraption. My sister sat at the back; and, it was probably her who was driving this chariot-like machinery.

My other sibling or friend was playing games with another toddler. The toddler held her long scarf and tried to run away as she held the other end of the scarf. My brother and I were running together while holding a long scarf that connected us. We were both laughing at how free we felt when running together.

The dream had this very odd surreal and relaxed energy, which I have learned to associate with my family members. Notice that having fun with loved ones could be something small but it feels too big and too lovely to be true!


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Massive Energy Release

I was dancing day before yesterday because I need to stay fit. After this activity, I entered a dreamy state of mind where everything felt surreal and hypnotizing. That night when I was resting on my bed, I felt a very heavy energy come out of my chest. It was so mighty and vast that it encompassed the entire room. It felt like light coming out of my chest; it had a sound and perhaps some sort of unearthly smell. I still don’t recall what exactly I experienced during those moments. But, this state continued for several moments during which I felt that time had started moving at a different rateI felt like this because I was experiencing this queer energy force. This energy force felt slightly different than the ones I had experienced before.

If this is not making much sense, then think back to how I have previously discussed that I can sense energies of even my heroes/heroines just before I fall asleep and become lucid (blog post 1, blog post 2).

I am telepathic so I receive intriguing experiences of these sort. Read about some of my other encounters and thoughts regarding energies. Sensing energies and light is one of the most spiritual experiences I have experienced; such experiences are as invigorating and unique as lucid dreaming.

Energy Enhancement – Part 1
Energy Enhancement – Part 2
Energy Sensing Abilities of ENFPs
Seeing Light and Energy
Attempting Telepathy Through The Energy Bubble


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How God Creates Rejections To Offer Something Better

This has just happened to me recently. I was trying to get a part-time job as a server in a restaurant because I was planning to volunteer to learn Event Planning—I found about this opportunity some weeks before the restaurant actually opened. I had another part-time position in Events so I was not worried about acquiring another relevant job. Anyways, I signed a contract with the restaurant; but, I was asked to leave after 3 hours of training. I believe this is due to issues at their end—I mean they have not even seen me work yet. I felt a bit angry after this; but, I decided to manage this situation slowly. 

Thus, some days passed worrying about and implementing my next steps. And, then I was stunned by a surprise! Someone else from the Events industry connected with me and offered me another part-time position. I had no idea that God had this all planned. Look! all  my carefully planned moves were nullified because God wanted this for me. I had not talked in detail with this other Events team that I was still looking for another position. If my training for the server position had gone as planned; I wouldn’t have been able to accept this other position that was just discussed by a team member yesterday.


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Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work

I have often thought about how it is possible for my prayers to deliver accurate and/or better results. I call these special prayers that come true “Silver Bullet” because they give me whatever I require. For instance, once I thought and wished to God that I wanted more books in my library; and, some months later, I was given several books for free as I was walking down the street. There are other similar incidences; but, these aren’t the only reason why I feel puzzled.

There is a second odd thing about me. Basically, it is possible for me to throw my mental projections or spirits inside someone’s brain even when they are asleep. I learned about this through an accident. This accident involved me editing a picture of mine to make it look scary; and, then randomly releasing my anger. Obviously, two other gifted relatives of mine caught these images through their dreams; later, they told me about this so I stopped channeling into the picture.  As for what exactly is being channeled into other brains that are in the vicinity or are intended, I really don’t know; perhaps these are mental projections or perhaps these are creatures from another dimension. Read “Spirit Attachment“.

Furthermore, there is one very strong dream entity that is attached to me whom I refer to as Dark Giant. Sometimes I feel that Dark Giant is an angel because once I saw it standing near my feet. According to Islam, the Angel of Death stands near the feet of the person while his/her soul is pulled out. Read “Dream Character: Dark Giant” and “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death“. Reality is that there are many more spirit guardians and even evil spirits that I can access through sleep─only some of these spirits are from this realm. But Dark Giant is one of the most caring and the toughest one to run away from.

In addition, there is one more very queer thing about me. Sometimes, the data around me appears as arranged differently than it should. Read blog post “Prayer or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

Lastly, I pray and I only offer sincere words. This means that if I am very angry at some injustice, then I do pray against my foes. Read “Surah Nuh (Noah): A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies“. I have always believed in God, angels, and prophets ever since I was a kid. Since I have exceptional intelligence, it is very very very easy for me to tell that there is a God out there.

Therefore, some of my prayers just get accepted as I asked. And, I know that the rest get queued somewhere. Its easy for me to believe in the word “Justice” because I believe in and experience multiple dimensions. Thus, when I am praying its not just my soul that’s praying, its all these creatures who are praying. Thus, my prayers get amplified and that is how they are stronger in nature. I know that lucid dreaming gets you attached to the spirit realm, which is how change takes place in this world. For instance, recall the dream entity that was disturbed two of my relatives. This is how I have a strong feeling like my lucid nature is also responsible for making these prayers real.

I must close this story by sharing an interesting idea: I think that I am living in this world and experiencing things. I think there are people around me. But, who sees and processes this all? Only I do. I can talk to other people who confirm that they are there. But who sees and processes all of this? I do. Thus, perhaps everything around me exists or does not exist. Quantum Mechanics teach us that particles behave differently when someone is observing them.  Read “Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality“. I think this finding can translate as follows: By observing an idea through prayers, we are capable of making that idea exist in this life. Just like trust defines with whom I wish to connect during my dreams or telepathic encounters, it also defines how genuine one’s prayers are towards someone or something.


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What Islam Teaches Us About Different Races

I was born in a Muslim household; obviously, I learned the value of different races at a very young age. I was pretty blessed in terms of my exposure to different races from the very start. I started studies in a Pakistani school, St. Mary’s School, which was located inside the city of Sheikhupra. This school was owned by two very smart and powerful people. They looked different than the rest of us; and, they were Christians. The brother was the Vice Principal and the sister was the Principal. I loved both of them; and, they loved me back.

This school felt extra special to me because we used to sing songs and do exercises during the assembly; and, sometimes we had to stand in queues for longer while one or both the owners delivered speeches. The best part about this school were the two Christians owners who participated in raising me and my siblings. So for some years, I used to listen and obey what these two lovely humans used to ask me to do. It was a fascinating experience for me because I had somehow fully realized that they were Christians and we were Muslims. The sister (Principal) used to wear saris and the brother (Vice Principal) used to wear tuxedos; and, then they used to wear these amazing perfumes. I sometimes used to hide behind the sister because I used to feel very safe around her. She had a very protective nature although some students used to find her scary because she was keen on having everything fully organized and she expected kids to be well-mannered. I think some students used to get frightened of her because she used to watch some classes secretly; then, suddenly she used to come inside the classroom and leave some comments for everyone. I used to always go to the office when they would call me to show my signed reports. Of course! I would stand outside feeling a bit scared, which I feel is due to reverence I felt towards both of them. I mean, I did not want them to say that I did not do well in some courses. I always got out of the office feeling great because they were both very gentle folks. Working with them was helpful because meeting them motivated me to do better in school. We used to be very reserved when we would go to the office. Once one of my friends was called along with me. He totally farted in the office and the rotten smell spread like wildfire. The brother (Vice Principal) just smiled after a while the fart was released; then he took an Air Freshener out and sprayed the entire room. Meanwhile, we children just sat and watched them feeling confused about how great the office and its occupants really looked. Of course! They were dark-skinned Christians; but, the words “they are great” still flowed really thoroughly in our minds.

When I was teenager or perhaps a bit before that, I studied some of the Quran’s translation as well as some Ahadith (sayings of Prophet Mohammad). Of course! I finished reading the entire Quran and some of its translation when I was just a kid. Somewhere along the lines, I learned the following Islamic teaching:

There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior over the black, nor is the black superior over the white—except by piety. Source: “What Did The Prophet Say About Racism

When I was old enough to understand news, I learned some stuff about fights between Christians and Muslims inside Pakistan as well as about other fights that were taking place in other parts of the globe. I used to think that these people are just confused! I was still pretty young so after listening to all this garbage, I used to just go in my room and do some stuff that I liked. One of my favourite habits was to dress up, turn the music on, and dance. I used to dance a lot! My younger sister used to watch me and feel surprised about all the moves I used to make. I once saw her hiding and watching me; so I brought her near my gigantic mirror. Then I tried teaching her some of my dance moves. Unfortunately, she ran away after a couple of lessons. As you can see, watching battles that took place between confused people had zero influence on my mind.

I still remember briefly meeting some Chinese kids who came to my high school. My friends, siblings, and I were so shocked and attracted by their presence that we used to hide and watch them from a distance. We used to talk about them like we were enchanted by a strong spell; but, we could not talk to them because we did not knew their language and our English was pretty broken. The other Chinese people we came across owned restaurants in Pakistan. Obviously, we had really less exposure to these Chinese owners because a lot of time we were just eating like pigs or playing under the table.

When I finally got into Canada, I learned some new stuff by watching and experiencing discrimination. Here are the key lessons I have learned after spending around 20 years in Canada:

1) There is a distinct line: Whites are better than Latinos; Lations are better than Asians; Asians are better than Aboriginal; and, Christians are better than the Muslims. ETCETERA! That is all!

2) Things that affect coloured people cannot be fully discussed in front of the authorities. This includes some workplaces, influential colleagues, academic organizations, mainstream media platforms, and politicians.

3) Only coloured people can relate well to each other due to similar experiences. Only coloured people can comfortably whisper to each other that we came here in order to be looted, abused, raped, ignored, and killed.

4) “Where are you from?” is the most common question asked. Only sometimes this question is asked owing to pure curiosity; other times, it’s asked in order to find ways of abusing and trashing the other person. A White man inquired about my religion during an interview at a very famous Canadian construction company. You would see their signs inside some of the most famous buildings including colleges and universities—but, their male executive really did not knew how to behave during an interview.

5) Well meaning and non-racist White people actually exist but they are hard to find. But, this really depends on which area you are living in.

6) When you complain even to the friendliest White people, you can be judged and questioned. Then you will get a big headache explaining lots of things during a rather short period. I can clearly see now how some coloured Canadian people die from heart attacks!

Thus, there have been multiple attempts at hacking my mind and making me learn racism; perhaps, these racists hope to completely brainwash me and rewire me into another person one day. Living in Canada has thus proven to be spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally damaging. And, it is disheartening to have some of my childhood memories repeatedly challenged by discriminatory acts. I would love to leave Canada if God gives me a way to do so.

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Another Rough Day At A Marriage Networking Site

So I registered for another Marriage Networking Site; and, like I discussed in my previous post, I added Christians, Jews, and Muslims as possible matches. It is a great site so after only some days of registration, I received around 400 requests to connect.

I have never found connecting over the net easy. It gives me a headache because I cannot experience the other person’s manners and warmth at all—even if I am not interested in a person, it is easier for me to talk to them given that they are present in person. Just looking at words or pictures actually feel like hits are being delivered by my mind. But, that’s not the only reason why I get a headache. I sometimes have to weed out a lot of older men from the list, which is very tiring. Other times, I have to stay away from LOTS of men because I do not find them attractive.

So how many contacts did I reach out to from this “request her contact” list of around 400 men? Well! I messaged only ONE person who is not from this list. So technically, I reached out to ZERO men from that list. Funny experience! I cannot share a screenshot from the site because of copyright issues.

What made my day even more rough was how a guy sent me the following message in the his very first email

Hi. You are so beautiful!

I got very annoyed after I read this. Who introduces himself to women like this?

Anyways, things are like this in real life as well. I don’t just connect with men. No! its not because I am shy but because I am intelligent. Its a fact that smart people usually have fewer friends.

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Why I Think Observing “Rights of Neighbors” Are Critical For Creating World Peace

I have been recently learning whatever I might have forgotten due to lack of practice; busy schedule; lack of a reminder; and, younger age.

I am usually a quiet person, so this is one reason why I don’t hang out too much; another reason is that intelligent people usually make fewer friends.

Recently, I read an article “Interfaith Dialogue: Seven Key Questions For Theory, Policy, and Practice“. This article discusses the notion of “parallel lives” where people who live next to each other rarely interact in beneficial manner. The article states that this needs to be stopped in order to create proper Interfaith Dialogue, which should lead to social change including World Peace.

I thought about things maturely after learning this. I realized that I already was in the process of achieving this change; however, I lacked complete understanding of why the neighbors are important.

See I was already connected with a couple of my neighbors. I used chat with them; get to know them and their families; and, always made sure to smile and wave at them. When one of my neighbors got injured, I made sure to visit the family. I also eat with one of my neighbors; they are Indian so its easier for me to understand their food. And, I have gifted a couple of my neighbors on special occasion.  I have learned that although a friendly chat helps a lot, it does not break one out of living “parallel lives” since its a much deeper notion.

After realizing that I can now easily accomplish some of these tasks—I am older and mature now—I decided to study what Islam has taught us about rights of neighbors. After reading article, “Rights of Neighbors In Islam”, I have learned that some rights of neighbors include sharing meals, ensuring safety, exchanging presents, and being good and generous towards the neighbors. Al-Islam’s article “Rights of Neighbours” state that both non-Muslim and Muslim neighbors have so many rights that they can be considered heirs.

I know its tough to observe these rights in this world; and, that it is even more challenging to observe these rights in Canada because of racism or other relevant issues. However, I am still going to give it my best shot according to my mental, physical, and economic capabilities. For instance, one of my relatives did not like the fact that I was visiting an Indian family so I had to ignore her comments and still connect with them; this is very difficult for me because I am kind of close to that relative and because India and Pakistan have ongoing conflicts. Thus, I realize that managing these rights won’t be easy but it has to be done in order to save the society and its members as well as gradually world peace.

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How White Supremacists Think

According to Wikipedia, White Supremacists believe that the White people have a right to dominate other races since they are superior to them.

Just a while ago, I had an accident online. I came across Kent Jensen of Narata Storytelling Cardsyou can compare the logo found in the Twitter messages with the one found in Kent’s official Twitter page. I found the storytelling cards entertaining so I wrote a blog post about them. I had to remove this blog post later because I found out that he was racist.

Here is a picture of the blog post that I wrote on June 10, 2019.

Image of the blog post “Narata Storytelling Cards” that was published on June 10, 2019.
Image of the Twitter post about “Narata Storytelling Cards”.

Yesterday, Kent Jensen texted me the following message. See pic below.

Funny. You use the technology of the brilliant whites to complain about us. Oh such gratitude. Lucky Canada.


Guess what he said before that? See pic below.

I also get very quickly tied to wherever I go. I was in Morocco and considered staying there. I was in Chicago and considered staying there. Paris, London, La, etc. I really could live permanently in Rome. My favorite place on Earth.


So he sounded very friendly until yesterday, which is when he asked me why I was using a technology  made by the White people to complain about them? He mocked that I was showing “gratitude to Canada” this way!

I was surprised when I read these comments. Thus, I had to message him back

Canada is a very racist country. That is why! What is funny about me saying this? People should use any means available to complain. What are trying to convey?

Why are you calling Internet technology of Brilliant Whites? Colored people also contributed to its development.…

This is the article I shared with him: The Women and People of Color Who Invented the Internet.

I find it very surprising that he told me that he loves traveling all around the world; but, this is what he has to say to a colored woman. He is from Norway; and, I have learned about racism mostly due to my experiences that took place inside Canada. This is how I know that all White Supremacist have the same awful language that uses lies to demean and manipulate others. Read article, “Far-right extremist groups and hate crime rates are growing in Canada“.

I was also planning to buy the Narata Storytelling cards; but, something delayed me and the crowdfunding campaign closed before I could purchase the cards. See this Twitter  message (last pic) was sent by me on July 22, 2019; and, the Narata Storytelling Cards crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign ended on July 21, 2019. I am glad that my telepathic (Psychic Realm, Lucid Dreams) instincts prevented me from spending money on his campaign.


In light of the attacks that took place at the Al-Noor Islamic Center near Oslo, Norway, I feel that these Twitter messages should gain more attention since you can clearly see how White Supremacists think.  According to article, “Suspect in Oslo mosque shooting expressed right-wing sympathies, say police”, the shooter was influenced by Vidkun Quisling who is known for his war crimes and cooperation with Nazis. According to article, “The Development of White Nationalism in Nazi Germany“, White Supremacy has roots in the vision created by Adolf Hitler. What Kent Jensen is really saying is that he can visit different places on Earth; but, I (a colored woman) should not be complaining about Canada (a country lead mostly by White people) by using the net, which he incorrectly believes is a technology created by White people. After reading this, I recalled that the White Supremacists are sitting among the creative folks as well. By offering commentary that minimizes the role of colored people in creating revolutionary inventions or works as well as the realities faced by the colored people, the White Supremacists are developing an atmosphere that is required for terrorism and mass murder. Read article, “White Supremacy Is Terrorism, Not a Difference of Opinion“; and, you will realize that White Supremacists are doing and saying things as they see it proper. The Pyramid of White Supremacy clearly shows that “Call for Violence” and “Genocide” come after attempts to “Minimize” and “Discriminate in a hidden or open manner”. To understand the threat posed by White Supremacy further, read article, ‘FBI director to Congress: Most domestic terror cases are driven by “white supremacist violence”‘.

I can clearly see why I felt very concerned after reading his vile message. I wonder how his threats are going to escalate given that the political environment is already offering coloured people lots of friction and hurdles! Kindly make sure to share this article with as many people as possible. People like him are offering coloured people barriers to establishing themselves properly and living a life free of abuse.

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