Should Foreigners Be Choosing Canada for Stay or Business?

Canada uses a lot of money from foreigners. They bring wealthy foreigners here under false promises of a great future; and, they also make them invest in Canadian products and services. Reality is that even I was brought here through cunning marketing schemes that sold Canada to my family by telling us that we will have a great life there. But, I have been abused so many times over 20 years. Unbelievable!

Canadian system is a COMPLETE FAIL. A lot of Canadians I have come across fail to document severe abuse that is taking place inside academic organizations and workplaces; instead they only notice the abusers’ titles before they help the abusers throw the victim(s) out of the office—this experience is similar to murdering or raping someone. Some Canadians, especially White people, are extremely abusive; and, they talk like they own the entire planet although they are very ignorant of other cultures. I was stunned when I read that Vancouver’s Real Estate is being run by the Chinese. I was surprised when I heard this because I have been observing how Chinese people are being mistreated inside Canada. One thing that I have seen about some White people is that they raid you with their abusive and pushy behaviour; wait for your feelings and emotions to get all tied up; and, then laugh at you further or contort you further when your words or behaviour don’t come out so well. Actually, this is the type of joke that is being played over and over again. A Chinese friend of mine was mistreated by a senior professional who belonged to the Events Industry; thus, I felt forced to note this here. I am sure this kind of abuse is common towards coloured people; and, that even some coloured people also abuse other coloured individuals this way because doing so helps them fit into some existing lens! This is because some people are being sanitized to work a certain way. See this movie about how some Canadians obtain sexual consent. You will see what I mean by “being conditioned a certain way”. All this abuse is a group thing! This kind of hoax is pulled at unsuspecting foreigners on routine basis. For example, when I got here from Pakistan, I used to think that every nation is just one race simply because I was taught this concept in Islam. But, in Canada I was taught the concept of race and how White people are better than other races. This idea was slowly and painstakingly drilled into my head by Canadians—this is an example of mental and emotional abuse that occurs daily in Canada.

Canada needs to make up her mind! They need to either stop calling foreigners to their country; or they need to learn and respect their culture. I am using “they” to refer to Canadians; and, I am using the word Canada to indicate that it’s a very very very bad country. I am doing this because Canadian media is made up mostly White people; and, Canada is a very colour-coded and racist country. I have no clue what kind of people are living in this country? I personally don’t have a strong feeling of belonging even if I have some great friends; I am forced to navigate through my career by making a list of people (abusers/bullies) with whom I should never connect. I feel stranded in Canada; and, I cannot sleep so well knowing that I live next to animals. I have learned over time that they only take our money and resources; and, then leave us at some psychiatrist’s office or on the streets.

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Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

On Jan 28th 2019, I had the following dream. I have posted a picture of my cellphone recorder to show you the date. Oh! if this audio does not run in Firefox, run it in a different browser. At my end, Firefox is not running this audio for some unknown reason but Opera is.

On Jan 28 2019, I saw this dream. See the date next to recording titled “craig-prophecy”.

On Feb 15 2019, Dr. Craig Considine posted on his Twitter that he received an email from WordPress that stated that Pakistan is considering banning his website. You can see this tweet by visiting Craig’s Twitter account and reviewing tweets published on Feb 15 2019.

I personally feel very offended by this. I feel that Craig’s intentions are being misunderstood simply because he is associated, to some extent, with the Ahmadiyah sect. So countries like Pakistan are willing to declare his content as “blasphemous” while ignoring the fact that he is advocating for Interfaith Dialogue and World Peace. I feel such stands against peace activists are damaging our societies in a grave manner. The government officials are public servants; and, they need to learn to listen and create dialogue instead of controlling choices and making decisions.

Saying all this, let me briefly review the contents of this dream. When it comes to heroes/idols, you can easily get relevant dreams given that you are reading something the dream character wrote or you are interested in their work. But, you won’t always be able to nail what exactly is going on until you find proof about it. Nevertheless, you should still get unsettled and start scanning that person’s social media site or the news for noteworthy news. There will be times when dreams will tell you what exactly is going on. For example, I dreamt of the murder of a well-known American journalist before “Reporters Without Borders” published in their Worldwide Round-up report. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists“.

Once, a Muslim woman told me that she firmly believes that people cannot see the future and only the Prophets can. I thought about her statement and recalled reading a saying by Prophet Mohammad, which went something along these lines, in one of the books: “Followers/People have 1/24 of the vision of the Prophets.” Source: “Time Travel and Prophethood”

Dreams thus teach you about real life and how to proceed. Incredibly intelligent dream entities are there to guide you. My dream is pointing to the danger that the Muslim-Christian lobby will be injured if Craig is forced to leave. The way it is doing this is as follows: I am a Muslim and I am watching all this; Craig is a Christian and he is wrapping up Biblical images. So the dream is pointing to the Muslim-Christian relationships. This dream tells me that there is a strong need to forget religious or sectarian differences and join hands to create world peace.

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Why Good Leaders Desert and Why They Do Not Desert?

Good leaders will desert you if they feel that you are abusing them; breaking their trust; or manipulating them. This is the reason why I leave bad folks to their friends and imagination.

Now, let me tell you a story about real love and trust. I have trusted an abused woman for several years simply because she trusts me too. For many years, I slowly walked with her so that things may make sense. Finally, she is about to be freed from really wrong clutches. I have been hitting against that really scary wall that was constructed around her by very heartless folks. I have endured a lot of pain after listening to her; and, I am willing to endure more. And, I have used Lucid Dream Telepathy to work on this case. This level of persuasion is a natural tendency found among great leaders.

Three of my ENFP superpowers that played a very  important role in saving this lovely lady are as follows:

I think that a prayer tied me to this lady. I say this because she needed an understanding friend; and, I can easily experience deeper thoughts and love. She needed someone who could do team play during really tough circumstances while thinking in a very creative manner—she is very brave and smart. I met her by accident; and, I still think back to this incidence with reverence and fear. Prayers are the scariest weapon in this world! When I think of this story, I think of this scene from “Mulan”.

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I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)

I started watching TV series “X-File” because a sibling of mine suggested it—maybe, that is why I like this series more. Over time, I have noticed myself getting attached to only certain actors. I feel that I have somehow learned to see beyond the characters they are playing to connect with them; although I am still very much attached to the fictional characters as well. I go in a very relaxed and clear state of mine when I watch X-Files. My favourite actors who played the coolest characters ever are David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

On Sep 7 2018, I dreamt of meeting Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. Read “I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully“. I don’t become lucid unless I am really interested in someone or something that’s associated with that person. On Sep 5, BBC America tweeted that they are celebrating 25th Anniversary of “The X Files”. When I had this dream, I researched related news on Twitter. I was shocked to read BBC America’s tweet because I did not knew about this occasion before—I am the kind of person who spends 96% of her time watching entertainment and only 4% of her time learning about the performers/actors or how this entertainment is created. Thus, on Sep 7—the day I had this dream—I tweeted to and to tell them that I had this dream.

Here is a snapshot of the tweet I sent to @BBCAMERICA AND @XFilesNEWS ON Sep 7, 2018. 25th Anniversary of “The X-Files” started on Sep 10, 2018.

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Contorting Information Inside Canadian Workplaces

There is something very poisonous about the atmosphere that is present inside some Canadian academic organizations and workplaces. I feel that some Canadians and even International students are very much used to picking on colored women. I have come across some mature students who intentionally attempt to degrade others over really little thing. They triangulate in such an insensitive manner that one feels at loss and is unable to complain properly. For instance, I was harassed in a group setting by a couple of professionals just a while ago. As usual, they are triangulating me over very minor things. This occurred among 2018 Event Management class fellows and at Algonquin College. Some of these people have been blocked; and, I don’t intend to keep in touch with them.

When these people do these things, they do not realize that 1) they are dealing with mature students who are handling a very heavy workload; and, 2) triangulating or gaslighting someone is unhealthy because it removes victim’s psychological safety. We actually studied importance of psychological safety in this program; but, I have noticed that some students are using extreme force to remove this notion from my mind. Before I proceed, I must comment that Canada’s current environment offers tremendous insecurity to colored female professionals.

This entire argument revolves around something seemingly insignificant: left alignment or justification. I was asked to shed a light on this concept several times by the same group members; and, I always told them that my teachers who have more than 20 years of industry experience have taught me to always align paragraphs to the left. I explained this to them once; and, then after some months later, I was locked in another confrontation about this. I felt very violated due to all of this. Apparently, one of the group members was somehow still uncomfortable about aligning text to the left; as soon as the other team members heard this comment, they started asking for a veto on this. I just stared at their faces in disbelief! Obviously, I took a stand against this all but the colored woman—some colored Canadians and International students also fully participate in the abuse of well meaning colored professionals because doing so helps them fit in—who started this unnecessary conversation later called me “Professor”. Mind you! She said this to me this after I was requested to share my ideas/thoughts with the group and during situations that require deeper analysis. For instance, look at the nature of this situation. I had to email this group four different links where it was stated that left alignment is preferred because it is easier to read this way. It is easier to notice now that the word “Professor” was only used to shame and humiliate me further.

There are more and more such incidences that are taking place in Canada. Most of the time, victims are choosing not to take any measure against this. Other times, the abusers and those who are watching try to minimize the entire reality; for example, nobody addressed the negative effects of such tactics after this incidence. If you are feeling confused about what actually happened, then know that the request to veto on an issue that was previously discussed and agreed upon is an example of triangulation and gaslighting.

These confusing methods of communication finally created an argument by pushing me to state the same fact over and over again. But, the lady who caused all this never stepped up and apologized. I even tried to become her friend at our graduation. Soon after graduation, I remembered a comment that was issued by a friend of mine—I forgot this due to the narcissistic abuse I was facing. You see! a friend of mine once told me that narcissistic moves can cause victims to apologize for things they should not feel sorry about. I also read into another speaker’s life story and found out that he has learned from experience that if one is not taking a good stance to protect oneself, then the rest are just going to keep crushing that person. This is when I decided to block this woman and some other students who I felt were causing some issues. I am still in touch with group members who were considerate and wise enough to read into the real situation and react properly.

I don’t feel sad disclosing this here although I feel very forced to do this. And, I feel forced to take the name and year of this particular class. I am doing this because I have heard some other very severe complaints of abuse that colored professionals and students are facing inside some Canadian Event Management industry.

One such Ottawa-based company whose employees participated in harassing me is “Collab Space”. I was working in volunteer capacity; a new hire (S) mistreated me and then contorted the entire situation to ignore the fact that my other trainer L gave me a different set of instructions; this incidence was formally reported to Algonquin College and Collab Space; and, a detailed email was sent to the Collab Space’s CEO who failed to take measures to effectively review this situation. I have copies of all the emails; but, because I do not have sufficient time on my hands, I do not wish to carry out the next steps of the formal complaint process. Thus, I feel very compelled  to point the rest in the right direction. Below are screenshots of the email that was sent to Collab Space.

Fig 1: This email was sent to Collab Space to request an action about my mistreatment. I was going there to receive training and mentorship about events. They made me help them out at a fast-paced event without formally training me. For example, I was just told on spot that this is “Crisis Mode” and that I am supposed to stay next to new Hire, S. But, I was not told what these words actually mean. Only later, I found out that “staying next” meant “following everything suggested by S and ignoring L’s instructions given that they conflicted with S’s instructions.” So when a situation really occurred where I was not clear about what should be done, I made a very minute error. Then, after this first mistake, I was harassed further and finally removed from this training position. Overall, they contorted their “lack of planning and inability to offer proper training at the right time” into “an altercation”.
Fig 2: This email was sent to Collab Space to request an action about my mistreatment. I was going there to receive training and mentorship about events. They made me help them out at a fast-paced event without formally training me. For example, I was just told on spot that this is “Crisis Mode” and that I am supposed to stay next to new Hire, S. But, I was not told what these words actually mean. Only later, I found out that “staying next” meant “following everything suggested by S and ignoring L’s instructions given that they conflicted with S’s instructions.” So when a situation really occurred where I was not clear about what should be done, I made a very minute error. Then, after this first mistake, I was harassed further and finally removed from this training position. Overall, they contorted their “lack of planning and inability to offer proper training at the right time” into “an altercation”.
Fig 3: This email was sent to Collab Space to request an action about my mistreatment. I was going there to receive training and mentorship about events. They made me help them out at a fast-paced event without formally training me. For example, I was just told on spot that this is “Crisis Mode” and that I am supposed to stay next to new Hire, S. But, I was not told what these words actually mean. Only later, I found out that “staying next” meant “following everything suggested by S and ignoring L’s instructions given that they conflicted with S’s instructions.” So when a situation really occurred where I was not clear about what should be done, I made a very minute error. Then, after this first mistake, I was harassed further and finally removed from this training position. Overall, they contorted their “lack of planning and inability to offer proper training at the right time” into “an altercation”.

If you cannot read the text in the images properly, zoom in. I am also copy pasting it here. Forgive any errors because I typed this email really fast! I never received a reply on this; and, I was never offered a reference letter. This is very unfair towards me!

From: Arzoo <                     >
Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 9:54:59 PM
To: e
Subject: Kindly Read: Something Odd Happened Today

Hello E     ,

I hope you are doing well. I have to let you know that something odd has happened today that I did not predict at all. L       is my Co-Op Supervisor and just some days ago she commented that she has been speculating  if she can keep me for longer and keep training me. She said this because I am there only on Wednesdays and Fridays and there was less work for me until late-May. We were thinking whether the deadline should be mid-July or August.

Today, I tried to discuss this with L       but I was surprised to see that she wanted S       to look into this. I am comfortable about this but obviously this change was too sudden for me. S       started out by requesting that the deadline should be mid-June (next week). I did not say anything and started reviewing my portfolio pieces and work completed. I was unsatisfied with what was on my plate so far so I had another conversation with S      . S       pointed out that she wanted the deadline to be mid-June (this month) because I seemed to have an “altercation” with her during the Small Business Expo (I am describing the whole situation in the paragraph below). What seems like an “altercation” is actually an indication of confusion that was caused by two supervisors. It was a work-related issue and because it is my first event working on a fast event like a Trade Show, I ended up making a mistake. For example, I did not knew what is expected in “Crisis Mode”; i.e. whom should I listen to first and whose comments I should ignore. S       clarified this today. Today, I had to clarify with S       and L       in terms of why I made an error in judgement. They resolved this situation and S       wants me to come to two other events so that I may learn how to manage fast events like Trade Shows. I believe that she did not knew that this was my first Trade Show.

Despite all this, I see many errors in judgement and communication here. First of all, L       was responsible for getting me training for events. She was clear from the beginning that the Small Business Expo will run in late May and June and that there will be another event, the anniversary dinner, after this. I helped her out with the Small Business Expo a little bit and then I started working on the Anniversary. While I worked with L      , I realized that lots of tasks were being given on the spot and there was less planning involved in terms of how to mentor me. I was okay with this because I know that I am dealing with a small company. However, I am surprised about S      . When I got confused about a task at the Small Business Expo, I briefly told (because event was rushed and we had no time to talk) her that this has been a misunderstanding because I did not understood what was needed from me. The thing is that I had received two sets of instructions: one from L       and one from S      . S       wanted me to give the program booklet and the schedule to the pitch contestants who had already entered the event space. I did not knew their names and faces so I went to the front desk to get help. I was putting the event schedules inside the Judges’ folders just some minutes ago but I did not had time to memorize all their faces and names. I knew that there was another file that had the names and faces of the Pitch Contestants so I went to the front desk to find out if I could print this out. This file should have been printed by S       or L       if they needed me to work on this task. But, the reality is that they did not include this in the “Risk Management” because they wanted to assign things at the spot. While I was sorting through some of the files inside my Outlook email account, L       came and tried to help me. She left some names on a piece of paper and said that she does not knew which company they belong to and that I have to match the names and faces on my own. So I sat at the front desk for like 3 minutes and tried to find the file (inside my Outlook email account) that will let me do this. My idea was to print this file out and  keep it handy while I tried to distribute the program booklet and the event schedule to the Pitch Contestants. But, S       saw me working at the front desk and thought that I was ignoring her instructions. I felt very confused about all this and I briefly tried to explain that I am feeling hassled because I have been given two sets of instructions.

Today we discussed this in detail and I was surprised to find out that she never talked to me about this before she decided to change my co-op deadline to June 15 (mid-June). Only when I reviewed my portfolio material and the work I have completed at Collab Space, I ended up initiating the conversation about need for more work. I feel that it was S      ‘s duty to have a calm and organized conversation with me before she commented about the co-op deadline. I ended up blurting a lot during my conversation with S       because I felt framed and was unable to properly defend myself given my sensitive emotions. I also feel that it was L      ‘s duty to have a private conversation with S       so that she may know that this is a mentoring opportunity for me; Small Business Expo was my first event; and that she was thinking of extending my deadline because she did not had any tasks to assign that would relate more directly to Event Management until May.

I know that Canada needs to turn things around before its too late. Workplace harassment is on rise; and, I know that many are deserting workplaces due to this. Read “Violence and Harrassment in the Workplaces on the Rise“.

I do not feel sad walking away even though I did make friends with these people; but, I am willing to give myself time to recover from this shock. It is true that in Canada, colored female professionals are mistreated at every level; and, they are at strong risk of having their character, memory, performance, and future jeopardized. I keep saying that Canada has something to do with this because those who are supposed to take action against such oppression are not doing anything. For example, it has come to my attention that even Humber College (Nursing program) is participating in torturing talented students by closing their complaints without a fair trial/investigation. If you do not believe me, read Chiose’s article, “Justice on Campus“.

I must comment that gaslighting was done in such a manner that I still feel a little confused. As a result, I am putting a reminder here for myself and everyone else. Read  Detective James L. Trainum’s book “How the Police Generate False Confessions: An Inside Look at the Interrogation Room”; and, you will see how the police creates informants and criminals by lying to them in a group setting. I think what is happening inside some Canadian workplaces including the academic ones is nothing different than what is noted in this book.

Before I leave you with your thoughts, I must make you note that I am not doing anything of this for publicity or money. Know that I am a Lucid Dreamer; I can move forward in time by a year; and, I have successfully documented all of this here on my blog. I know that I can get very famous just by discussing my creative dreams. Think about it! I don’t have any motive for lying about this abuse. Why do I need to type all this other stuff about being abused? I mean it takes time to write these posts; research and add relevant articles; and, then it takes some more time to reach out to influential speakers/figures who might be able to take some action. Please! Think about how they are trying to destroy me and the rest!

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Attempting Telepathy Through The Energy Bubble

Some years ago, I studied in a book that discusses psychic development how to create an energy bubble inside your hands. The method is as follows:

Relax yourself. Rub your hands. Then open them and move them far away. Imagine you are holding an energy bubble between both hands. Imagine you can see this bubble.

I tried this technique; and, I started feeling that there was really something between my hands.

Today, I combined this trick with telepathy. I took some CDs out from one of my relatives’ old CD shelf. Most of the CDs there are not labelled. I asked myself to tell me which CD I wanted. Then I rubbed my hands and used my eyes to navigate. I held both of my hands apart so this imaginary bubble was on top of all these CDs while my hands created a border for them. Immediately, my mind got stuck on four CDs.

I took these and listened to them one by one. Three of them were blank or broken so I could not hear any music. I felt my inner self was joking with me because before I started doing this I was in a hype and wanted to listen to music. The fourth CD had lessons on how to sell. I took this one with me because I realized that I had an urge to study and I must work on this.

Try this at home to see if this technique works for you. I am sure there will be times when you will be tuned off and would not see the answer. But, this method should still works!

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At What Age Did I Start Writing?

I wrote my first article when I was around 15 years old. It was an opinion article and a much needed entry for my personal journal. I wrote this while I was studying in Pakistan. Mind you, this is around 20 years old news! I was upset about a news story about abuse of a local woman; so I got heated enough to let all my thoughts out.  Some friends of mine read the article as well. Soon—and I do not know how—the word got to my English teacher, Rukhshanda. She found me; took my journal from my hand by force; and, locked it in the Principal’s office. I was pretty young back then so I just became very scared and sullen. I did not protest about what was going on; but, I promised myself that I will get away from such situations in the future so that I may write again. I still think that my teacher did a very filthy thing. The only queer thing about that article was that it was filled with my thoughts about an atrocity that my mind could not fathom. And, my English teacher could not handle the fact that one of her top students had decided to find her voice—I feel like vomiting. Rukhshanda was not a bad woman though—I mean when my periods started while I was at a field trip, she immedialty took care of me

Anyways, I grew up watching how some Pakistani people push their children and even their friends’ children to achieve perfection. But, when someone is special enough to deliver exceptional results, they make that person sound odd and dumb. Even some of my relatives point out to me that I should not be writing or reading poetry. One of my male relatives said to me, “If you need to do all this, then do it at home”. I decided to pay no attention to all of this; however, I feel that it is still having some impact on my activities. This is why I am noting this here on the web so that I may have a more real reminder in front of me.

To summarize all this, I learned how to write creatively at an early age. Furthermore, I even learned how to read at an early age. My mom has told me that when I was a toddler, I could read some words from the TV screen. She used to get so surprised when she would hear me speak these words—no wonder, I even poty trained my older sibling. I have been fighting all my life to make room for my writing. And, I intend to do this in the future as well. All this is beyond incredible, don’t you think so.

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How Trauma Stays With The Victims For Longer

Traumatic memories are always going to bother the victims simply because it is easier to remember traumatic events. For instance, someone who has been attending University of Toronto might realize that the colored people are not allowed or discouraged from being part of the faculty. Quite frankly! You should count how many White people are teaching in Canadian universities or colleges that are based in cities that have lots of colored people—such as Brampton and Mississauga. The halls of University of Toronto Mississauga Campus are filled with Brown people. When I was studying at this campus some years ago, it was actually referred to as the “Brown Campus”. But, how many of these graduates are graduating to become teachers at this university? I know that some of these graduates have learned to flee from the academia and that they have learned this in a group setting. I can easily state this because I know some of them. I also know that even after years have passed, they fail to apply to apply to any jobs that are offered by the Canadian academic organizations. In some cases, the trauma that is felt by watching people of same skin color being excluded from teaching positions is really that deep. I find this knowledge very interesting because I can clearly see why Canada fails to utilize the talent that she has created with so much talent. Talk about twisted bonds! LOL! I personally think that they are doing the right thing as they walk away. According to Simona Chiose’s article “Justice on Campus”, Canadian universities hush around 90% of the abuse cases, which I think allows abusers to stay and mingle with the rest. So like my friends say, “If you are away from such people, then you aren’t missing out much”.

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Regarding “Smart Circle” Companies

A friend of mine was recently hired by an Ottawa-based company Vantage Marketing. Right after she was hired, she was told that she will also be working with MPath Marketing Solution. She was surprised to hear this after the interview given that these kind of critical things are usually introduced during the interview.  She did not complain right away because she was told that she is working for Smart Circle. Smart Circle companies follow a one year plan to promote salespersons to management through a 4 step process. Sounds too incredible and unreal!

Here are a couple of other things she found out later on:

  • The interview process was pretty lame. They asked her like 2 or 3 questions; and, then the interviewer gave his best shot at selling the company to her.
  • The management was poorly dressed.
  • The managers were participating in retail sales and running offices and teams at the same time. They were overworked!
  • She was given her hours through cellphone text messages. She was also sometimes assigned hours at the last moment. Sometimes, she would receive request to work during the days that she had requested off.
  • There was no formal way for her to record and send her hours, which is what she has never encountered before.
  • She requested a written agreement three times and was not given anything.
  • On her 4th or 5th day of work, she was told by a manager that cellphone plans with data are a must for this job. She was not told this during the interview. They expected her to pay for this, which is what other companies don’t do.
  • Her manager promised to send her a Sales Tracking document so that she may learn how her wages are being calculated. She needed to know this because she was told that she will be running her own business in around a year if she was promoted to management. She never received this document.

She told me that she found documentaries and complaints about Smart Circle online. It is called “Devil’s Corp”! I feel they preyed on her because she is a graduate; and, she is looking for a job.

Smart Circle is now in Canada and US; and, there are plenty of complaints about them online. The last two YouTube videos mention companies Cydcor and Credico, which are also Smart Circle companies. These articles and videos discuss training plan as well as strategies that are used by Smart Circle to brainwash people to believe that they will have a great life at the end of their efforts. My friend has been working with them for only two weeks; and, she has already been hassled a lot.

Watch documentary: The Slave Circle

Read this blog about Devil’s Corp

Here are some complaints about Smart Circle on Complaints Board. See more under section “More The Smart Circle Complaints & Reviews“.

Everyone, be careful! They are actually using young graduates, students, or those who are already in trouble. If any of the above-mentioned red flags occur while you were employed at an Event Marketing company, walk away. It is difficult to always tell right away who you are dealing with because there are many companies that are associated with the “Smart Circle”.

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