Story Of The White Mouse

Some months ago, I dreamt that there was a white mouse on my younger sister’s bed. I could see it playing on my sister’s empty bed; and, I got a feeling that somebody has given my sister a gift so that she may feel happy. I woke up feeling unsettled about this dream because I wanted to know what exactly is going on. I told my younger sister what I saw; and, she was surprised as well. Some months later, I received an answer when I found out that my younger sister has decided to marry someone. She is wed now; and, I am very happy for her because her husband seems like a very caring man.


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How I Celebrate A Champion

When I was younger, I was surrounded by people who knew only basic Islam and who were a bit ignorant about other faiths and traditions. I yearned to learn and develop myself as a more responsible individual. I used to pray and read Quran with translation. Over time, I learned that I needed to grow further like participate in protecting the community or leave lessons in form of writings. Whatever my needs were, I felt they weren’t being fully met by my family members. Then, one day, God heard my prayers; thus, He gave me a Chinese Buddhist sister, L.C. She was very much into discussing religious and global affairs. She loved me; fed me; guided me; and, talked to me a lot. She provided a real sense of bonding, which played a vital role in my development. Around 10 years ago, she deserted me to escape domestic abuse. I know by now that survivors need to run away from everything that reminds them of their home; and, I was one of those memories simply because I attended the same university as she did. She used to say that she trusts me a lot; and, she knows that I will make the right decisions when I grow older.

So how do I celebrate this amazing lady? Well! Here’s how I do this all:

  1. Learn about Women Abuse issues so that I may be able to create change. Currently, I am running the Facebook group, Forgotten Femmes.
  2. Change myself and be more actively involved in my community. I think I attended The Parliament of World Religions partly due of her.
  3. I listen to songs that remind me of this sister of mine. “My Sacrifice” by Creed is a great song that I play while thinking about my lost sister. We used to fully trust each other, which is what exactly is being conveyed in this song.
  4. She used to read minds so I learned a bit from her. I celebrate this by engaging in readings in real life or through dreams.

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Why I Was Nicknamed “Paree” or “Fairy” By My Family Members?

When I was younger, my family members used to call me “Paree”, which is an Urdu word for “Fairy”. They just thought of this nickname when I was a child. They stopped calling me “Paree” when I grew older; but, they all still point to the fact that I am a very sensitive and caring woman. As I explored my lucid nature, I realized that I can sense certain brainwaves of other people more clearly; I can see the future sometimes during the day and sometimes during the night; I can use another Lucid Dreamer’s content and videos to charge my body and mind; and, I can sense different energies including energies of people I feel close to just before I fall asleep.

Around 10 years ago, I had a Chinese Buddhist friend who was like me; and, I have always thought of her as my guide and older sister. I used to feel very torn when she left her hometown due to some domestic abuse; but, then I got used to the idea and started complaining less. I did search for her for a really long while; and, eventually I found out that she was hiding in a particular city. Because she was a very sensitive woman, I still feel very scared whenever I realize that I won’t ever know where she went. I say I won’t know where she went because before she left, she hinted to me not to look for her—you know that some victims of abuse like leaving everyone from their hometown in order to start a new life. Also, I know that leaving me behind will help her hide me from her abusers; I know this because while we were close friends, she never took me to her family. Because she is like my older sister, I could not do what she asked me not to do; and, that is how I did not attempt to nail where exactly she was hidden. Instead, I took refuge in the idea that she is still alive.

It feels like torture; and, I know that that is how others feel when I leave their company to finish my daily tasks. You can read the article, “Indigo Children Are Not Here To Challenge Us, But To Teach Us” to learn that some other sensitive children, namely Indigo Children, are also referred to as fairies. I believe that my lucid nature makes me very similar to the Indigo children.

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Muslim Women, Be Wary of Family Members Who Keep Quiet When You Are Injured

I encourage women to be careful of family members who stay quiet when one is neglected. I am using my personal experiences to form conclusions. Some years ago, I was sexually harassed by a Buddhist man. I was a virgin when this happened; and, I survived all this because I was emotionally and physically strong. But, when I complained to a female realtive, she asked me to stay quiet and not discuss it at all. She said that your dad is not so well and you should not share anything that can cause him to become more ill. Obviously, I got a bit scared and decided not to talk. This way I had zero support from my family members. I have been thinking about this; and, I realized that I cannot complain now because that female relative of mine already delayed the entire process by asking me to be shunned about this. When I told an Indian woman about this so that she may offer me emotional support, she said, “you are an honourable woman; and, you should not tell anyone about this”. In both cases, the women ended up injuring me further. This is why I have decided to leave their company; and, move on with my life. I will also be deserting certain men who played a role in this mistreatment. I have thought about this really hard. Rape is becoming common. 2 out of 3 women are raped in Canada. Marital rape is also becoming common. Then there is sexual exploitation going on in form of Hilala marriages. How am I supposed to survive if something was done to me after marriage? Is this relative of mine going to command me to shut up again? I got tired of all these tactics; and, so I decided to post. I also read into what rape can do to human minds. This is when I realized that it can cause victims to be silenced; and, that is why its used as a weapon during wars. Lies cannot work for long. So I ended up posting this on the web; and, I am writing a book, “She: The Mirror” by using some of my experiences. This book should help you fully realize how Canada systemically allows for abuse of colored women. I have also realized that there are too many women abusers nowadays. So I am going to start talking to more people and share my personal experiences to find a permanent exit.

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Releasing Myself

Yesterday, I was standing near the train tracks and waiting for the train. I asked myself when it will arrive. Pretty soon, I felt some form of fear as my mind fixed itself on the original inquiry. I felt my mind was trying to manage some sort of contradiction. I could not digest my fear properly; and, soon it altered into something more creative. I could now see the train but only by using my peripheral vision. It felt like seeing a ghost because I knew that the train was not really there yet. I turned my head around and there was still no train in sight. I moved a bit forward and peeked in the distance. Soon, I could see the lights of the train; some moments later, it arrived at the location I had just imagined it to be at.

Lucid Dreaming and telepathy both require a state of alertness while the mind is relaxed. I was physically relaxed while waiting for the train; and, I was very alert because of my creative fear. I was not overloaded with thoughts so it was easy for me to engage in telepathy.

I feel that fear and precognitive abilities are inherently linked into leadership. Every now and then, I hear complaints that more creative leaders are not running the current governments and that we are all in bad hands. After a bit of searching, I found out that some really creative leaders are away from usual posts because they do not like being manupilated. Their creative fears let them read into situations created by controlling people; and, then they only think of escaping before they attempt to change things. So if you are feeling that good people are dying, then do not worry; and, know that they are just creating change and then adjusting, which is causing delays.

Reality is that some individuals are great at reading into leadership. They know that humble leaders are better than controlling ones. This is why those whose hearts are clean have asked me to lead. Others have seen me running away from manupilative people. Living in Canada and then managing Domestic Abuse or Workplace Abuse is not easy; this is why I feel peaceful after reading the story of Moses. This prophet was raised by Pharoah; and I was raised among some cruel and mean-hearted individuals. Moses chose to run away and then he came back to create positive change in his society. Watch the video about Moses and you will notice that his fear makes him run away from his so-called loved ones. That was very genuine and creative! Can you see now that we are so used to seeing people constantly tackle abusive humans and forgetting the fact that one is being mistreated that we forget about those who have managed to run away while keeping record of everything that has happened. We do not usually hear of such stories of use of fear to create change until we read some Holy Scriptures or scientific articles. When you hear such stories, its like seeing the train when it is not there. Refreshing, right!

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Dream Actualization: “Breaking Bread” With Friends

On October 28, I wrote the post “Dream of ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends” in which I discussed how I met Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. I believe that I saw only Dr. Craig clearly because I have read some of his work and have watched some of his educational YouTube videos; I bet if I reviewed some of his peers’ works in detail, then I can dream about them as well. This is an example of an “Active Precognitive Lucid Dream“. It was Active in nature because I was engaging with my dream characters; and, it was Precognitive in nature because it came true on its own. Here is how this happened:

When I went to The Parliament of World Religions event, which is taking place in Toronto from Nov 1 till Nov 7, I was a bit dismayed to find out that some of the speakers were cancelling and changing sessions every now and then. I was volunteering there as well so I was allowed to network only when I am not volunteering. My supervisor gave me an entire day, Nov 3, off because I told her that I needed to attend some lectures that day. Thus, I had one whole day to connect and network with speakers of my choice. I got there by 11:30 am; visited some areas; took lots of pictures; and, attended some lectures. I frequently checked the notice board “Program Changes” to see if there were any changes or cancellations. And, I was very surprised to see that the lecture “An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the 21st Century” took place as promised. This is how I ended up meeting most of the speakers; I also talked to Dr. Craig in detail. Overall, I found this entire adventure and dream actualization to be an exceptionally exciting and beneficial opportunity.

Note that Lucid Dreams can combine lots of elements very fast. For example, in this dream, I was eating food with some speakers while riding a train. During my trip, I had to take the train to get to Toronto because my cousins and aunt found it hard to drop me off. Next I said that in my dream, I was on a Royal Train. My lucid dream did this because The Parliament of World Religions is a very historic event that is shaping the views of the current world; and, thus it has a huge influence on how politics are going to be played in the future. In essence, this lucid dream was a historic dream. Really Awesome!


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What Does My Name (Arzoo) Mean?

Inquisitive individuals usually inquire what my name means? Some say it sounds too foreign to them; others break it up as “R” and “Zoo”; and yet others stubbornly state its a name of an exotic drink. I laugh a lot at all these interpretations; and, I really like how some people call me “R-Zoo”.  So here are some details about my name:

  1. My dad and mom gave me the name “Arzoo” after learning about it from a local Persian (Iranian). Thus, I think that “Arzoo” is a Persian name; and, nowadays its common in India and Pakistan.
  2. It means “Wish that Comes from the Heart”.
  3. It can be given to both boys and girls. But, I know that in Pakistan, this name is usualy given to girls.
  4. It is also spelled as “Arzu”; and, a couple of historic figures including “Arzu Ceylan”, the Turkish Taekwando Former Practitioner” had this name. 

Name “Arzoo” is pretty lovely, eh!

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Domino Effect: Reinforcement

Today, I was supposed to get to the Parliament of World Religions event by 3 pm. I got late because I was too busy talking to my aunt. So, my aunt tried dropping me off at the GO train. But that did not work; and, I ended up missing the train by 2 minutes. Then my aunt drove me back to her place. Pretty soon, my younger cousin came outside; and, then he drove me to a different GO station. I decided to get the cab from there because it was already late. I felt a bit surprised at this decision because I have been up since 8:30 am; and, I chatted with my aunt till noon. The next thing I know is that I was sitting in a cab with a male driver who knew well about several aspects of women abuse as well as oppressive condition of women in Canada. He talked about some issues as he drove. I was able to engage him thoroughly because he allowed me to validate some of my doubts and thoughts. This is when I realized that God wanted this man to drive me to the Parliament of World Religions event. The reality is that I was planning to talk to some speakers about some abuse related issues. And I was having second thoughts about whether I should be doing this right away or if I should wait for another opportunity. When I listened to this man talk like this, I realized that God has sent him to reinforce my original thoughts. I am looking forward to network wih some key speakers now.

This is an example of my Domino effect, which usually takes place wih more intensity due to combination of spiritual and lucid nature.

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Dreams Of “Breaking Bread Together” With Friends

I often get dreams of “breaking bread together” with heroes, acquaintances, close friends, and  family members. This usually occurs when I have eaten less due to dieting or when I am not going to enough parties because I am busy. I know that these interpretations are given somewhere on the web. There are some other interpretations that are provided here. To relieve myself, I satisfy myself by going to large feasts with everyone I would have wanted to be with. In one dream that I had several months ago, I enjoyed lots of food inside a large Royal train; in this dream, I was accompanied with Dr. Craig Considine, several of his friends, and many women who felt very close to me—I have never met Dr. Considine and his friends in person though. I believe that I saw only Dr. Craig clearly because I have read some of his work and have watched some of his educational YouTube videos; I bet if I reviewed some of his peers’ works in detail, then I can dream about them as well. The entire train was lit and decorated. There were two large tables: one for women and one for men. Soon, the servers came; and, they filled the tables with loads of yummy food. I felt astonished at how the entire train felt really regal and how everyone was talking and laughing, which is just like what we observe in real life. I sat with the women; and, then I ate lots of food while observing everyone else. I just read that eating food in pleasant companies indicates that good times are ahead. Well! that sounds great to me.

Brief message to all my loved ones: I am a bit different so I cannot love you like the rest. Since I am just a bit like the Indigo children, I can show care through my dreams pretty well.


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