How ENFPs Like Me Survive Adulthood

Everybody goes through a phase called “Emerging Adulthood” where they are learning how to be adults and exploring a lot to figure out what exactly they want to do as adults. I have been going through this as well although I am finding my emerging adulthood to be very complicated, thorough, and incomplete. The reason it feels like this is because I demand details, some of which I store for writing purposes; and, at the same time, I leave many open endings on purpose.

For example, when I research things for fun, I don’t research fully; instead, I research a lot of stuff and leave more open questions to explore later. This method of learning allows me to become an “idea bomb“, which are known to thrive well because they form the basis of knowledge that individuals and good companies may possess. Another noteworthy instance is when I decided to explore the self instead of focusing on connecting with people. To improve my writing and poetry, I imagined parallel playing with one of my heroes who is a distinguished American poet and writer; since I liked my hero and hero’s work a lot, I took this gaming one step ahead by indulging in creative Lucid Dreams. For some years, I shut myself away from other people but kept just a few close friends—I am a very genuine person. I didn’t even bothered to focus well on finding a significant other simply because I was too taken by my lucid dreaming—documenting these dreams isn’t an easy task. Read “Imaginary Parallel Play With Your Heroes“.

In conclusion, this is how my mind never grows old. Observing and experiencing different layers of ENFP personality enfold has proven to be a mighty challenge—its like going totally blank every now and then and feeling like a child. Read “Experiencing Layers Of My ENFP Personality Through Dreams“.

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Galvan and Inaya

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful race of spirit storytellers on the Moon. There were all sorts of clans going from Royal clans to Nomadic clans. The Royal clan of storytellers used to travel every year from one region of the moon to another in order to join festive Royal events. The storytellers used to narrate all sorts of tales that belonged to the Moon, Earth, or elsewhere. The younger storytellers who have never traveled anywhere other than the moon had learned all the stories from the older storytellers; the older ones were special because they had learned to thrive on any given planet.

The younger storytellers used to fly from one region of the Moon to another in processions. The flying horses that belonged to the storytellers were given to them when they were children; these horses were very loyal; and, usually a flying horse would spend his/her entire life with the master. Theo, the younger son of the Chief of Storytellers, was on a quest for his identity since he was a rather deep kid. Thus, he chose to ride his horse at the very back of the procession. He thought that he would be able to finish reading his books that way since the end of the procession enter the city one hour after the procession has arrived at the city. Our beloved Theo did not knew that he had been chosen by the Sand Fairies to fulfill a prophecy.

The Sand Fairies are not bound by the time of Moon or Earth. Thus, they could be anywhere. They used to disguise themselves in form of the provided elements of a planet. For example, on the moon, they will be like sand; on Earth, they can be dust particles or soil. These disguises helped them accomplish their missions for they were responsible for bringing harmony to chaos. True! the Sand Fairies only became alive when a legacy needed to be created or a prophecy needed to come true.

The Sand Fairies were very cunning, which showed when they created a sandstorm that affected only the back of the procession—divide and conquer was their mentality. Therefore, Theo and his loyal horse Galvan as well as some other members of this mass were trapped in a confusing sandstorm. As the rest struggled to get out of this violent disturbance, Theo falls into a much deeper vortex that linked Moon to Earth. As he falls into the vortex, he thinks that he has fainted or that he is in some darker part of the sandstorm.

Theo falls and falls until he reaches a well that is located in a small Middle Eastern village. Soon he wakes up and yells in anger as he finds out that his horse Galvan is not with him. He is still not aware of the fact that one of Galvan’s wings were ripped apart by the Sand Fairies who were disguised as sand particles; and, that this is how he and Galvan were on Earth now. Pretty soon, Theo realizes that he was drenched in cold water and was lying inside a large hole of some sort. Since he was still young, he panicked pretty fast despite being very strong and magical. Thus, the brave Theo starts crying for help.

A young maiden who has walked a long distance in this deserted area to get to this well, finally collapsed near the well. She had just recently lost her parents and was now tired of taking care of her younger brother, Abbas. She almost falls asleep next to the well and is awakened due to a harrowing voice that came from somewhere. “Help me! Get me out of this dark place. Help me!” the voice echoed. Feeling surprised, she stands up and looks all around her. There was nobody there so she freezes in fear thinking that a jinn is teasing her. She tries to ignore all of this and looks at the bottom of the well as she throws her bucket and rope in. This is when she glances at Theo, the Storyteller; due to Theo’s magic, she forgets her fear and starts listening to him. Theo tries to hold the rope in order to get out of the well; but, Inaya’s arms and hands are too weak to support Theo’s weight. She screames as the rope tears at her young skin; then, she cries in agony as she realizes that her bucket and rope have fallen in the well. “I am so sorry! Sorry! I can’t hold the rope. You are too heavy”, Inaya, the quietest girl from her town, stammered out her complain. Her tears traveled through space and finally fell on Theo’s skin. For some reason, he likes how her tears felt; therefore, he decides to forget his fears and climb up by himself. He ties her rope to protruding stones and finally climbs out of the well.

Theo addresses Inaya gently as soon as he regains some composure, “Thank you lovely lady for throwing this rope. I owe you for saving my life”. Inaya gradually smiles at this stranger; and, then complains in a self-absorbed manner that she needs to buy food from the market and get some water for her younger brother. Then, she rants, “My family is not with me anymore. I have to take care of Abbas. I don’t have my bucket anymore. What am I to do?” Theo soothes her and she quickly returns back to her quieter self. Theo decides to accompany her and promises to help her return home safely.

On their way to market, they eventually find Galvan, the flying horse. Galvan had fallen farther away from Theo because he had lost one of his wings. Galvan had fallen asleep as soon as he fell on Earth because he enjoyed this new foreign atmosphere. As Theo smells Galvan nearby, he whistles once. Nobody appears. He whistles again. Still there was nobody there. He whistles the third time. This time, Galvan comes running towards him for he has awakened from his slumber. Galvan runs towards him; attempts to fly; stumbles; tries flying again; and, stumbles again. Theo starts feeling very frustrated about this sight; so he runs towards his horse and rips off his second wing. You see, Galvan is a magical horse. He grows new wings every 60 days; and, his new wings always have a different color than the older ones. Theo caresses Galvan and hopes that he will forget about his wings for some days.

Inaya starts exclaiming in a frightful voice when she sees Galvan. “Its a jinn! A jinn with wings! Who are you, boy? You are a jinn too. You are both spirits of some sort”. Theo laughs heartily and tries to comfort her. He reassures her that they are not there to harm her; and, that one day they will fly back to the Moon, which is where they live. Inaya starts feeling consoled since she finds Theo attractive and comforting. Theo looks around; pretty soon, he finds Galvan’s other wing.

After buying some food and water, they finally get back to Inaya’s place. Inaya fixes a bed for Theo; and, moves Galvan to the large empty shed that was near her place. She asks Abbas to give Theo some food as she runs outside to feed Galvan. Theo wanted to please Inaya so he uses his magic to change Galvan’s wings into a beautiful white dress. He gives this dress to Inaya next morning; she decides to wear the dress and work at her place.

Lovely Inaya walks into the shed and runs towards Galvan. She has always loved horses; this was her first time connecting with a horse because her parents were too poor to afford one. As she places the food bucket near Galvan, Galvan manages to look at her. Instantly, he falls in love with her because he realizes that his wings were perfect for her skin. Inaya touches Galvan gently as she talks to him. Galvan hopes that the 60th day would come soon so that he may choose to become a man or stay a horse. You see Galvan is a jinn that is half horse and half man. Whether he will stay a horse, a jinn, or a hybrid form truly depends on his free will.

(Arzoo sighs and thinks): I feel sleepy now. I must go and eat my food now. Then, I am going to fall asleep. Imagining creative stuff really helps! Read the other story, “Asad and Anya” (part 1, part 2), which I have imagined to make myself fall asleep.


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Scented Blanket

I slept pretty well today; and, as usual my lucid thoughts roamed around restlessly. I had massaged some parts of my body before falling asleep so I had a very interesting encounter today. In this dream, I was lying in my bed; the room temperature was just perfect; and, the light was dim but not dim enough to prevent me from seeing all the people who were wandering in my room. As soon as I became aware of the blanket, which was covering me, I also recognized the scent of the person it was drenched in. I have met that person through online encounters only; but, somehow I have memorized some of this individual’s body scent. Its almost as if I can see the scent through the computer screen. During my REM sleep, my mind created a blanket that smelled the same. A female character that looked like my mom asked me if she should remove the blanket given that I don’t need it anymore. I looked at her and told her that I need my blanket. Then I cuddled inside the blanket and started feeling oddly serene. According to Dream Interpretation site, cuddling in a blanket indicates rise and success in business. Now here is the fun part. The person whose scent I kind of stole and somehow added to this blanket is a world-renowned Human Rights Advocate. Does this dream mean that I will gain fame as a Human Rights Advocate? I feel its safe to wonder now given that I am just starting out in my career.

I feel great about this dream because I have read from many credible sources that angels visit humans while they are asleep. This ability to use smells to generate answers is called “Clairalience“. I have been like this since I was a kid except that I usually don’t notice this ability since its easy to ignore. But, when I get smells before and during lucid dreams, then this ability becomes very hard to ignore.

Justice is Blind and Scents are Invisible!


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Reconnecting With Faded Dream Characters By Using Psychic Arrows And Ropes

Yesterday, I wanted to experiment with the dream character of one of my favorite American writers who had faded to some extent because I don’t connect with him often since I feel a bit confused about his dream character. By the way, he is one of the most expressive, bold, and creative characters I have ever encountered. Another thing that makes my dream characters fade away to some extent is the fact that I actually play with many dream charactersits like having a Rolodex filled with business cards.

So I had time to think back about some of this writer’s writings; obviously, I started wondering who he really is and how he is doing. Next thing I did was open my imaginary screen and visualized inputting his name and mine in with my imaginary Joystick. Read “Sword-Yielding Hero Who Protected My Lucid Household“. Then, I thought about how this dream character does not appear so easily; and, I also thought about his interesting way of using humor. This is when I realized that I need to do something comical to bring this entity. Thus, I imagined using a bow to throw arrows in different directions inside the screen. I also pictured that there are ropes attached to these arrows; and, then I took each of these ropes with my hands and tied them to my back. After envisioning all of this, I placed one of his booksthe one I had been readingon my tummy and fell asleep.

Ah! Life felt so good when this dream began. During this dream, I was walking right next to him. Wherever he would go, I would be there too. He observed lots of people as he walked; and, I checked them out too. At some instances, I felt that I was holding his arm while talking to him but I cannot be 100% sure. I felt very delighted and safe while I walked with him. He mostly talked and laughed, which is what made this dream so breathtaking. His dream character was still pretty hard to see because it was a faded one to begin with. But, it worked out pretty well due to my psychic arrows and ropes.

Try this technique when your dream characters fade away. Maybe, it will work for you as well!


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Do You Feel You Are Being Isolated From A Group?

If you feel that you are being isolated from a group by a couple of people—it is possible that they are your loved family members or close friends—who could also be your friends, then it is time to walk away from them. My experiences have shown me that dysfunctional families function like a cult. There is always one person almost everyone follows more. Within a family, it is easy to brainwash people because sometimes all you have to do is make somebody just sit in their room all day.

There are many hard-to-notice ways of isolating someone who is close to the abuser(s). One way is to constantly group with others and neglect the victim. Another method is to point fingers to the victim so that he/she may start feeling disconnected. Picking fights with the victim during travel is also a very popular method because the victim is already been considerably isolated from his/her usual setting. Telling the victim that he/she is forcing suffering upon himself/herself by boycotting the rest helps abusers showcase the victim as “ugly duckling” who is very unfit.

The same set of mind games apply to the Muslim families who are dysfunctional in nature but fail to acknowledge this issue. Remember its easier for the Muslims to hide that they are abusing someone because they can easily go around pretending to be religious. I myself have witnessed a Muslim man who used to beat his kids at home and then pray five times and fast throughout Ramadan like nothing happened. I have also witnessed how young Muslims walk away from prayers simply because within an abusive household, prayers can be considered as a type of Activity Pedagogy, which is designed to brainwash people—if they walking away in such a setting, then they are probably really smart. Also in some households that are chronically ill, methods of abuse don’t stop but evolve. For example, all Muslims are aware of right of education and job. When the victim was young, he/she was being abused by the relatives who attempted to prevent and discourage him/her from having a job. But, when the victim grew older, he/she was told to hold a job but then isolated in other ways such as victim blaming or silent treatments. Do you see now why it is tough to point out to an abuser who just happens to be a “practicing” Muslim? Same applies to people belonging to other faiths who appear righteous and caring to outsiders.

Read article “Top 10 Brainwashing Techniques” to learn about more brainwashing techniques. If you are being abused at home, then you can create your checklist about tactics that have been used on you so far. Trust me!  Its better to realize that you are being brainwashed and reprogrammed and not grown properly than to just ignore this painful fact. Victims of abuse don’t like to admit this because they don’t know the next step in their lives. Teaming up with another victim of abuse or almost anyone from within your community will help you voyage appropriately within this “new and truer world”.

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Narata Storytelling Cards

I wanted these the “Narata Storytelling Cards” the second I saw them because I have learned over time that I don’t know all the stuff. I am lucid so I can clearly see certain things that fascinate me a lot such as plots and creatures. I have been practicing how to write a good novel for some time; I have first drafts of a couple of novels; but, I still have to finalize the content.

Over time, I realized that I needed to learn new complex things as if I am starting from like grade 5. I worried a bit about how I would achieve this goal. The answer came to me as easily as a dream comes to me! I just somehow happened to find illustrated books that had really less text and lots of images and games including cards inside them. These included Lady Hestia Evans’ “Mythology: Greek Gods, Heroes, and Monsters” and Albert D. Schafer’s “Illusionology: The Secret Science of Magic”. When I am browsing through these books, I am not just reading text and looking at images, I am also cherishing my curiosity by holding cards and toy paddles. This is when I realized that for some reason I had the need to play with things while I learned new concepts.

This new knowledge is the reason why I almost froze with delight when I saw the “Narata Storytelling Cards“. “Narata Storytelling Cards” are the brainchild of Rolf Jensen (the father) and Kent Jensen (the son). Rolf Jensen is an experienced Illustrator who specializes in cartoons, storyboard work, and book illustrations. Kent Jensen started his artistic career when he was only 16; he specializes in movies, commercials, music videos, and short films. Learn more about the creators by visiting this webpage.

These cards offer an enigmatic game to the users because of the creative categories that include character, creature, and society; a basic yet exceptional layout that activates memory nodes through cues like title, image, and associations (words like spy, bystander, and observer); inherent “multiplying ideas” potential that can be sharpened through training on Plotting; and, an innovative variety through Expansion Decks, Board Games, and Software.  Sounds slick, doesn’t it!

So you must be asking yourself: I already know so many things; I already have so many books; I have access to all sorts of libraries, movies, and video games; so, why do I need these cards? Well! Here is why I strongly recommend that you get these cards.

  1. Dealing with less data improves your focus by unclogging your short-term memory so that your long-term memory, which is used in retrieval, may remain uncluttered.  This way, it is much easier for you to integrate concepts to create something more elaborate. Think back to how you answered really tough exam questions pretty well simply because you used index cards while studying!
  2. As you pick 3 or 4 of these cards to play, you still get to focus on each card one by one. This way you are more likely to generate more ideas rather easily. Its the same as reading one book at a time!
  3. Try to see lots of things at the same time while focusing on each card one by one. You are more likely to learn about each card even though you have picked up 3 or 4 of these to play.
  4. Cards create the need to learn more by letting you see less. You are also more likely to use paper and pencil to write about what you have learned by reviewing that particular card simply because you are using your hands to play. I have found that writing with paper and pencil helps me memorize and integrate information better than using the computer.
  5. Its very inspiring to sort through so many characters and concepts really quickly.  Brainstorming improves because its like the “Think Aloud” method when two people generate ideas by throwing all their thoughts out. Only this time, the other person is the card.
  6. Playing with a deck of cards stimulates continuous learning because the mind is bombarded with multiple sensory triggers like touch, color, words, and images; a fast-paced environment where you are just looking at multiple cards not only add confidence in one’s thoughts but also provide fuel for generating new concepts pretty fast.
  7. Taking a nap is a well-known brain hack that enhances productivity. I usually play cards on my bed; so I believe that after playing with these cards, I am very likely to take a productivity nap. This should help me think, learn, and dream faster.

Woah! The “Narata Storytelling Cards” are so super cool that I just generated such an interesting blog post while I am super sleepy. I suggest that you purchase these cards by participating in the “Narata Storytelling Cards” Kickstarter campaign.

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My Imaginary Boxing Gloves

A while ago, I was scrolling over a book, which was written by one of my favorite American professors, as well as thinking about professor’s work in general when I fell asleep—I have met him only once so far in real life. Some days afterwards, I had a funny dream. I saw this professor bring boxing gloves to me so that I may spar with him. He actually said, “Come Arzoo, box with me”. I won’t be discussing the rest of the details here due to time constrains; but, know that we did not end up sparring in this dream. Just a couple of days ago, I felt curious enough to think back to this dream. I was about to fall asleep when I cued my mind to think about boxing this professor. I hit him rather harshly with these unreal boxing gloves; after all, I was just learning to take down almost anyone. I had a funny dream after doing this.

Professor appeared in my dream right after a queer scene about a cat running away from a farm of some sort during an eerie night while everyone waited for a world war to approach. I could see the professor through some kind of TV screen; and, there was some blood on his face. He was still alive; but, he seemed badly wounded and very exhausted. The second I woke up, I felt like he was thinking of committing suicide; I was stirred enough to wake up because this intense dream made me feel very uncomfortable. Just before I woke up, I heard a voice say, “It’s Emma’s War, Emma’s War”.

Here are my thoughts about all of this.

  1. I somehow injured the feelings of the dream character of this particular professor. Thus, he showed how he felt about this through his wounds. This means that he must be like this in real life as well—there was just a strong hint of reality about all of this.
  2. It is possible that my dream character is directing me to read a story book since this professor also loves storytelling. I researched the net and found out that there is actually a book called “Emma’s War”. So those voices I heard while I was half awake and half asleep are actually an example of telepathy. “Emma’s War: A True Story” is written by an award-winning journalist “Deborah Scroggins”. Funny thing is that this book discusses the life of Emma during the Sudanese famine of 1988; read Geraldine Bedell’s article, “A good woman in Africa” to learn further. Therefore, these voices are somehow giving me a major clue about my book “She: The Mirror“; this novel is going to show the story of the protagonist as it enfolded after 9/11 and inside Canada where colored people especially colored women are usually ignored.
  3. Another important thing I have learned is that my other dream characters are somehow very much attached to the dream character of this particular professor. This clearly showed when all the animals became really quiet and sullen; a cat disappeared in the middle of a very cruel dark night; and, animals’ sad feelings engulfed the entire night as bugles of war boomed somewhere. I can’t believe my dream characters declared a world war! Hahaha!

Reality is that I absorbed this dream really slowly because it happened very quickly. I even envisioned putting ointments and bandages on the dream character I had mistakenly injured. I haven’t yet received a dream about what was gonna happen next though; so I am just going to wait on this for now. And, next time, I won’t be playing like this with this particular dream character because I have realized that strong emotions of my dream characters can brutally injure me. I can feel heavy draining pain in my mind if any of my dream characters get injured or complain about something.

Obviously, sparring is okay as long as your dream character does not complain about it. I have sparred with dream martial arts partner before. They are really fast; and, they can receive hits pretty well, which is why they convey something. But, the professor is choosing to share deeper content like books and emotions. Lucid dreams are training grounds that let you do a whole lot of stuff including learning about the dream characters who represent your heroes, foes, and loved ones.


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Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr 2019

I am celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr today with some of my family members. We all dressed up today because we wanted to take pictures of the family with my one year old niece Myah. The breakfast included smooth sweet Saviya that were drenched in milk; I ate these with a French Vanilla. Soon some of our relatives came home with Indian sweets. So I tried a couple of these scrumptious delights as well.

I was very excited today because spending quality time with my family matters a lot to me. The best part was helping my sister-in-law get ready for this event. Since she  is Canadian, she has never worn Pakistani jewelry and bangles before. So I rummaged through my and my sister’s selections and found her something exciting to wear. Her necklace was made up of beige beads and there were golden charms dispersed through the beads; the rather long earrings had three golden charms and some material that had the same color as the beads. She wore some white and golden bangles on one hand; and, a red golden set in the other.

I wore a pink dress that has golden embroidery in the front and the back; this dress is traditionally referred to as Shalwar Qameez; the Dupatta—its like a really long scarf—also has golden embroidery. I wore golden bangle set on one arm and a large Indian Kara—really wide bangle—on the other arm. The golden bangle set had white and golden bangles; and, the wide and thin bangles were mixed to make the set appear balanced. The Indian Kara was also golden in color and had a very nice colored shape in the centre; the shape was similar to a flower; surprisingly, this shape splits into two parts when one opens the Kara in order to wear it. The bindi—jewelry for the forehead—was the prettiest one. I had to use pins to pin it to my hair; funny thing is that I find bindi shockingly lovely because it sits in the center of my forehead.

Lastly, I took some selfies after family photograph session was over. I thought to share these here.




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Angels Whisper During Sleep

You must have read somewhere in my blog that I believe that I have been visited by angels during sleep. See blog post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“. The angels can whisper to lucid dreamers while they are asleep because their REM deep state sleep lets them visualize these entities to some extent. Here are two strong reasons why I feel that angels visit me during sleep:

  1. I once saw a very tall dark creature standing next to me. It told me that it was the Keeper of some sort of ethereal boundary. This creature stopped me from flying and playfully threw me on my bed, which somehow got covered with roses. I named it “Dark Giant”; and, I feel that I have seen him before. Read “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death“. I believe its the same creature I saw when I was a child. Read “Dream Character: Dark Giant“. I wonder if I am more perceptive to angels because I am pretty smart or is it because I escaped death (lethal chickenpox) when I was a child!
  2. Some of my dreams actually come true. One of these dreams were about my visit to the 2108 Parliament of Religions and meeting a team of dignitaries. During the dream I saw some faces; but, I did not realize whom I saw because all of these faces were new to me; when I met the speakers, one of them namely Dr. Craig Considine reminded me of one men who visited me during this dream. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

The reason I am wondering again about how angels visit humans during sleep is that recently I had a very scary dream about young men being eaten by a large dark monster. Read “Spooky Dream About Dark Creatures Eating Young Men“. After having this dream, I felt worried enough to browse online to see if a natural disaster is going to hit this planet—nothing made sense although I did find an article titled “10 Major Natural Disasters Predicted In The Near Future“. I also somehow developed a gut feeling that this dream would one day come true although I have been hoping that it wouldn’t because it seems to show some sort of tragedy.

Today, after resting for a bit, I started thinking that this dream data was masked on purpose. Thus, I asked myself why would angels choose to hide some data in this manner? This is when I recalled learning in Islam that disasters are a natural part of our life on this planet Earth. Calamities teach lessons and test humans to see which one would become better; which one would become worse; and, under what circumstances would one change. This is why some catastrophes witnessed during dreams can’t be interpreted until its too late.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) once said the following:

“Angels come to you in succession by night and day and all of them get together at the time of the Fajr (early morning) and Asr (afternoon) prayers. Those who have passed the night with you (or stayed with you) ascend (to the Heaven) and God asks them, though He knows everything about you well, “In what state did you leave my slaves?” The angels reply: “When we left them they were praying and when we reached them, they were praying.” Source Angels: Guarded by Angels; Religion of Islam

Oh! here is a wicked thing that you can learn only from religious scriptures, which are usually discarded by most of us nowadays. Before you read religious information, know that this is what you will hear from those around you if you failed to do what you wanted to do: “You are a loser”; “You just don’t know how to finish your tasks”; and, “Maybe, people don’t like you enough to help you out.” In contrast, this is what Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) would have told you:

“Whoever intended to do a good deed, but did not do it, it is written for him as a complete good deed. If he actually performed the good deed then it is written as ten good deeds, or up to seven hundred times or more. If a person intended to do an evil deed, but did not do it, it is written as a good deed, while if he entertained the thought and acted on it, it is written as a single evil deed.” Source Angels: Guarded by Angels; Religion of Islam

I feel at peace after reading about angels because this way I know that someone is watching over me—those angelic energies that surround me aren’t just wild imagination.

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