Which Disney Princess Am I Like?

I found an interesting article that popped up while I was browsing the net! Read “What Disney Princess Are You, Based on Your Star Sign?” So I am like Pocahontas because my zodiac sign is Pisces. I play with Zodiac signs only when I am pretty bored and have nothing else to do! Sometimes, the information provided is accurate and other times it isn’t.

I like how the article states that Pisces have a deep connection with the world and people around them. This totally shows when I am fast asleep and experiencing different dimensions through lucid dreams. I can even use Earth’s elements like Water, Earth, and Wind to figure out things like if a storm is comingI predicted the arrival of Hurricane Dorianor if someone wants me near or away from them. In one dream that I had regarding an online acquaintance whom I met some years ago, I utilized trees to figure out our connection. During the dream, I felt that this person was nearby. I decided not to talk and run away. The minute I thought this, the trees in the area started moving aggressively and some of the trees’ branches grabbed me, took me backwards, and threw me down. I felt this indicated that he would feel very injured if I just left without proper communication. The only reason why the trees reacted during my sleep is that he is actually very attached to the Earth and whatever it offershe has never indicated anything about how he would feel if I were to just leave. This dream is the reason why I am still connected to this person online; interestingly, he is also choosing to maintain contact with me.


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Extending Line Of Logic

I wrote a joke earlier in blog post “About People Who Like Butterflies“.

This story is about people who like butterflies.

Once upon a time, a beautiful wide-winged butterfly came bouncing around and sat on a lover’s nose. Feeling surprised, he dared not move and dared not breathe for several seconds. Then the wise butterfly plucked one of the hair from his ugly nostrils and flew away. Soon it landed on a flower so that the hair fell on it. This is how some flowers have hair.

I thought about this today and realized that I can keeping adding the text by using the same line of thought. I believe this is how some interesting lines for fantasy or comedy works are written.

Here are two lines I thought of today:

Then the butterfly took hair from a rogue man’s moustache and from it came thorns of Cactus.

Then the butterfly took hair from an old sage’s long beard and from it came the Weeping Willow tree.

Sounds funny right!

Anyways, I took the text in quotes here and checked on I Write Like. It said I write like Stephen King. LOL!

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About People Who Like Butterflies

This story is about people who like butterflies.

Once upon a time, a beautiful wide-winged butterfly came bouncing around and sat on a lover’s nose. Feeling surprised, he dared not move and dared not breathe for several seconds. Then the wise butterfly plucked one of the hair from his ugly nostrils and flew away. Soon it landed on a flower so that the hair fell on it. This is how some flowers have hair.

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My Very First Workshop “Lucid Dreaming And Oneness Process Modality”

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear” – Mark Twain

You must have heard of great achievements accomplished by religious, spiritual, or gifted individuals. For instance, Prophet Abraham’s wife Hagar ran between mountains to find water for her infant son; she kept running until Angel Gabriel appeared and drew special water called “ZumZum” from the Earth. And, Terry Fox ran across Canada with one leg—he lost his second leg due to cancer—to raise funds for and awareness of cancer research.

Astounding right!

Well! I have finished a small portion of a similar feat. For around 8 years, I struggled with my dreams and created some content for my website. In 2018, I ran through the long corridors of Algonquin College to finish my Event Management diploma while I was  very much infected and sick; read blog post “How Champions Are Different Than The Rest“.

Notice the stretches my mind are allowing me to complete. When I finished writing my poetry book, I told myself that it was still incomplete and that I need to work on it further; then I finished having lots of dreams and realized that things are still incomplete; then, I completed my Event Management diploma and realized that things will remain incomplete without connecting with those who are working in the Human Rights industry; somewhere during my quest, I realized that I could easily utilize my dreams to create other works like animations and poetry; and, then I managed to put some important dreams on my website while acknowledging the fact that there were tons and tons of recorded dreams that were screaming to be written down. Its been around 8 years since I have been fully striving to understand and write my lucid dreams. Phew! I feel more charged and motivated now.

Today is a great day for me because I have almost finished writing content for my very first workshop, which is made possible by speaker MT Martee Thomus T.

Please join our workshop “Lucid Dreaming and the Oneness Process Modality“, which will be presented at “Otherworldly Treasures” on Dec 15 from 3 till 5 pm. Early bird is extended to Fri. Dec. 6 $60; the cost at the door is $75. Email your registration through efunds transfer to martee1111@gmail.com.

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Mary Was A Prophetess And There Were Other Female Prophets

I was thinking about how I can predict some future events, which is a key characteristics of certain prophets. I must comment that I have read in Islam that believers have only 1 out of 24 visions that a prophet or prophetess possesses. I once heard from a Muslim woman that there must have been female prophets (prophetesses) but they are not mentioned in the Quran for some reason; however, the Quran does dedicate an entire chapter, “Surah Maryam“, to Lady Mary who is mother of Prophet Jesus.

Today, I was thinking about how I, a woman, could see very clearly in the future. For example, I predicted the coming of Hurricane Dorian. Read blog post “I Predicted The Coming Of Hurricane Dorian”. I had time to think today; so I pondered for a bit and realized that there must have been some prophetesses mentioned in the Quran. This is when I found the article titled “Was Mary a Prophetess of Islam?“, which stated the difference between messenger and prophet and clarified that Mary was indeed a prophetess. I am happy to know this! And, now I know for sure that there were other prophets and prophetesses too; but, the Quran does not mention all of them.

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You Can Examine What Is Going To Happen To You Through Dreams

Many days ago, I had a dream that I was lying on my bed—perhaps, I was unconscious—and two of my relatives were checking to see if I were okay. Just a couple of days ago, I felt very sick for some reason—I am okay now so don’t worry. And, two of my older relatives came running to check me by using medical equipment. This is yet another precognitive dream that came true. Every time, this kind of stuff happens to me, I receive an extreme shock that I thoroughly enjoy. All this feels like looking at the mirror!


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An Unfortunate Incidence On OCTranspo Bus

I was riding an OC Transport bus, which is usually a very safe ride. The weather was pretty cold today. When I got into the bus, I bumped against a couple of people. I finally found a spot where I could stand. The bus started moving; and, I relaxed but now everyone was just standing and not moving and bumping into each other. Pretty soon, I realized that I had lost my glove. I asked the woman who was standing next to me if she had seen it. She said that she had not seen it. For some reason, I started feeling very odd inside my head. Later, I realized that it was not just fatigue! So I asked myself to focus and look for my glove. I thought that either it was near me, near the door of the bus, elsewhere in the bus, or at the bus station because I was sleepy when I was in these areas. So I started scanning the bus. It was tough to do this because the bus was fully loaded so much so that it is tough to breathe. I prayed and kept looking while suffering from sudden jolts as the bus jerked. All of a sudden, I saw my glove. It had fallen in an empty place between some structure that was part of this vehicle’s design and a seat that was in the middle of the bus. I could see only a part of my glove. I slowly inched towards the person who was sitting there and asked him to pick up my glove and give it to me. The real problem started after all this. After some more moments had passed, I realized that the bus was just getting warmer and warmer. I found myself dozing and did not understood why I was feeling so zoned out. Eventually, I found an empty seat for myself. This is when I got the shock of my life! The seat was very heated because the heater was turned on to the max. I started feeling that it was become harder to breathe; I already had a bad headache as well. Thus, I forced myself to get up and walked to a different seat. As soon as I sat there, I touched the metal surface of the bus. It was very heated as well. This is when I realized that perhaps the driver had forgotten to turn down the heat because the morning temperature was -23 degree Celsius but then the temperature slowly went up to -10 degree Celsius in the night; it is also possible that he turned it on just to heat the bus temporarily and then forgot to turn it down due to stress. Before I got off the bus, I told him that the seats at the back feel super-heated. This was a very freaky experience for me! I am glad that I did not just fainted due to stress caused by heat.

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Why I Would Not Sell Any Of My Work To Lollywood Or Bollywood

I have some relatives that are well-known poets, musicians, and actors. One of my distant relatives is one of the top guys for both Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) and Bollywood (Indian cinema). I have never met him in my entire life; but, I have heard about him a lot from my relatives. Oh! he participated in the making of blockbuster Indian song, “Chori Chori“; I fail to name him because I don’t want the media to connect me to him in any way. But, if you listen and watch this song closely, you will definitely see my reflectionfeel free to compare to my poetry , spoken words and some parts of unfinished romantic works here.

When I gained sufficient experience that is required to compose poetry, I started thinking of writing and selling some romance poetry to Lollywood and Bollywood. However, I felt that I could not proceed with this because both cinemas are derogatory towards the women, which obviously means that they are derogatory towards the men as well. Thus, the idea of reaching out to Lollywood and Bollywood died in infancy.

Saying all this, I must comment that I am glad that most of my poems deal with Human Rights related issues. And, I am very happy that I can compete against a beautiful song like “Chori Chori” through my poem “My Sex Partner“. The cunning part here is that I created this poem through my lucid dreams. And, now I know that I can write more romantic poems by using my dream characters. I eventually hope to compel some of the Bollywood and Lollywood fans to become my fans instead and thus learn lucid dreaming to become fully able to accomplish feats alone!

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Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax

According to Wikipedia and Indie Wire, White Helmets are made up of around 3000 volunteers. See article “‘The White Helmets’: How the Stars Of Netflix’s Doc Are Making A Difference in Syria’s Civil War” and “White Helmets – (Syrian Civil War)“. According to Wikipedia, White Helmets operates in those parts of Syria and Turkey that are controlled by the opposition. But this area has millions of Syrians and it is not a small region at all. So why does this really large region has only around 3000 volunteers for the White Helmets? Think of things this way. Its war! Women, teenagers, and even seniors are going to attempt to find those who are injured. But, in the White Helmets’ footages we see mostly men conducting the rescue operations; also there are really less women who are participating, which is happening around the time when so many countries have females in their armies. Furthermore, I find it very fishy that they are receiving so much media attention and have won the Alternative Nobel Prize; it feels like things are happening too fast at their end. Are they target of good news and propaganda because we are looking at fake news being portrayed by two parties that appear to be at opposite ends (foes)? Lastly, White Helmets has received lots of funds from America and only recently America is thinking of withdrawing their funds. But, America also created the Taliban. You know what I mean! Read article “Why Did U.S Freeze White Helmets Funding? Syrian Search and Rescue Group Faces Cash Flow Crisis“.

Obviously, something is wrong here. Even if we were to ignore all the other facts and lies, the total number of White Helmets still does not make any sense.

Who exactly is failing us here? Why did a couple of people manage to change White Helmets into a very controversial issue? Even some reputable Western humanitarian organizations are struggling to make sense out of or backing the White Helmets! Where is the truth that people deserve to hear?

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