How Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) Tackled COVID-19 For Us

I learned these two ahadith (sayings) of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) when I was much younger. I was born in a Muslim household, which is how I was exposed these two sayings.

Prophet used to say that Honey is the cure for mankind; and, that Black Seed can cure anything except for Death. SearchTruth offers some more ahadith about these Prophetic Medicines; see post “92 hadith found in ‘Medicine’ of Sahih Bukhari“.

IslamiGems’ article “22 Top Benefits Uses of Honey | Prophetic Medicine” discusses several benefits of honey. Gulf Times’ article “Black Seed (Nigella sativa): A cure for every disease” shares some benefits of Black Seed.

A recent clinical research study conducted in Pakistan, US, Canada, and Chile show that a combination of Honey and Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) can heal severe and moderate illness caused by COVID-19. Read “Study suggests honey and Nigella sativa expedites viral clearance in COVID-19 patients“.

So Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is definitely a great prophet because God showed him how to protect mankind.

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A Vision About The Children

Today, I had a lucid (clear) dream about a child. Read my blog to learn that I receive visions that later come true or that have a symbolic significance.

This particular dream was set in extremely dark night. A child was roaming near a bus station. A man who had a very gruffy attitude and who was hiding a certain amount of viciousness approached this child. The man seemed like a homeless, a drug addict, or a criminal. He spoke to the child and lead him to the bus. The child started feeling scared because he didn’t knew this man. However, he got in the bus with this man. Surprisingly, once inside the bus, the man just walked away to his seat and disappeared from the scene. The kid started roaming in the bus as people stayed busy doing all the ordinary things. The child was extremely poor and very lonely.

I am finding this dream very peculiar simply because I think that there is an actual message attached to it. So I researched the net and found out that child poverty is increasing due to COVID-19. Below are some helpful articles:

Child poverty to rise above pre-COVID levels for at least five years in high-income countries including Canada – UNICEF

Pandemic is increasing child poverty

Why is Child Poverty Increasing Among Children?

Covid-19 Has Exacerbated Child Poverty, Forcing A Long Overdue Policy Focus

Child poverty in Canada could rise for at least five years: UNICEF

Child poverty gradually rising

150 million additional children plunged into poverty due to COVID-19, UNICEF, Save the Children say

Poverty rate rising among America’s youngest children, particularly infants of color

And so on and so forth.

Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) asked the Pharaoh to free his people including the slaves. He warned that otherwise plagues will arrive. Now Science shows us how this can happen; read blog post “Link Between Plagues and Freedom” and see article “Importance of freedom in humanities developing“. Thus, there is a strong need to create policies and opportunities that will grant freedom to everyone. Furthermore, the global movement to protect the non-White population of this planet must increase its pace. There are lots of wrong things going on with the non-White population so that the world never gets to see their talent properly. For instance, I was trying to get into higher education and study “Cellular and Molecular Biology”. Yes! I was planning to study bacteria and viruses in the labs. I left because I felt extremely insulted by how women were being marginalized at my university and how a couple of male instructors insulted me. Read my story here “Dented Thinking of A Genius“; and, you will learn that I received a message about arrival of a plague during a dream that I had in 2015. You will notice that in this dream, I was taken to a place where people were planning to harm the Muslims. This links into the aftermath of Trump’s election. Therefore, conflicts are also harming the humans and advancement of Sciences.

Overall, to reverse what is going on in this world, we must respect the freedom of people; protect the women; give more access and protection to non-White people; and, reduce conflicts.

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Did I See Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In My Dream?

I once meditated on my thought that I wanted to see Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) in my dream. I also wanted to not look at his face because I wished to express deep respect. Pretty soon, I had a lucid dream about him. During this dream, I knew I was communicating with Prophet Mohammad (pbuh); but, I never really talked about it because i) I couldn’t see his face and features and ii) I didn’t knew how to explain what I saw.

In this dream, I saw an older man who walked a bit; stopped near the right side of my bed; bent and looked at me; gently tapped my arm; and, asked me to get up and pray. He felt very much like a father to me because he seemed very mature and caring. I paid attention to what he said although I didn’t address him because I was unsure about how to talk to someone so AWESOME.

Some years passed. I kept this dream to myself. Every now and then, I would think about what exactly happened during this dream. Then God gave me an answer. Recently, I came across a video that discussed how a Christian man saw Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and ended up becoming a Muslim. Check out Muslim Convert Stories’ YouTube video “Christian man sees Prophet Muhammad in a Dream and Converts to Islam!“. Here Antony (new name Abdullah) describes that Prophet was standing still; staring down at him; standing above him; and, walking and stopping to see him. Then it hit me that that particular dream character who I thought was Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was actually Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

I am still very much stunned! What’s most peculiar about this man was that he seemed very ordinary. I wonder if I will be able to see him again!

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Is Canada At Brink Of A Deep Racialized Economic Apartheid?

In 2001, Grace-Edward Galabuzi wrote the article “Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid” for CSJ Foundation. This article discusses how an economic apartheid is gradually influencing all the racialized groups in Canada leaving them unprotected and marginalized

Below are some articles that discuss how the non-white population is getting hit most by the economic instability caused by COVID-19; and, how non-white women are left out of the COVID-19 recovery efforts.

South Asian and Black women face high jobless rates in Canada

Chart 6 South Asian, Arab and Black Canadians had among the highest unemployment rates in July 2020

Black, Asian workers see biggest jobless rate spikes in Canada

Canada’s Women of Colour Have Been Left Out of COVID-19 Job Recovery Efforts

Things were already horrible for non-whites before the pandemic. I believe it is only going to get worse! Canada has already participated in creating an apartheid for the Aboriginal people as well as genocide of the Aboriginal women and girls. It is obvious to me that non-white Canadians are going to go through a lot due to this pandemic!

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Bullying in Canadian Nursing Colleges

I have discussed a couple of times how some Canadian Nursing colleges have faculty that participates in abusing students. One particular story was how a Canadian Nursing student was being emotionally abused by a clinical faculty member; and, when she complained to the Program Coordinator, her complaint was not taken seriously at all. Instead she was told to leave her office simply because she started crying due to the trauma caused by mistreatment. She strongly believed that her complaint was not heard because this teacher was well-connected among politicians.

Below are some posts where I have discussed such issues:

Contorting Information Inside Canadian Workplaces

Why Some Abused Canadian Employees Do Not File A Report

Canada Offers a Facade to Its Citizens

How Someone Belonging to Health Care or Clinical Research Professions Can Be A Rapist?

Today I reviewed another article online. Read article “A Call to Revisit and Address the Histories of Bullying in Nursing Education“; authors are Zachary Daly, Kathy O’Flynn-Magee, and Patricia Rodney. This article specifically states that Nursing students suffer lots of abuse including abuse from clinical instructors and staff nurses while studying Nursing.

I don’t recommend that non-white people should enroll in Canadian Nursing colleges. I don’t think it is a good idea because non-white people usually earn less due to multiple barriers that are offered by this extremely racist country. According to Scott Gilmore’s article “Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s“, Canada is more racist than America; and, according to Allysha Howse’s article “Canada Ranked As One Of The Top Countries For Racial Discrimination In The Hiring Process“, Canada offers more discrimination in hiring practices than US, the country that created a disastrous war on Muslims and Islam by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretense of tackling terrorism. Canadian media is controlled by White people; so stories of non-white people aren’t heard in an effective and timely manner. I believe that Whiteness of the Canadian media is the reason why non-white people face difficulties in receiving proper coverage from the media or why they don’t trust the media enough to report abuse; read article “Canadian Media Incapable of Covering Race” to learn this. In 2001, Grace-Edward Galabuzi wrote the article “Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid” for CSJ Foundation. This article discusses how an economic apartheid is gradually influencing all the racialized groups in Canada leaving them unprotected and marginalized—genocide of Aboriginal women and girls has already taken place. Things have become even worse for the non-white Canadian population given the COVID-19 epidemic; read a relevant article “Black, minority women in Canada left behind in COVID-19 job recovery“. So I strongly recommend that the non-white Canadians don’t register in Nursing colleges because if they decided to leave after abuse, then i) they might not be able to attract media attention towards their cases; and, ii) if they have taken student loans, then they would have to pay that; not to forget that they will be suspended for a year by NSLSC (they offer student loans) because they withdrew before the program ended.

Lastly notice that in the West we are told that we should fight back to get our rights. But I don’t see this happening since most people who choose to fight back end up suffering from bad health simply because any given sphere of functionality, i.e. psychological, social, physical, mental, or spiritual is broken. How are they supposed to perform well and produce great results like this? You know Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) left Makkah when the abuse became harsh; he later came to power with the help of people from Madinah. He was ranked by author Michael H. Hart as one of the top influential men in the history of mankind; read article “100 most influential people in the world“. So if this King (King was just his title; he lived a poor life because he chose to give his wealth away) was humble and wise enough to flee when required, then why don’t non-white Canadians do exactly the same?

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Leading by Example: Fight Islamophobia By Causing Social Change

I came across Justice For All during a virtual event “Justice for All Benefit – Bay Area” where Australian Journalist and Human Rights Activist CJ Werleman was presenting; see the relevant tweet here. Other Human Rights Activists who presented at this event are Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Hena Zuberi, Adem Carroll, and Razzak Lebbai.

Justice For All is a Chicago-based NGO that has played a vital role in raising awareness about human rights in United States and across the globe. Some of their projects include Burma Task Force, Save Uighur, Free Kashmir, and Bosnia Task Force. Justice For All has Consultative Status at the United Nations; and, they campaign by interacting with officials, NGOs and Nobel Prize winners. Please donate to them during this Ramadan. Visit today and donate!

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Expressing Admiration and Respect Through Lucid Dreams

I had a very interesting dream in the morning today; this was about one of my inspirations who is mentioned in the blog post “Dance of Heroes” and “Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies During Lucid Dreams“.

In this particular lucid dream, I was in a house where several of my relatives had gathered. I was with a man, a well-known Human Rights Activist. He was resting right next to me. I held his foot throughout this dream to show my respect for him. The entire place was drenched in some sort of mesmerizing, serene, and light background music; the dark room was illuminated by natural light that danced in through the open windows. The hypnotic music reminded me of this individual’s body’s music—I can hear different types of music including the music that comes from people’s bodies. For several instants, he held me in his deep gaze as he conveyed some profound message; during these sacred moments, I held one of his feet and placed my head near it. I dozed off pretty soon because I felt very rested. When I woke up inside this dream, I was surprised to find out that I was holding my sister’s foot.

I believe that this dream is reminding me of my respect and admiration for this Human Rights Activist. Thus, presence of my lovely sister in the same place indicated how the only person whose thoughts can cause such reverence is my younger sister.

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Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies During Lucid Dreams

I have noticed that some of my most detailed dreams include men or Hypnagogic Hallucinations involving their energies and thoughts relating to them; some of these men are inspirations who are mentioned in blog post “Dance of Heroes“. I believe this is because balancing the feminine and masculine energies enhances the lucid dreaming state. Have you watched the movie, “Shadow”? In this movie, Commander Yu’s wife teaches her husband’s Shadow how to use the Umbrella of Pei so that the Shadow may fight to reclaim the Jingzhou City. Check out this clip here; it is offered by MovieClips.

Here are some of the dreams where I used male energies. I did this by thinking about them just before falling asleep; the Hypnagogic Hallucinations thus induced caused these dreams.

This dream links into the closure of India’s Amnesty International. I have hidden the name of the Human Rights activist I was dreaming about to protect him from any sort of abuse; I mean people can develop ideas if they see something that offers some clues. Read “Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India

This dream is about American Human Rights Lawyer and Activist Qasim Rashid who was the Dem Nominee for this previous election. The dream carries a critical symbol: role of men in preventing abuse of women. Read ‘Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”

This dream is about Australian Journalist and Human Rights Activist CJ Werleman. This dreams reads into the painful images associated with the abuse of Muslims; it also reads into stereotypes associated with male leaders. Read “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“.

This dream is about American Professor and Poet JK Fowler. It shows how important masculine energies are in balancing the feminine energies; it also shows my attachment to poetry and poets. Read “Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet J.K. Fowler“.

This dream occurred after I thought about American Professor Eric Anthamatten and legendary Psychologist and Psychiatrist Carl Jung. It shows how mass graves were created in New York due to COVID-19 pandemic. Read “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision“.

This dream is about the founder of The Mantle, Shaun Randol. It offers a prediction about what was going to happen after the COVID-19 pandemic. Read “Dream That Made Me Study Sales Was A Grand-Scale Prediction“.

This dream is about American Professor and Activist Craig Considine; through this dream, I met him around a year before I actually connected with him at The Parliament of World Religions. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

This dream included the American actor David Duchovny. I love X-Files; so this dream occurred around the  25th Anniversary of “The X Files. Read “I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)“.

I had this dream about Pope Francis around a year before he visited Iraq. This relates to me because I advocated against the Iraq war. Read “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq“.

And, there are a couple more of such energies…

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Dance Choreography Through Lucid Dreams

I love dancing! I used to dance more when I was younger. I was pretty crazy about dances back then, dancing at parties, weddings, and privately. But, I now I dance less because I am usually busy; and, I only dance alone now. Over time, I have noticed that even my dream characters dance very gracefully. I have learned that it is very easy for my dream characters to dance together. All this feels like choreographing a dance! In addition, my dream characters play musical instruments during my dreams. Oh! I can even throw dance parties with their help!

In one of my lucid dreams, I saw actor Prabhu Deva—the guy from the famous song “Muqabla“—dancing with a group of people. They were all standing in a higher place, like steps or a stage. There were long rows of people on both of Prabhu’s side. As they danced rather fast, their bodies moved in harmony almost like they were hypnotized. The entire area was lit with lights. I wonder if I saw a real event though!

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A Perfect Error: First Recording My Guitar

So today, I decided to take some time to record some music that I generated with the help of my first guitarI am still learning how to play the guitar. I decided to use the recorder of my computer. Reality is that I have never used this recorder to record music. So I just turned the recorder on and played my guitar. Not to forget that my guitar had one string in the wrong place.

The result is hilarious and freaky! Truth is that the result is beautiful!

The music resembles Space sounds. Sure! As a lucid dreamer, I have heard Space Sounds before and visited Outer Space. But I was not expecting this kind of error!

Every now and then there is silence in the audio because I am deciding what to play. Then the bizarre recording starts again.

All this was being recorded. Meanwhile, I had no idea! I was just playing my guitar and feeling groovy.

Cool thing is that I had a laugh. Bad thing is that now I can’t listen to how I did and fix my errors.

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