How to Safely Conduct Telepathy During the Day?

I have used telepathy during the day occasionally to save some people. All this started when I was a child. I just happened to hear a voice minutes before I saved my sibling from being kidnapped. The second incidence, which I still recall very clearly owing to its very confusing nature, is a bit recent. I cannot provide any details of this incidence due to confidentiality issues; but, I used my telepathy vision to glance at two men who were posing as friends of a young woman. After studying the faces and vibes of both of the guys for just a little bit, I realized that they weren’t really her friends. She used a bit of my help to escape because she chose to trust me instead.

My experiences have taught me that I can read and react faster if the other person (victim) fully trusts me.


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What Kind of Guys I Attract?

Today, I completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?”; and, the results matched the reality. I have two ex-fiancés because I like to wait before deciding. One of them is a wealthy Pakistani businessman; and, the second is a Dyslexic genius from Belgium who could beat people in chess in a matter of seconds or minutes (if player is too smart). My first fiancé was a great comedian; and, the second one was the life of every party. But, I couldn’t dedicate myself fully to either of the men simply because they weren’t for me although I still love them my way.

I like my results!


How Prayers Hide Information to Proceed?

This just happened to me; and, I am slowly recovering from this mild shock because I thought I will get this done faster because I frequently visit the local Art Galleries. I am trying to finish an academic project for a course that is held at Algonquin College. I am supposed to help my group find entertainment for a fundraising event held for “Farm Radio International”, which is a non-profit program that serves the African farmers. I am not from Africa so I don’t know much about the culture and trends of this particular region. So, I spent around an hour browsing the web while praying to God that I finish this assignment in time.

First my eyes got stuck on the Firestone Collection that is displayed at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG GAO). But, I couldn’t find the price, which I am supposed to quote for this project, for the items found in this collection. Then I browsed through some other collections offered at the OAG GAO and couldn’t find anything with prices attached to them. After some while, I visited Kijiji and found some paintings that are worth more than $1000. For some reason, I didn’t like any of these amazing paintings. The two selections were Large Fernand Labelle Oil On Canvas Painting  and Abstract Marcel Favreau Oil On Canvas Painting. I was just about to give up when I stumbled upon Artists in Canada and found a painting of “some kind of round fruits” by Virginia Dupuis (fifth painting from the left, under words “click on image for enlargement”). I didn’t understand the drawings that were presented there due to my lack of knowledge; and, thus I visited Invaluable and searched for another painting there. Again, I didn’t feel content with the search results for some reason. So I browsed back to Virginia Dupuis’s drawings. I started staring at Harvest Moon, which is a close-up of Gooseberries (green round fruits); and, I started praying for help again because I didn’t knew what I was looking at. Next, I googled the words “Gooseberries + Africa” and ended up finding from Berries of Africa website that Gooseberries are one of South Africa’s most popular berries. This painting is an exact match because “Farm Radio International” serves the African farmers.

Oh well! I just finished my assigned part of the project. How queer all this was!

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Canada’s Double Glass Ceiling: Where Should Canadian Women Go?

Below are some interesting facts of my life that made me think about what exactly is going on in Canada and whether Canadian women should seek to stay in Canada or move away to some other country:

  1. I was an extrovert and was very well-integrated in the society before I came to Canada. I felt that I became very quiet and reserved while living here; and, nobody bothered to find out about me until I came out of this ordeal on my own.
  2. As a Technical Writer, I have to sometimes work in the Tech sector. I am finding that there are less women who work with men in the Tech sector; and, there are more women who are complaining about being mistreated while finding work.
  3. There are times when I see Canadian students give more attention to a lame comment by a male student than to a more informed comment by a female student. Some of them do not bother to attempt to learn why the male student’s comment can easily be regarded as dumb. After graduating and getting a great job, these students are going to actively under-represent women in the workforce.
  4. Because I am an ENFP and thus very friendly and easy-going, I get to hear a lot of personal aggravations every other day from almost everyone.
  5. I have been abused multiple times by men during the interview. This abuse goes from asking me to visit too many times or asking me questions about my religion and culture when I am already too stressed. Most of this abuse was reported to the correct authorities.

According to Marina Glogovac’s article “The challenge for women to smash the glass ceiling”, which was published on The Globe and Mail in 2016, only 0.32% of the female participants of the Canadian labor force (48%) find a job in senior management.

In the 2016 Statista article “Which countries have the most women in senior management?”, Niall McCarthy does not list Canada in the top ten or the bottom ten countries that have the most women in senior management. However, the writer lists Indonesia and China in the top ten list and Turkey and India in the top bottom list.

According to the IT World Canada’s article “Women are seriously under-represented in the Canadian tech sector and it’s not improving: new report”, which was written by Mandy Kovacs in 2017, women are under-represented in the Tech sector. Read my personal experience, point 2.

According to a 2015 article “The Countries with the Most Women Managers Worldwide”, which was published on Expert Market and authored by Jared Keleher, US and Canada don’t make the list of top 10 countries that mostly hire and protect senior female executives. Canada is number 36 in this list, below Jamaica and Philippines.

According to the CNBC article “Companies with more female executives make more money—here’s why. 2018”, which was published by Yoni Blumberg in 2018,  gender diversity enhances a company’s performance—by the way, this article shares the picture of Facebook’s CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, who resembles the Indian actress, Alia Bhatt.

A profitable firm at which 30 percent of leaders are women could expect to add more than 1 percentage point to its net margin compared with an otherwise similar firm with no female leaders,” the report notes. “By way of comparison, the typical profitable firm in our sample had a net profit margin of 6.4 percent, so a 1 percentage point increase represents a 15 percent boost to profitability.

In one of the oldest religions, Islam, female business professionals are given a lot of weight. For instance, Lady Khadija (Prophet Mohammad’s first wife) was one of the wealthiest Arab trader and many female industry leaders were created through her although we don’t have a complete documentation of these other women.

Now, let me give you a cool hint about myself. Many women of my household are senior executives or business professionals. I inherited great business guts this way. This is why when I get severe gut feelings about where my male relatives should be investing and from where they should be removing their money. Every time I tell them that something is wrong with an investment of theirs, then something turns out wrong even years afterwards. This mostly happens with my close relatives and friends. It is also true that sometimes I think and compute like regular humans and other times I get way ahead too fast—when I become different, I clearly hear a voice telling me something and I clearly state that something is wrong.

Here is another hint about my intelligence. Several years ago, a friend of mine—a well-respected Canadian lawyer—briefly discussed the conditions of Canadian women and left the decision of helping out in my hands. I decided to move forward on my own and started discussing and implementing his brain child, “Buddy System”.  I investigated totally on my own and reported on my blog several times that something was really wrong. I followed my gut feeling again; and, this time I beat the Canadian Feds (see Global News article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces”) because they had more tools, resources, and access than I did! They only posted this article in 2017 and I made my conclusions before that by reviewing my personal experiences, talking to mostly women, and reading articles only. You can see a print screen of my older blog, Writer’s Dojo. I wrote my first article about the “Buddy Program” in 2016.


In conclusion, finding a great management job in Canada is pretty tough. A lot of times I am triangulated in a very deceptive manner by multiple individuals so that they may break me down. I am sure that the same is happening to the other Canadian women. I strongly feel that the Canadian women can either fight this oppression or they can desert the Canadian men and flee for a better country. See “18 of the Best International Recruitment Agencies in Canada”.

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About Canadian Workplaces: I Was Telling You The Truth!

You must have read my previous posts about how I feel abused while working in Canada and how deeply I regret my decision of coming to Canada.

Some Canadian Workplaces Are Very Abusive Towards Women

Workplace Harassment and Racism Causes Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

Canada Offers a Facade to Its Citizens

Do Canada’s Rules About Employee Harassment Apply to Minorities?

Framing and Misuse of the Canadian Muslim Women

Just today, I found a video on Global News that discusses how Canada has a really big issue that is disrupting her economy; namely, Workplace Harassment.  The video is discussing results of a large survey (90,000 participants) that was recently run by the federal government.  Half of the survey participants reported that they were being harassed, which should tell you about the manner of conduct inside many Canadian workplaces. A good survey has to be representative of the population: the large size of the survey; reliable and detailed statistics; independent source like the federal government; and, how my story is tying in on its own tells you that many or perhaps most Canadian workplaces are unsafe for serious-minded and talented individuals, especially women.

Here is another video about this.

I am documenting everything; and, I intend to share some of my personal traumatic experiences with the rest of the world through my novel, “She The Mirror”.  Just recently, I even tried approaching a Muslim man to help me out who was so ill-informed and uneducated that he tried doubting and questioning me first. He almost made it look like that perhaps I was at fault—he isn’t the first man I have permanently blocked from all my online accounts, cellphone, and life. This is true of most men regardless of their religion and culture—the Global News video clearly shares that mostly its the women who are being abused. In conclusion, you will become very invisible if you are a woman who is trying to work and settle in Canada.

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Sometimes, time and relativity conform really well inside my mind without my full realization of this occurrence. This is why the entire incidence can display itself as a coincidence. Because this is has happened multiple times with me, I can easily state that its some sort of mental rule that applies on its own. But, some outsiders who have not seen this about me in person would doubt my story; the rest will believe in me owing to their knowledge, inspirations, and minds.

This happened when I was driving on the road and turning the dial on my radio. Just minutes before an ambulance came roaring from the back, Marc Anthony’s song “You sang to me” started on the radio. The lyrics that ran are as follows:

All the while
You were in front of me
I never realized
I just can’t believe
I didn’t see it
In your eyes
I didn’t see it
I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me

How I long
To hear you sing
Beneath the clear blue skies
And I promise you
This time I’ll see it
In your eyes
I didn’t see it
I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it

I had the recorder on my cellphone turned on because I was recording something before I started driving and I didn’t turn it off. You can hear the ambulance’s sirens just before this song ends.  The funny thing is that the song is talking about someone’s eyes—I talk about my eyes often—and it is one of my favourite songs, which put me on alert. Thus, I stopped my car while the ambulance was still far away. After this, I kept switching the radio to find another great song. The recorder recorded everything as it is. You can easily hear the noise created by traffic in this video.

This audio was recorded on July 20, 2018 as I drove between Algonquin College and my place near Strandherd Road, Ottawa.

I am a very active Fractal form, which is how I am just a bit different from the rest. I feel that everyone is different and everything depends on how you are opened to the world around you.

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Dance of Heroes

I was thinking of writing a bit of “Koh Kaaf” with the help of my dream characters. I did not knew fully how to proceed so I feel asleep thinking of some of my idols. Then, the “Dance of Heroes” began; and, I became as superb as the magical Aurora Borealis. Before I begin narrating a small portion of the dream—I am saving the rest for my book, “Koh Kaaf”—I must comment that my exceptional dream characters change forms based on creativity of the subjects of my thoughts. Here is my lucid dream.

I was inside a large forest whose trees felt dead, monstrous, and gigantic; and, I was speculating about proceeding with my writing about “Koh Kaaf”. All of a sudden, Ahed Tamimi—the Palestinian child who was taken by the Israeli authorities and who will be released in 8 months after being captured—came to my side and pointed to a large withered tree. Then she screamed, “Go! Its time for you to go and do this”. She seemed like a free spirit who was not afraid of saying and teaching what she truly believed in. I made eye contact with her and then my spirit flew in the direction that she had pointed to. As I neared the tree, I looked up and saw a man flying downwards. It was no other than Professor JK Fowler—the American professor who founded Nomadic Press and who wrote my favourite article “District 6 in District 9: The Metaphoric Menagerie“. JK Fowler directed me to enter the bottom of the tree and face upwards. I did exactly that; and lo and behold, I saw such startlingly frightening patterns that I can’t fully describe them. This new sky was filled with highways and streets that were populated with shops, people, and cars.

So this is the “Dance of the Heroes’. They can dictate all your lucid dream patterns because you have learned to praise their work just like you praise your deepest desires and dreams—other heroes who have visited during my dreams are Professor Craig Considine, Lucy Lawless, Carl Jung (I had a very scary dream when I was thinking of him. I know that he had a rough life. He is very brilliant about dreams and fantasy though. He is the main guy for data extraction for “Koh Kaaf”.), and Che Guvra (I saw him very briefly. I got scared for some reason. But, he seemed really alive and lovely.). You can read some of my experiences here, “Meeting Your Heroes”.

Brief message to my heroes: I am a bit different so I cannot love you like the rest. Since I am just a bit like the Indigo children, I can show care through my dreams pretty well.

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Awake Psychic Mind Thinks and Reacts in Small Segments

I think that the awake Psychic mind thinks and reacts in small segments. For instance, today I was at WalMart when I had a sudden urge to eat bananas—actually, I had been dieting and I decided to eat some bananas just two days ago. So I bought some more bananas from this retailer. When I got home and I was surprised to find out that we had three unexpected guests. We ended up serving the bananas along with the rest of the fruits and meal.

When I go to sleep, I can construct large and detailed objects, buildings, and entities in a matter of minutes or perhaps seconds. But, during the day I can do only some things in a very deep telepathic manner simply because the mind unconsciously filters out unnecessary things. This is why I think that the awake version of the human mind works in smaller segments.


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