Description Of An Angel That Visited Me During A Lucid Dream

I received a vision of a dream angel that visited me during a lucid dream. This entity was sitting on top of the Earth; for now, it was sitting on top of Singapore. But as the entity looked around, I could see that everything else was an open game. As our roughly spherical Earth came into my view, I could see that it displayed all countries; I could see their names on this dream object, this Earth. The angel was just sitting on top, suspended in space, and looking down on Earth waiting to move forward when needed. It was a dark-colored entity with no facial features. I couldn’t figure out how it really looked except that it was tall and slim. It felt like it had excessive strength and emotions. It was quiet but wise and perhaps telepathic. It was sitting with its legs bent, a position that reminds me of when I am hugging my knees while sitting; it was looking down at Earth in an alert manner. I felt like this angel was going to help me move to a certain part of the world if I shared my intention to do so with it. It is interesting to see that I saw this entity sitting there and somehow communicating with me but I was always there although I didn’t see myself.

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Short Dream Signals Also Show The Truth

I am looking at some of my dreams to study some of the short signals. Over time, I have learned that even short signals can be extremely significant. For instance, see the dream I wrote in 2015. In this dream, I specifically mentioned the following:

She turned her attention to the Black woman and heard her comment that the plague started a while back but she does not know where they came from. “What sort of plague is she talking about?” She thought as she gently stepped out of her body and followed the black figure. “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years

The date of publication of “The Black Figure” was Aug 14, 2015; See the date just above the blog title. This sheet shows the older note.
The date of publication of “The Black Figure” was Aug 14, 2015. This sheet shows the older note.

This part of the dream showed two important facts:

  1. The Coronavirus pandemic was going to spread fast, so fast that some experts would start to regard it as a plague. Now there are articles about this! For example, see Kelsey Piper’s article “Covid-19 ranks among the 10 deadliest plagues in history“; according to this article, coronavirus plague is actually one of the top 10 most lethal plagues in history.
  2. A Black woman spoke to me because the Black people are disproportionately impacted by this plague. See Stephanie Soucheray’s article “US blacks 3 times more likely than whites to get COVID-19“. I am using an article about America because the rest of this dream is set in America. I am sure Black people will get harmed from this virus more in any racist place; this virus is just showing the result of inequalities. Furthermore, it helps to note that the Omicron surge originated from South Africa; read “Adam: Omicron’s spread helps highlight the gross inequity of vaccine distribution“.

So did you see the power of short dream signals?

It helps to note that one reasonnot all the reasonswhy I couldn’t get this message across faster is inequality and racism, which is offered to me because I am a non-White Muslim woman. Canada has been revealed as one of the top countries where discriminatory hiring practices take place; read “Canada Ranked As One Of The Top Countries For Racial Discrimination In The Hiring Process“.

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Recitations of Quran

Ramadan 2020 has started; and, I am very excited about this Ramadan. I am happier today because I have survived rape trauma. It took me around 7 years to fight back—I was a virgin at the time of this rape so it took pretty long to recover. Bit by bit, I reclaimed pieces of my sanity that were destroyed by an older and very physically stronger Buddhist Islamophobic man. While raping me, he brainwashed me by saying, “God is not there for us.” He wanted me to believe that Islam does not make sense! He believed what he tried to teach me. I still remember that he told me that he is already in trouble with the law. I believe he failed his “mission”, which also shows when he ended up apologizing to me! I never fully accepted his apology although I felt sorry for him; I think I could not accept what he was saying because he seemed to have a split personality, which is how he ended up confusing me. I believe that I developed Stockholm Syndrome during this ordeal; I can tell that that is what was going on because I became very submissive and different during this ordeal. I must comment that this rape is a direct result of some factors including how non-White people especially women are mistreated in Canada and how Islamophobia is rising in Canada ever since 9/11 took place. I didn’t report this because I was afraid of being revictimized.

I fought back as best as I could. I could do this because I have kind of converted (reverted) to Islam before. I was born a Muslim; but, I did not practice Islam. When my teenage years were ending or perhaps when I was in my early twenties, I started reading into Islam in detail. I became more practicing after becoming aware, which is why this change felt like a reversion. So when he said and did these cruel things to me, I felt brainwashed; slowly, my mind became numb so I started thinking that I was okay. But, I wasn’t! I was now living with rape trauma! Anyways, I fought back and resisted the idea of not praying to God. If I could not get up to pray, I would pray a bit in my bed. If I could not pray while standing, I would pray while sitting. I even said some special prayers that have a very special type of intention attached to them. I call these special prayers, “Silver Bullet”. These are different in nature because I am both a telepathic and lucid dreamer. Read blog posts “Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions“. The medical conditions that developed after the rape prevented me from praying. I have healed! I am recovering fast! Now, I am still struggling with improving the frequency of my prayers. Every now and then, my rape trauma overwhelms me so that I cannot pray. Despite all this, I have moved on; and, I have forgiven this person because he just seemed lost and confused.

There is one part of this story that is supernatural. When he was raping me, I felt that something was going to protect me somehow. Energies have interacted with me before to save me or others. Here is one of my experiences; read “Something Watches Over Her“. I believe that these are energies of my Spirit Guardians!

I wrote this post to remind myself that prayers and Quran are important to me as well as to remind others not to oppress Muslims. I strongly feel everyone who is concerned about what is going on including good Muslims will fight oppression through intellect, bonding, and prayers. Prayers are scientifically known to decrease anger and aggression,  which is one reason why good Muslims will be able to change their oppressors. Thus, I begin my Ramadan with an intention to pray for Muslims throughout the world including Kashmiri, Afghani, Iraqi, Indian, Syrian, and Uyghur Muslims.

Recitation of Surah Ikhlas

English Translation

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I Caught Professor Eric Anthamatten’s Murder Through A Lucid Dream

I have done some psychic readings through lucid dreams and even while I am awake—I still learning. Eric Anthamatten was one of those people I could actually love and admire while reading.

Inside, a startling sight welcomed me. Inside everything was grey: skeletons were grey; walls were grey; and, the grave was grey. Two human skeletons were sitting near a grave that appeared like a box or a sealed hole. The beings that were sitting there almost frozen in space and time actually noticed me when I started screaming, “Where is the airport?” To answer my inquiry, the skeletons started moving, which was shocking and exciting to watch. The male skeleton indicated something to the woman and me. The female skeleton held a knife; asked the male skeleton to help her; sat on the box/hole; noticed that the guy skeleton was not going to do anything; and, then attempted to open the box/hole with her knife. The knife made some grating screeches and finally the box/hole opened. When she opened it, a male skeleton that was stored inside became alive and just stepped out. As soon as he got out of the place where he was confined, he slit his throat with the knife and changed into some kind of soil-like substance. I think he somehow conveyed to me that he was the old boyfriend of the female skeleton. The opening to the airport was at the bottom of this pit. The female skeleton pointed out and said, “The airport is in there”. All of a sudden, the scenes shifted. The female skeleton now looked like a very pretty woman; she was dressed in white and was about to be wed to an Asian guy. The guy was brown, tall, and slim; and, he had a distinct black beard. He had locked himself in the washroom for some reason; and, he actually opened the door when his bride requested him to do so. Inside, there were two young toddlers who belonged to this couple. He turned around, noticed his woman, and did not state anything.

This guarded grave was the key to the airport. This must have felt spooky, which is why we never made it to our initial designation. Source: Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport.

This is the dream that I had in May 2019; see date by visiting the blog post “Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport“. Eric was stabbed to death in May 2021. I wrote about his death for the first time in blog post “Scary Dreams Can Symbolize Multiple Things Including Death“.

During my readings, I started feeling close to Eric. I have never met Eric in real life; and, I have only interacted with him through Twitter. I have definitely read and watched some of his challenging Philosophy essays because I am a student of Philosophy—I am deeply in love with his writings.

I checked the news again today. I found the following about Eric’s untimely death.

So one thing that is making sense to me is that Eric was stabbed; so I think that the skeleton that came out of the grave and showed me that his wound was caused by a knife was Eric’s skeleton. Also, it is easy to conclude by observing the way the skeletons were behaving that Eric’s death was a planned activity. Furthermore, I was able to tell that travel to the airport and grave were connected. I wonder what is the rest of the story!

Before reading the rest, please keep in mind that I am also a creative writer so forgive any rant that might have dripped into this vision! I drew an image and wrote a detailed description of this dream here; read “Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport“. I am now wondering how the rest of the details from my dream tie into this horrific murder! Keep in mind that this dream is also linked to COVID-19 and mass graves in New York, which could be the reason why it is more complicated; read “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision“.

This is not the first time I caught a crime through my dreams. I also found out about gross abuse of a woman (Knights of the Flying Carpet) and possible murders or abuses of a world-renowned journalist and other related individuals that have started right now under the UAPA (Lucid Dreams Show Broader Social Issues). I actually managed to inform both of the folks from my dreams in time! But like I wrote earlier, I can’t really fight God’s will, which is what I have learned after analyzing Eric’s case—I was unable to warn Eric for some reason. May God grant peace to Eric’s soul!

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Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History

God helped me participate in one of the most significant events of Christian-Muslim history through lucid dreams. Here is a brief summary of this reality. Read the detailed version of this truth here; see post “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq“.

  1. I went through a lot of grief after the war on Iraq started. I even started receiving nightmares; one of these was a very startling nightmare during which I was escorted by a spirit/an angel as I looked at wounded Iraqis. In this dream, I promised that I will be back after this and that I will do something about this.
  2. Around a year before Pope Francis visited Iraq in 2021, I dreamt of meeting him.
  3. Pope Francis connected with the Muslim Iraqi leaders on March 06, 2021; my birthday is on March 06.

According to Tom Wilkinson’s article “On Historic Trip, Pope Francis Meets Iraq’s Shia Leader al-Sistani, Urges Peace Amongst Faiths” this event was the first time a Grand Ayatollah and a Pope ever met.

Wow! I thought this was a significant dream; but, I just realized the importance of this dream. I feel that God is asking me to step in and start taking action; and, I intend to do exactly this. I wonder what else God has planned for me!

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A Dream That Has Something To Do With Balochistan, Pakistan, and India

I had an interesting dream yesterday or perhaps a couple of days ago. I am a bit vague about when this happened because I didn’t record this on the same day it occurred; I am recording it today. Time-traveling while sleeping (lucid dreaming) is challenging and then documenting all this entirely on my own is tough!

Before I had this dream, I didn’t know much about the issue at hand. In this dream, I was walking somewhere. It was a large place; the ground was carpeted, I think. I didn’t fully notice where I was; but, I did see myself standing somewhere. Suddenly, a young man came up to me and said, “You are standing on this particular Human Rights Activist’s grave”. I won’t say this activist’s name because I wish to ensure his confidentiality; but, the person this young man was referring to discusses human rights issues that take place in India. During the dream, I started feeling frustrated when I heard this man say this to me. Before addressing him, I looked at where I was standing; and, I felt that he wasn’t buried there yet. Deep down, I felt very much afraid for this activist. I looked directly at this young man and yelled, “You are lying to me. He is still alive!” This guy ran away from me the second I said this. I looked up and saw that he was running to hide behind a stage. I believe that the stage had “Balochistan” written on it. I woke up soon afterwards because my feelings had become intense, which cause lucid dreams to break.

I don’t know what this all means. This dream could be literal or symbolic in nature. Literal means that something is actually going to happen there; but, symbolic means that this dream symbolizes some relevant truth or a possibility.

I wanted to ignore this signal! I was tired of documenting my dreams; and, I was loaded with work. This is why I am recording this a bit late. Anyways, I tried ignoring this dream; but, my mind kept racing back to another dream. I have not shared this dream online before. I received this vision around the time the Syrian refugees were using boats to travel to find safer lands—this was some years ago. Like the above-mentioned dream, I got a short signal in this dream; to my surprise, this signal later came true. In this dream, I felt that a voice was talking to me. We were discussing the condition of the Syrian refugees. And, the voice took me there. Now I was sitting inside a boat; and, I could sense human hands holding the boat. When I woke up, I knew that someone or some folks were moving the boat with his/her/their hands. I didn’t realize what this all meant until recently. According to Katy Fallon’s article “Syrian ‘hero’ swimmer among dozens facing trial in Greece”, Syrian refugee Sarah Mardini and her sister Yusra Mardini swam to save a sinking vessel by dragging it and thus saved some passengers.

So I thought back to this older dream; and, I felt it was necessary for me to record this new dream no matter how brief it was. Here is a possible interpretation.

Balochis of Balochistan are facing human rights atrocities in Pakistan; and, Amnesty International is asking the Pakistani government to act. See article “Pakistan: Balochistan atrocities continue to rise”. According to Hammad Sarfraz’s article “EU watchdog uncovers massive Indian disinformation campaign against Pakistan” India has a disinformation campaign that’s targetting Pakistan; there is even a group called “Friends of Balochistan”. So India definitely has some influence inside Balochistan; and, mistreatment of Balochistanis within Pakistan is only going to exacerbate such issues.

The symbolic interpretation of this dream suggests that showing that this activist’s grave is in Balochistan indicates India’s growing impact inside this region, which will somehow harm even this particular activist or just reduce the impact of his work. Literally, it means that someone is planning to harm him if he ends up in Balochistan or someone from Balochistan wishes to harm him. Note that I am offering a couple of possible interpretations; and, only time will show what exactly is going on.

I have finished documenting this specific signal; and, I am hoping and praying that the Human Rights community will pay some attention to this entire matter.

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Lucid Dreams Show Broader Social Issues

When a dream character acts in a certain way, he/she might be pointing to a deeper social issue. This is why you must be nice to your dream characters; listen well to them; follow their cues even if their attitude is somewhat arrogant; and, trigger their imagination by talking to them or by being playful.

A while ago, I had a dream that occurred before Amnesty International was forced to close in India.

To my utter surprise and shock, the scene suddenly became violent. I think there was someone else in the trees beside the male who had just climbed over the wall. Maybe, there were two guys hiding there—I don’t know for sure. A guy who was dressed in black and whose face was concealed stabbed this Human Rights Activist. The activist fell down and almost fainted due to pain. I held him as he tried to communicate. Furthermore, I noticed that the stabber was a young man who actually felt bad about what he just did—he seemed confused. I wanted to get help so the scene shifted. I was now near a shop or an office; and, a dream character came out from this place as I held the activist and almost cried. I told this new dream character to immediately call 9/11. Source: “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

I documented a lucid dream on Feb 27, 2020. In Sep 2020, Amnesty International closed its office in India due to ongoing pressure. Read “Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India“.

While I was typing this dream, I heard a voice in my head, which compelled me to type the following.

I think that this dream is suggesting that if the current atmosphere of bullying that is sustained by Modi’s government continues, then even the wisest and the most well known Human Rights Activists—the guy who met me in this dream is a very respected historic figure—will face extreme hardships and assassinations. Source: “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India“.

Just a couple of days ago, I have realized what this voice actually meant. Currently, India is booking journalists, lawyers, and human rights activists including foreigners under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act or UAPA. Read Al Jazeera’s article “India: Terror cases over social media posts on Tripura violence“. So I was right! The current state of affairs only shows that this type of atmosphere is fully allowed in India.

My dream also showed that Modi and his team members were distributing pamphlets to students inside a university.

I could see Modi, some members of his party, and people who belonged to the university including the students. Several booths were set up on both sides of the street; and, Modi’s team was busy distributing some flyers to them. Source: “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India“.

This means that this abuse is being institutionalized and thus it has become a much bigger social issue. Even the Indian youth are being brainwashed into participating in the harassment of the Muslims and those who are concerned about this situation.

So you see how dream characters who are just interacting with you or behaving in a certain way in front of you are actually showing an existing social issue. Always pay attention to your dreams and dream characters!

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How A US Democratic Nominee, Qasim Rashid, Appeared In My Dream To Warn Of The 2021 Capitol Riots

I wrote down a particular dream about US Democratic Nominee, Qasim Rashid, in 2019; I edited this one last time in May 2020. Before you read about this dream, know that I have never met Qasim in person ever; even then I am able to nail these things through his dream character. Also know that I have visited America a couple of times, perhaps only twice, in my life; and at the time I had this dream, and another relevant one, I was sleeping inside Canada.

Qasim was standing in an office; several members of his campaign were sitting there and listening to his speech. He had a plan that he was conveying to them. The scene shifted. Qasim was now in another office where he was checking things on his computer. A woman from his campaign followed him. By the time she arrived near his office, someone from an adjacent office threw out some of his stuff in anger. The woman got scared and Qasim had to hide her in his room. She complained that she was feeling frightened and frustrated about what was going on in the next room. Qasim patiently listened to her and decided to do something about this. Source: Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”.

Below are the images that show the entire Revision History of the post “Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”.

Soon after this dream, in Jan 2021, the Capitol Riots took place during which some Democrats were also harmed; read Wikipedia article “2021 United States Capitol attack“. Also, there is some news about Pelosi’s laptops being stolen and offices being ransacked. Here is a relevant article “Capitol riot suspect plotted to sell stolen Pelosi laptop to Russian intelligence, authorities say“. In this dream, I saw a Democratic Nominee Qasim Rashid working with his team when someone went through the stuff that’s inside an adjacent office. The Democrats were working when the Capitol Riots took place; and, they had to flee as soon as they realized what was going on.

I started writing this post on August 30, 2019. Note that the scroll bar for the Revision History section is all the way to the end.
I finished editing the post on May 22, 2020. Note that the scroll bar for the Revision History section is all the way to the top.

I had another dream about such mass confusion around 2015. This dream described the coming of a plague as well as some kind of severe civil unrest. Read the full post “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

I believe that angels are guiding my dreams. This is just one such historic vision; I had several more. Read “Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”. I learned about lucid dreaming through Islam. A couple of Islamic stories have taught me the following: Prophet Mohammad and Prophet Joseph were both lucid dreamers; Lady Mary used to hear voices; and, Hazrat Khizr was a time traveler. This dream should help Americans, as well as the West, realize that America is not under threat due to Islam.

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An Incomplete Signal From A Dream Character, a Snake or Demon Botis

Some days ago, I was resting and not dreaming so well due to stress. I had a bizarre dream around this time. I saw a very large snake near my bed. I could see the face of a particular Human Rights activist in this snake’s mouth. It seemed that the snake had either swallowed this human or it was a transformation of the dream character of this human into a snake so that the snake’s face was the face of this human. I looked at the snake crawling away from my bed; and, I woke up after this.

Unfortunately, this dream signal is incomplete. I don’t know what exactly is going on so I am left figuring things out. I have made friends with some sort of dragon during one of my previous dreams. I sometimes think that this dragon is demon “Botis”. I have mentioned this friend of mine in blog post “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming” and “Lucid Dream Activated By A Snake-Like/Dragon-Like Shadow Entity“.

In this dream, I was in love with a young man who liked to read me his books. He was a very loving man and he loved sitting close to me. He did not had big teeth or horn though; is it because I did not want to see them? Here is what I wrote before: “Then a large male dragon came and attempted to injure the younger man. To my surprise, the younger man changed into a gigantic dragon and engaged in a battle with his bully. I sat and stared in fear until the younger dragon got injured. I couldn’t tolerate this any further so I willed myself to transform into a female dragon. Then, I attacked the dragon who interfered with our meeting. He attacked me back; and, I fell down. But, it was already too late. The meaner dragon felt compelled to fly away. The younger dragon was still too worried so he transformed back into his human self; picked my wounded body; and, flew out of the window. By the way, this young man looked like my younger brother who loves me a lot.” This dream shows that there is “peace among enemies”, which is also one of the abilities of demon Botis. Source: “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming

Last night, I was just about to fall asleep when my eyes fell on a particular shadow on the wall. I did not bother to think about what was causing this shadow because I sometimes see shadow creatures while awake. It looked like the head of a gigantic snake; and, it persistently appeared even after I finished ruffling my blankets to check if these were creating this shadow. Even if it was created by something else, I failed to worry about how authentic this shadow is because shadow entities know how to hide behind what we consider “existing in reality”. My belief in shadow creatures that appear while I am awake stems from the fact that I actually see them walking around─this is kind of rare though. Source: “Lucid Dream Activated By A Snake-Like/Dragon-Like Shadow Entity“.

I have a few explanations about this new dream:

  1. This particular snake isn’t my friend; and, this is actually a warning dream. This means that some ill fortune is going to strike this Human Rights activist or that an actual snake might end up attempting to harm him.
  2. The dream characters of this Human Rights activist and demon Botis/snake have merged because I used to use my hands to create shadows that I associated with both of these dream characters; I used to play with these shadows on the wall that’s next to my bed. This is how I used to fall asleep. So over time, these dream characters just combined and transformed into something new.

Anyways, I intend to dream again about this and see what this all meant. Let us hope and pray that I will find out the truth soon!

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