Always Involve a Telepath In Your Business or Personal Decisions

I encourage everyone to always involve at least one genuine telepath in your critical business or personal decisions. I say the same to Human Rights Activists because I feel that they need to get introduced to the mental permutations of a real telepath—I believe that they need to do this even if that means building someone from scratch. Look for someone who is humble, selfless, and shows characteristics of telepaths like lucid dreaming. I am saying this after some frank dissection of certain facts that have been hitting me on the face like cold ice.

Recently, a relative of mine made a small financial investment when I asked him not to do so. I remember going near the merchandise and developing a bad feel about the sellers. Then, I asked my relative to ignore this particular product; but, he chose not to listen to him. He is still suffering from financial loss that took place because that product was actually very defective and the sellers were lying.

In addition, it is better if you have two or more telepaths on your team. I know that this is more effective than just one telepath. For example, my experience has taught me that sometimes my telepathy can get turned off when I am looking at specific humans or their pictures simply because I start enjoying the hypnotizing music that surrounds them—this music is different than the music of telepathy simply because it starts when I am about to fall in love with someone. But, at the same time, another telepath may still remain functional as that person is still tuned out of that sort of music. I learned all this while working with a second telepath and while my psychic music was turned off because I felt brutally attracted to the man I was reading.

As you look for a telepath to protect you, remember that they have very unique minds that can turn off when they detect deceit. This is why telepathy works best when the telepath trusts someone or if he/she is related to the person who needs help.


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Narcissists Like It When Victims Cave

A close relative of mine likes to emotionally abuse whenever he deems fit. I have noticed that although he sometimes offers what seems to be criticism, he does this by bringing up opposing arguments while fingerpointing. I have also noticed that he can use one person against another to create a real situation. Lastly, I noticed that he apologizes pretty soon but then another incidence happens. All this mistreatment slowly crumbled my health. I used to study martial arts but that also changed due to this and some other factors; for around a year, I became almost dead as I started sleeping more and ignoring my personal needs. My therapist tried putting me on anti-depressants, which I refused. I turned to herbal treatments and exercise instead because I felt those would prove easier on my system. As I think back to all this, I realize that I stoped thinking due to him. I realize that criminal Narcissists also do this but they do this more strongly. This thought snapped me back to reality as I decided that I need to safely exit this situation by confiding in some trustworthy people.

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How Some Professional Men Are Literally Throwing Some Canadian Women Out of Their Homes

As a professional woman, I have been noticing a whole lots of things not only about Canadian men but also about foreign men—I read the Human Rights Watch reports whenever I have spare time and that is how I have learned about the foreign men. Most of them are busy throwing women out of their homes and jobs by making sure that they are never introduced into their network or by mistreating them mentally or physically. For example, a male friend of mine never invites me to any weddings he attends; this way, I have never been introduced to any of his friends. It is also becoming common to ignore professional communication. For example, I was recently invited for an interview by a company. But the guy who was supposed to interview me never made it. Furthermore, he never replied to my email messages—I am going to remove him from my LinkedIn account, which has over 500 contacts, if he does not get back to me within two weeks. There are several other examples of workplace abuse ranging from unnecessarily overriding my authority and expertise to pressuring me to do more work for a smaller payment—most of the times, this abuse was reported to someone influential or some authority figure. I feel that if I tell some trustworthy people about what is going on, then they are more likely not going to utilize the services offered by these professionals or their businesses. Its like when Eric decides to call his girlfriend Amanda’s friend Alexa; and Alexa knows that Eric is not reliable because honest Amanda said so;  and, so Alexa hangs up on Eric and warns the rest of the girls that he is looking for a date.

This situation is ongoing; and, I feel that it is common in Canada because other women are also complaining about this. If you are in the position to help us, then please do so by applying political pressure or by openly stating on your social media or among your friends and acquaintances that you are not comfortable about this. I am very scared for myself because I feel that my psychological safety has been repeatedly threatened by professional men. What if I finally stop applying to jobs because I have started feeling very harassed and need some time away? What if I keep doing this every now and then and thus keep missing some good chances? What if I ended up sleeping on streets when I get older because I failed to save up sufficient cash for retirement? Obviously, abusers don’t see through all of this because they are rash and irresponsible. I can clearly see Canada changing into something like the trains of Mumbai, India. There are going to be more and more accidents and mental wreckage in the future as men learn how to run this train. If you don’t trust me, read about a recent survey and hear Justin Trudeau’s brief comments about workplace harassment.

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Marriage Of Princess Jodha With King Akbar: History Tells You That Manner of Conduct Can Confuse People

I have watched the movie “Jodha Akbar” a couple of times simply because that era still fascinates me a bit. Princess Jodha, or Mariam-uz-Zamani, was a Rajput, just like me. She was offered in marriage to King Akbar to protect her father’s kingdom. I don’t like this about some of the Rajput men of that time. Some of them did not knew how to protect their kingdom; and thus many Rajput princesses were offered to Akbar. I believe that Akbar was a very confusing man because he called himself Muslim but had more than 4 wives, which he took through political pressure. Note that 4 wives are allowed to Muslim men but this requires free and aware consent from each woman. The idea behind this ruling is to dodge ball issues like “protecting divorced women” or “having children when the first wife cannot reproduce”. This is why despite this ruling, having a monogamous relationship is preferred given the current state of affairs and how just the man really is.

By marrying many Rajput princesses, King Akbar destroyed his name in history. He did two things that fall under the category of “Abuse and Groom” that lead to “Stockholm Syndrome”. First, he did not let these women play any political role in his court.

Akbar took many Rajput princesses in marriage. The rajas had much to gain from the link to imperial family. Akbar made such marriages respectable for Rajputs.[20] However, it is noteworthy that Akbar’s Rajput wives (including Mariam-uz-Zamani) did not play any political role in the Mughal court. Source: Wikipedia.

Secondly, he allowed the Hindu women to practise Hinduism.

Akbar did not convert any of his Hindu wives to Islam and permitted the Hindu inmates of his harem to perform their rituals in the palace, and even participated in them sometimes. Source: Wikipedia.

This is the usual “Abuse and Groom” phase that can cause “Stockholm Syndrome”.

In contrast, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a very different man who practiced a completely different path. For instance, he married women and gave them status during the times when women and girls used to be buried alive and sold in marriages. Islam gave them the right to have education, job, property, vote, and be politically involved (article 1, article 2). Some text state that Mohammad had polygamous relationships with around 13 wives; only wife Aisha was a virgin woman. Other text suggest that Mohammad did not had polygamous relationships but his marital affairs were monogamous in nature. In addition, Aisha was around 20 years old when she consented to marry Mohammad. Add to this the fact that Mohammad looked and appeared young because he was lucid in nature; I know this from experience because I am lucid too and thus I look younger as well.

So, this debate is over! Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a better man than King Akbar. I am going back to finish the rest of my tasks!

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Finger Induced Lucid Dreams Link Into Telepathy

Note: No matter how bizzare this sounds to you, all of this is 100% true.

I have sometimes tried the FILD technique; I have managed to achieve some lucidity while performing this technique imperfectly. I have been noticing that sometimes my finger starts tapping on its own. I first thought that it was just because I cued myself into the finger tapping technique. But, today something happened while I was driving around and scanning some places for job. As I approached a mall, my left finger started tapping on its own. Instinctively, I made a left turn and drove into the mall. I checked out some places; and decided to stop at an Indian Take-Out. After speaking to the Manager, I found out that she was actually looking for someone in Marketing. I felt glad and gave her my resume, which was a perfect fit for this position. After this incidence, I realized that when my finger starts tapping on its own, then it is actually saying something. I am sure that there will be times when finger tapping won’t lead to any positive results; but, I believe this is because I am not doing the finger tap technique properly. Why don’t you try this at home and see what happens!

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Lucid Dreams Grow Hair

Some years ago, I lost lots of hair due to some personal concerns. My mom got worried when she saw that my hair were thinner and a little less than before. She requested me to take care of them. After this incidence, I strived to get better at Lucid Dreaming; and, hunting a cure for stronger hair. I did an entire quest where I used dreaming to improve my hair growth; and, then used some great products like Nioxin and Paul Mitchell System’s “Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment Wild Ginger”. Some years afterwards, my scalp got filled with hair that shone and bounced like they used to do before.

Today after combing my hair and styling them, I thought about this entire ordeal. I recalled that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a Lucid Dreamer as well; and, that there is really old religious saying that states that believers have only 1 out of 24 portions of the sight that a prophet possesses. I also remembered that some hair of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) are still safely stored in some museums. One key characteristic of Mohammad’s hair is that they keep growing on their own and are still growing without the body. I considered this peculiarity for a bit and realized that this is happening because he has 24 out of 24 of the vision since he is a real Prophet.

All of this feels more interesting  after watching my thin hair grow back in larger healthier chunksthere is similar impact on my skin that feels so youthful that some people incorrectly assume that I am in my twenties.

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Witnessing Chaos Through Lucid Dreams

It is very easy to witness chaotic situations through Lucid Dreams. Today, in the morning, I dreamt of a snow storm. It was a mighty one. There was a house with one woman and her one girl. They had some guests over and they actually argued with each other just a bit. I think there was another family with another child, two men, and another woman. The electricity went off inside their house and then something else happened that made them run outside. The snow was falling furiously outside. They ran to a shed for temporary protection. I felt that I was somehow there. Then the young girl turned around and looked towards the small hill that was covered with snow. A woman was standing there with her child. Suddenly she jumped to commit suicide. There was more commotion at this end and the mom tried to tell the girl to stay near her. The scene shifted as my mind travelled towards the woman who had just killed herself. Her body somehow got uncovered and I saw that her child was still alive. It was a young girl as well. She got out of her mother’s frozen arms; cried in terror; and, ran up the hill and vanished from sight. It felt to me that the weather shifted pretty soon to summer. Now, I saw a man in a boat along with another man. They had a stick with which they were poking at vegetation that grew on the water. As they poked and poked, they felt that someone was hiding under the vegetation. I felt that they ave just found dead body of another young woman.

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Domino Effect of Lucid Dreamers

Lucid Dreams allow some sort of Domino Effect that appears in real life. I will give you some examples of this:

1) I participated in a study about Stereodepth Vision that was conducted at the University of Toronto. Later, I created this blog by using the inspiration offered by this particular study.

2) I have received many compliments about my poetry from all sorts of people ranging from average ones to savants. These positive commentaries and constructive criticisms are now the basis of my future works as well as lucid dreams.

3) Once, I studied the method of attracting wealthy clients towards a given company. I was trained in this for only one month; and, I never ended up applying this skill in that company due to their lack of budget. Around a year later, I found a festival that needed to attract sponsors. I decided to become a Member of the Board and help them learn how to attract the rich towards them.

4) My first book will show another Domino Effect, the study of workplace abuse as it takes place in Canada.

5) I can cause the right set of people to clutter together somehow. I don’t know how exactly this happens. I will give you an example from real life. When I was in high school, I was emotionally and physically abused by a gang of around 10 young women. They locked me in the washroom; took my belongings; circled around me; and, made fun of me. I asked them to stop and I cried like a child because I had not suffered from abuse like this before—all my friends were very loving creatures. While this was happening, my younger sister just happened to walk in this washroom. She analyzed the entire situation and screamed at them to buzz off. I looked at her; came to my senses, and walked away from them. The gang leaders were suspended after we spoke to the Vice Principal. Later, one of the gang leaders got into trouble because she did not knew how to study well. She just happened to be studying right next to me while I taught students who were part of the Peer Tutoring club. I saw her crying in a very horrible way and then I felt sad about her situation. So I went up to her and taught her all the tricks; after a couple of days, she was screaming with joy as she showed me her very high mark. Later she tried making friends me and apologized to me. Stunning right!

Thus, you have seen only some examples of the Domino Effect. There are several such examples that are creating the next moments in my life and only some of these examples are invisible from the rest of the eyes.

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How Lucid Dreamers Can Collapse Imperialism?

I have pondered about how the lucid dreamers can offer an alternative illusion to collapse the vision of Imperialism. My answers are pretty simple because control and power are a simple thing to collapse:

Imperialists have more money because they have taken it by force. This is why they have more buildings and machines. So do the Lucid Dreamers. My time machines allow me to travel through time. I have many types of time machines.

Imperialists have more intelligence because they have taken it by force. This is why they have more technology. So do the Lucid Dreamers. Lucid Dream Characters are the best technology in this world because they are the basis of great technologies.

Imperialists have more guts because they have more control. This is why they can brainwash people very easily. So do Lucid Dreamers. Lucid Dreamers know how to use hypnosis on themselves as well as others to create new and fresh minds.

Imperialists have more weapons because they have more money. This is why they can take over the world. So do the Lucid Dreamers. Dreams and prayers also offer control just like weapons do.

Imperialists are very loved nowadays because they play the rule of abuse and groom really well. This is why they can add an illusion of love inside the minds of their victims. So do the Lucid Dreamers; but they do this without victimizing. Lucid Dreams are used to heal people and the self; sing unearthly tunes inside those who are near the dreamers; and, share the most selfless form of love.

Imperialists have more friends and perhaps more sex partners because they can afford them. This is how they make only those people more jealous who buy into this deception. So do Lucid Dreamers. Lucid Dreams are used to create extraordinary sex partners, friends, children, and siblings.

So please choose your path now! It isn’t that late to learn this art. I can clearly visualize the future where world is more peaceful and people are more intelligent and productive. In this world, the imperialists have lost and people are in control again.

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