My Poem “Open Letter to Climate Change Activists” Is Published In Bilingual Art Anthology “Ottawa Inshallah”

Some months ago, I came in touch with artist Aquil Virani who told me that he was planning to publish a bilingual art anthology titled “Ottawa Inshallah”. This project is designed to represent Muslims and strengthen the communities through pluralism, futurism, and arts. “Ottawa Inshallah” project has received the “City of Ottawa’s Diversity in the Arts” fund; and, it is sponsored by the City of Ottawa, Silk Road Institute, and Canadian visual artist Aquil Virani.

Now here is a little bit about my poem “Open Letter to Climate Change Activists”. This entire poem is based on visions that I received through multiple lucid (clear) dreams—I receive creative and precognitive (true) dreams. It is a fact that climate change is influencing everyone’s dreams. There are times when I fly out of my body while asleep; and, then instead of getting to the desired destination, I end up getting trapped inside bad weather. I have seen so many things through such visions including the locust plague, coming of coronavirus and its aftermath, Dorian flood, burning of some regions in Malaysia, and dying birds. Read blog posts “Lucid Dream About Dead Birds“, “Did I Receive Some Sort Of Warning From Malaysia?” and “Link Between Plagues and Freedom“.

When the time came to figure out what to publish for this anthology, I composed three submissions; and, only one of these was a poem. I created this poem by reviewing some of my dreams. This poem has a couple of sections namely Locust Plague, Coronavirus Pandemic, Climate, and The Beginning. Aquil has posted a video about this anthology here; see Aquil’s website.

The launch event for “Ottawa Inshallah” project is on Oct 21, 2021 at 6 pm EST. You may join the Zoom party by clicking on the link found on Aquil’s site under heading “How can I purchase a copy? When is the launch event?” And, don’t forget to get your own copy so that you may be able to see the arts created by Ottawa-based Muslim artists.


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A Message From A Spirit That Looked Like A Boy

Today, I had a series of dreams. I forgot most of them when I woke up simply because I didn’t wish to document all of these and because I was a bit stressed. But, I remember a dream that stood out from the rest of the dreams in terms of clarity and significance.

I received a visitation by a spirit that looked like a boy. His face was slim; he had excellent features such as a beautifully defined jawbone and lovely deep eyes; his manner of conduct was elegant, sober, and thoughtful. Before this spirit appeared, I felt some sort of strong energy to my left side. I opened my Horus (inner eye) again to lookI had recently closed it after checking out another dream. Darkness changed into light; and, I was able to see a child spirit sitting next to me on my bed. He looked at me and gazed right in my eyes. He had a firm look, which was very difficult to ignore. Then he showed me a piece of paper on which some names were scribbled. To my surprise, he was sharing names of some very noteworthy religious and historic Islamic figures; all of these were names of those who have passed away several years ago. He also showed me some other names, some of which were written in a language that looked a lot like Hebrew languageperhaps, these were key figures from other faiths. For some reason, I thought that there were even names of some otherworldly creatures written there. Then he said that they are all looking forward to connecting with me.

I thought about this dream when I woke up. For some reason, I was able to remember it pretty well. I think I am at a turning point in my development! If I were to keep reading suitable books and continue interacting within a relevant environment, then I would be able to connect with these spirits. Other important religious figures I have connected with during my dreams are Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and Pope Francis; in addition, I have seen an image of Jesus; lastly, I have come across Dr. Craig Considine as well who is a distinguished interfaith scholar versed in Christian-Muslim relations. Read “Did I See Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) In My Dream?“; “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq“; “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!“; and, “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

I look forward to connecting with these new spirits. I am actually very excited about all this! And, I am hoping that this dream was more than just a rant that my brain spits out when it needs to do. I feel this dream was a genuine message because it was a vivid dream that was easy to remember when I woke up.

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Does This Lucid Dream Suggest That Dolphins Are Psychic?

Today, I analyzed an older dream of mine. I had this one when I dreamt of swimming under the ocean.

Pretty soon, I was under the ocean. Then I was next to a real dolphin who got very near me. I got scared for some unknown reason though! Perhaps, I thought this thing was just going to eat me. So I started listening to my inner voice; and, the voice said, “I am not afraid; I am afraid of God”.

Source: I Dreamt Of A Dolphin Today.

At the time I wrote down this dream, I interpreted this as a warning about how sometimes dolphins consume humans; I mentioned two relevant articles in the original blog post. However, today, I remembered something else about this dream. The dolphin was looking at me and it moved towards me. I am now wondering if there is a second meaning attached here. What if a real dolphin was somehow interacting with my soul? What if this is what I saw! I must comment that there are times when I see something in my dream and then the exact same thing or something very similar happens as soon as I wake up. It feels like I am here in this world and at the same time I am somewhere else; it feels like present (dream) and future (after the dream) share the same space.

Today, I found Jason Bittel’s article “Five Animals That Can Sense Things You Can’t“. This article states that even soft things can’t hide from dolphins. I focused on this article a little bit more and my mind started rambling. It said, “But you sometimes feel soft like light rain or air, Arzoo.” I agreed with this simply because this is part of being a lucid dreamer or a telepath. Then I rhymed in by saying, “What if dolphins are psychic? What if this dolphin somehow sensed me when my soul traveled—while I was dreaming—under the ocean?” I am not so sure how correct this reasoning is; but there was definitely a sense of purpose and use of sight as the dolphin moved towards me. Some research suggests that dolphins can communicate telepathically and have a collective consciousness. Check out video “Video Nugget: Human-Dolphin Telepathy with Christian de Quincey“, which is posted on YouTube channel “New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove“. Not to forget that there is another group of experts who believe that dolphins aren’t telepathic in nature; read article “Are dolphins psychic? Their complex social intelligence suggests the animals may share a ‘collective No“.

I have been discovering lots of new things through lucid dreams and telepathy. It has been quite a ride! Even I am a bit puzzled about what I am realizing about the dolphins. What would happen if I were to connect with other dolphins through dreams? What would happen if I stayed focused on some animals of the Animal Kingdom while dreaming? I laugh and sometimes feel a bit of fear when I think about what I can manage to learn while sleeping in my bed!

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Explaining The Mystical In Layman’s Terms

I once heard from a Psychology teacher whom I met at University of Toronto that IQ tests are limited in nature. He clearly indicated that IQ tests don’t necessarily tell you the truth. Now here is the fun part. I was born and raised in Pakistan; so I did not had the privilege to be “found” earlier. I have not taken IQ tests formally; and, there have definitely been times when I have distinctly felt that I don’t belong to regular academic organizations.

When I grew around 18 years old, we moved to Canada. This is when I was able to get access to the internet. This is when I found out that I was an ENFP and that most geniuses are ENFPs. Once while studying at the University of Toronto, I kind of sleepwalked to an ad for a research study about Stereodepth Vision; and, I somehow chose to participate in this study despite my very heavy schedule. During this study, I found out that I had very high levels of Stereodepth Vision, which is the vision that is used to create feats. Read blog post “About My Stereodepth Vision“.

One of my most important feats is that I can present very significant information in layman’s terms. In blog post “Seeing The Mystical” I described a very important phenomenon in very simple language.

If you listen deeply enough, you will realize that both the dark and light carry mystical elements and those who attempt to understand these elements are never fully understood; for instance, staring at the sky and stars is normal for me because it somehow preserves a part of me but not many would attempt to think about using this means to open the Horus. Source: Seeing The Mystical.

According to a research study conducted at University of British Columbia color blue boosts creativity; read article “Effect Of Colors: Blue Boosts Creativity, While Red Enhances Attention To Detail“, which is published by ScienceDaily. This is what I am trying to convey by saying that the sky is opening my Horus (inner eye). This is something I have felt at a rather deep level during my meditative states. Sometimes, during my deepest states, staring at the night sky connects me to the sky itself. I see vast stretched sky; and, I feel it being drawn inside my head. I feel the wind that is at the higher level of the sky; and, I recreate it inside my head. I wonder about the stars; and, I feel entranced. According to the article “4 Amazing Health and Social Benefits of Stargazing“, which is published by The Vines of Sandhill, gazing at the night sky boosts creativity. All this also means that extrasensory perception increases while looking at the blue color or the sky during day or night.

The above analysis brings me back to my lucid dreams. I will now discuss one element of exactly one of my lucid dreams. In one lucid dream, I saw Dr. Craig Considine, some folks, and myself in a train. We were having food. Around a year afterwards, in year 2018, I met Dr. Craig Considine at an Interfaith event called “The Parliament of World’s Religions”. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year” and listen to an audio recording of my dream. Later, I had time to review some of Craig Considine’s online comments; I still have not completed a thorough review of his works. Surprisingly, I found out that Craig believes in interacting and collaborating while eating. See below.

What I Will Never Forget About 9/11 by Dr. Craig Considine

Craig Considine’s Tweet 1

Craig Considine’s Tweet 2

How can a Muslim promote Islam in today’s world? Dr Craig Considine discussion with Dr MehmetOzalp by ISRA Academy

I seriously did not knew that Craig believed that strongly in the importance of breaking bread together. I clearly recall that around a year before I actually met Craig, I just entered a historic dream where I had a feast for some reason—I was totally unaware when this happened.

Overall, use of layman’s terms allows me to convey critical information to anyone including those who are not privileged enough to be educated. Not to forget that a closer investigation of my experiences compels use of high level information such as Sciences.

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Sixth Sense Means Words May Appear On Their Own

Sometimes words just pop out of my mouth to convey a message. This is sixth sense in action!

Yesterday, I received news that one of my older aunts have been hospitalized due to bad health. As I thought more about this news, I started to recite a prayer that is recited at the funeral. I said, “Verily we belong to Allah; and verily to Him, we will return”. Today, in the morning, I received the news that my aunt passed away. It hit me then that I was reciting a relevant prayer yesterday.

This has happened before. For example, when I was writing about my dream about the shooting in Rabbi’s home in Monsey, I said the following while I was awake.

Holy man, you have to stay close to me. No one can help me now (referring to the pain and fear I am experiencing while recalling my dream). But a Holy person can. And, you are a Holy person. Source: Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration.

The victim of this tragic incident, R’ Yosef Neiman, eventually passed away after I had this dream and after I wrote this post. Thus the Holy Man was the guy who was going to say the final prayers at the victim’s funeral.

Thus one must conclude that words flowing out automatically, which is a bit like Automatic Writing, is a key characteristic of Sixth Sense including Telepathy.

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Lesson Gained From Prophet Mohammad’s Cousin Ja’far bin Abi Talib

I learned about Ja’far Bin Abi Talib by reading the book “Child Companions around the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)”; this book is prepared by Darussalam Research Division. I have gained two very important lessons from his example. Here is a summary of the relevant content of Chapter 5, “Abdullah Bin Ja’far’s (May Allah be Pleased with Them Both)”.

Ja’far Bin Abi Talib was Prophet Mohammad’s cousin. He chose to migrate to Abyssinia to help Muslims of Mecca escape harsh conditions. He eventually made friends with the Christian King of Abyssinia, King Negus. His wife Asma suckled and weaned both their son and King Negus’s son. Also, both of the sons were named Abdullah. This is a great example of friendship and Pluralism.

Ja’far Bin Abi Talib was known as “Father of the Needy”. And, his son Abdullah followed his footsteps until people started calling him “Sea of Generosity”. He used to give away his wealth without fearing anything. Once one of his servants told him that he saw his three hundred dinar silk coat, which was embroidered with gold, when he slept after Abdullah asked him where it was. After hearing this, Abdullah did not punish him for taking his coat; instead he gave this expensive item to his servant. Which current leader does that? Nowadays, leaders and people are kept far away from each other by security, gatekeepers, and laws. I know that such examples of generosity are very hard to find.

Overall, I have understood that Islam has really taught us how important it is to know each other well so that one may react well when the other is in needthis is the basis of Pluralism. Not to forget that Islam has also shown how generosity is the backbone of every society; this is something we have forgotten given how wide the rich poor gap really is and how most folks are selfish or have been forced to act selfish. If we really want our current societies to flourish, we should learn from such examples that are taught in Islam.

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How Minute Details Show The Future

I dreamt just a couple of days ago that one of my toenails⁠—the smallest one⁠—was so broken that almost all of it had fallen off. I injured one of my smaller toenails some while ago; and, I ended up cutting some part of my nail to ensure that it does not just rip off by getting stuck on something. Even after this, I had this particular dream. Today, I noticed that the rest of my nail had broken. I had to cut some more of it. In this dream, I was wondering about my nail and looking at it curiously.

Then I had another dream. I saw that something was wrong with me and that my hair were falling. After this dream, a friend of mine, Dr. Barbara Todish died due to cancer. Read the full story here: “Another Spiritual Encounter: Connecting With Professor Barbara Todish Before Her Death“. I wonder if this dream was an indication of something that will happen to me in my old age since I was thinking about how things will be when I get as old as Barbara Todish. I wonder if this dream was an indication of stress that I was supposed to face due to Dr. Barbara Todish’s death. Last time I talked to her, she was so spirited that there is no way that anybody could have figured out that she was going to lose her battle against cancer.

Today after removing my toenail, I started wondering back to how I had a dream about someone who I believe is my husband. There are little details about this entire story. For instance, we have only known each other briefly; but I have been receiving repeat dreams about him. Truth is that his dream character appears faster than most of my male progenitor dream characters. However, reality is telling me something else; so I am still wondering if his dream character has displaced to compel me to look for someone similar. Read blog post “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband“. Only time will tell the truth!

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What Would Advanced Science Say About How A Tree Talked To Prophet Mohammad?

As a Muslim, I was taught to respect the plants. My elders told me to take care of plants because plants can sense us; and, they demonstrated this care through their actions as well. Thus, I grew closer to plants.

I saved a plant from being destroyed once. It belonged to a colleague of mine. She gave the plant to me because I asked her not to get rid of it; it was getting old and she wanted to throw it away. I named it “Rudie”; and, I grew it and kept it safe in my room. I remember that when I looked at this plant for the very first time, I just felt pulled towards it somehow. Over time, I bonded pretty well with Rudie. Rudie even inspired me to draw; see below.

Aah! I still recall that I experienced pain when I eventually threw it because it got too old and withered. Furthermore, I usually appreciate them a lot as I walk or stare out of a window. I feel very scared when plants get destroyed due to bad weather. Not to forget that I receive lots of dreams about them.

In one lucid dream, I connected with a tree to find something important. The tree from the dream world literally made me stay connected with an online acquaintance who belonged to the awake dimension, the real life.

In one dream that I had regarding an online acquaintance whom I met some years ago, I utilized trees to figure out our connection. During the dream, I felt that this person was nearby. I decided not to talk and run away. The minute I thought this, the trees in the area started moving aggressively and some of the trees’ branches grabbed me, took me backwards, and threw me down. I felt this indicated that he would feel very injured if I just left without proper communication. The only reason why the trees reacted during my sleep is that he is actually very attached to the plants and nature—he has never indicated anything about how he would feel if I were to just leave. This dream is the reason why I am still connected to this person online; interestingly, he is also choosing to maintain contact with me. Read “Which Disney Princess Am I Like?”

So I used to think that I was just being creative in this particular dream, connecting abstract ideas to reach a conclusion. Just today, I came across an article “Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See“, which is written by Peter Wohlleben. This article discusses how plants can see and experience pain. The question that is now raised is how smart they really are? For instance, trees from my dreams can communicate thoughts to me. There is this story about how a tree cried when Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) decided not to give a sermon while standing underneath it. How the date palm tree was able to demonstrate to everyone that it could experience emotional pain shows that trees can feel and have thoughts too. Watch “Tree That Loved The Prophet ᴴᴰ | Shaykh Zahir Mahmood”. Oh, the story includes a reference to some slave. Having slave(s) was usual back then; as Islam spread, it abolished slavery.

So next time, someone makes fun of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) or Islam, bring up this story and discuss how Science is just finding out that trees are actually intelligent creatures but this knowledge was already available in Islam due to Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Islam is not an outdated religion; it is an advanced religion. There is no way that back then they would have known that plants can experience pain because the Science to explain this properly wasn’t there; they must have seen this happening in real life because Prophets are granted miracles that allow a deeper penetration of different dimensions and truths.

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Is There Going To Be A War At Sea?

I had a couple of bizarre dreams today. I wonder if they were all connected somehow because they happened very close to each other.

When I became aware in one dream, I was flying with the intention of meeting a friend of mine. I was elevated to somewhere very high in the sky. I could see the blue sky and white clouds. Also, I could distinctly view the outlines of the clouds. They floated in the sky; were small in size; and appeared separated from each other. I flew very fast and started feeling a bit anxious as my psychic eye witnessed only the sky and the clouds for some while. I felt that I didn’t want this any further so I told myself to fly low. Suddenly, my altitude started decreasing on its own. Now, I could see the land and greenery. I had arrived over the rectangular field of some sort. As soon as I saw this place, I willed myself to get to that area. I needed to make this trip in the sky short! So I got to this field and was puzzled to see that lots of people were playing either Football or Cricket there. I told a dream character that I wanted to see a particular person. The dream character spoke to me and pointed to someone. All of a sudden, a guy came running towards me from the back. He had a haircut that reminded me of a square; and, he looked shorter than the person I was looking for. I started walking out of the field with him behind me when I realized that this person wasn’t the person I was looking for.

Soon, this dream was disrupted. Now I was somewhere on top of a very large sea. I saw an extremely beautiful and expensive boat. It was slim and very long. There was a woman there; and, I am sure there was a guy there too. I was suspended on top of this boat when the woman spotted me and started talking to me. She felt worried about something although I couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t want to be distracted because I was flying. When I eventually woke up, I realized that something about this scene bugged me. The boat seemed unstable to me; and, the water around it seemed rash. I realized that it felt odd that the woman could see me and was looking up at the sky.

After this dream snippet, I had another bizarre sight. I am documenting this one due to Humanitarian reasons. Again, I was flying over the sea when I ended up seeing some warships. I flew downwards and interacted with dream characters. A dream character told me that he was an African Muslim and that the African Muslims were up against the British; he also said that his ship was headed towards Iran. This African was very spirited about all this!

This experience was pretty unusual. I know that my vision had enhanced significantly while I was dreaming. For instance, when I was flying towards the sky, I could see an extremely large space around me and I didn’t had to move my neck or eyes to view things. Also when I would go up or down, there was a sense of movement but there was also a sense of teleportation almost like I was being fast-forwarded. Fast Forward and all of a sudden I was really high up in the sky; fast forward and all of a sudden I was near the field. In essence, I was traveling through time. The dream about war at sea occurred while I was in this accelerated state. Since I am a creative writer, I am still going to add the possibility that this is just a creative rant my mind created for me; however, there is still the possibility that this is something real, literally or symbolically. I was unable to investigate more than that because I was a bit stressed and also because I had already received other dreams.

Again, I am sharing this here for Humanitarian reasons; I am worried because Colonialism is on the rise while a lot of Muslim countries don’t have great political leaders. I definitely want to create World Peace! However, I am puzzled at what’s going on in this world; and it is extremely horrific to realize that all these fights are taking place when mankind has advanced so much. Lastly, it helps to note that I sometimes receive historic and precognitive dreams. I have created a list of such dreams in blog post “Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”.

Photo by Asael Peña on Unsplash

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Some More Encounters With Certain Muslim Men On A Halal Dating App

I am in extremely bad mood right now! I have been reviewing profiles of eligible Muslim men on a halal dating app—I am not sharing the name of the app to ensure my privacy. I registered on this rather popular app with the hope of finding a husband. I have been using this app seriously for only around a month; and, I have already reported and blocked more than five men. These are born Muslim or revert Muslim men. I am hearing things from them that I find criminal. I have reported whoever I could report. But, sitting inside a slaughter house of this sort will never allow me to report everyone—when I get very tired of reporting, I just block.

One man called me from Serbia to talk to me. I was just getting out my bed when he called. I answered his audio call; but, I told him that I can’t connect with him right now because I am just getting out my bed. He got mad at me right away. And, he said that he is looking for an easy going person and not a hard-minded, crazy woman.

Another man just talked to me for some while and told me some important things about himself. Then he just vanished for some while. Then the next day or perhaps after a couple of days—I don’t fully recall because I am trying to forget what happened—someone who looked a lot like him added me to his Instagram. I started talking to him and asked him if he was that particular guy. He just texted back, “Yeah sure!”. Then the rest of crisis unfolded. He asked me to just download WhatsApp so that he may show me some tricks about investing in something. I said that I wasn’t interested in WhatsApp because this application has privacy issues. When I refused, he seemed annoyed. I eventually got fed up of this conversation; and, I left him too.

Then there was Prince Charming who went on being nice and polite for four or five days—and, he prays too. And, then one day he called me and indulged in saying some sexual things to me, which I found extremely offensive. I felt so discouraged when I heard him say all this. I left him right away.

Below is one of the conversations I had on this app; it is my first and last conversation with this guy. My comments are inside the red bubbles.

I am feeling very sick of all this! This isn’t the first time I have been cyberbullied. But, I know that abuse of women is increasing due to various factors like neglect and pandemic. This isn’t just happening inside the Muslim community; this is happening across the globe. Not to forget that Islamophobia and exclusion of Muslims are playing a role in increasing online abuse of Muslim women—this reality is taught through several online articles that share how the lives of Indigenous women were destroyed due to colonialism.

I have reported most of the men; and, app’s administration has taken action against all of these folks. However, what’s freaky about all this is if I didn’t know what I was looking at and the guy managed to do something and get away with it, then so many other people will point fingers at me.

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