Understanding Hadith “There Will Be More Women In Heaven And Hell Than Men”

I was going over Dr. Shadee Elmasry’s blog post “#SafinaQ&A: Insight behind Women Being the Majority in Jannah & Jahannam?” where the hadith “There will be more women than men in both Heaven and Hell” was being discussed. I was not content with the explanation that was being offered here so I looked up more information. I volunteer to run a Facebook page, “Forgotten Femmes” as well as counsel abused women if they approach me for advice; I have also survived domestic, workplace, and sexual abuse. I know that comments like the one mentioned here can cause abuse of women when left without context and explanation⁠—this happens due to the teaching that men get more than women for some reason. This is why I am looking into this in detail!

After a bit of work, I found an explanation that makes more sense to me.

There will be more women in Hell.

According to SeekersGuidance’s article, “In What Context Did the Prophet Say ‘Women Make up the Majority of the Inhabitants of Hell’?” this hadith was meant to be playful since the Prophet was just encouraging women to issue charity. Its like when a great writer makes fun of someone just for the moment in order to get something important done. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was just a guy like other guys! He had a sense of a humor which he used while communicating with both men and women.

There will be more women in Heaven

The answer to this question is quite simple. I know that some scholars think that this refers to the fact that houris are only females. However, my personal experiences have taught me otherwise. I am a lucid dreamer. I have learned from Islamic text that lucid dreaming is halal; dreams can come from angels and God; and, our souls are not in our body when we are asleep. During my lucid dreams, I have been able to form sexual relationships with multiple male dream characters who are very smart and handsome; whether the relationship will form or not is not always inside my control since other energies are playing a huge role in making this happen. I have discussed this phenomenon clearly in blog post, “Be Moderate About Lucid Dream Sex“. If this is happening while my soul is not in my body, then this will definitely happen when I die and (God willingly) enter heaven. Here is another relevant explanation of this hadith. Read “Are all ‘houris’ female?


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Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to everyone! I am celebrating my Eid alone today. The COVID-19 lockout feels difficult to manage especially today because I love celebrating my Eid with people. So to make sure that I don’t get bored, I actually dressed up and took some selfies.


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Was That Just Another Walk Or Something Else?

I have written before about how I receive repeat dreams about a specific man and how I have come to believe that these are signals from my future husband. Read blog post, “My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband” and “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!“. The male dream character from these dreams is actually based on a real guy. Please note that the dream characters can sometimes get displaced to convey a message. It is possible that the man I see in these dreams is my future husband; and, it is also possible that someone who is related to or similar to this man is my future husband. Also note that I am still unwed; and, I don’t have anyone particular on my mind. This is why these dreams are a real treat! Lastly, note another peculiarity! Eid was declared today in my area; the dream took place today as well; and, it occurred during the day since I slept in.

In today’s dream, I was outside a place that felt like a historic building of some sort; I can say its a historic building although I did not see it because the buildings found in its surrounding area carried the magnificence of the old era of Kings and Sultans. A lot of people were around doing routine activities like walking or biking. I was standing next to him chatting with him; finally, I took his arm and started walking with him as we moved away from the building that was behind us. I told him something exciting about Politics to impress him and he said something intriguing back about this particular place. It was apparent to me that he was trying to impress me as well. He also said something private to me; this baffled me at the time I heard it because a part of me was awake during the dream and that part was telling me that he should not be talking in such a frank manner. This made me wonder who he really is to me when I woke up!

So the dream continued! I felt drawn to him since his body seemed too real and warm⁠—I am an ENFP Empath so I get attracted towards people, which is one reason why I see people during my dreams. A beautiful scenery awaited us as we stood on the pavement and discussed which way to go. I pointed to an old building to the right, which stood in the middle of a large park. This building looked ugly like a button; from where we stood, we could see it like a semi-circle that stubbornly protruded outwards and whose dull brownish-grey color reminded people of the past. He smiled at my choice; and, then he pointed in the opposite direction. Many kilometers away from this brownish-grey button-like building, there was another much grander building. This brown building looked like a button that is shaped like a flower since a couple of its round sections extended outwards. My eager eyes scanned the enormous parks that were in front of us as I felt a thrill while watching people who inhabited these parks. I agreed with this man that we should walk towards the building that he chose. So we walked and eventually got there. Inside, there was a huge bed-like thing made out of bricks or stones. There were curtains around this place. He smiled and  lifted the curtains! I felt very surprised because two babies were sitting in there. I got pretty shocked when I saw these babies; and, I felt that this man was very important to me! I felt too shy; and, the awake part of me got a bit scared of and excited about this reality. Thus, I finally woke up.


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Lucid Dream About Dead Birds

Just a couple of days ago, on May 17  or 18, I had a vivid dream that made me wonder for some days. Every time, I presented an explanation like perhaps it is due to an angel who has taken me to show the world of the jinns, I heard a voice, “What if its something else? Have you looked into this?” This mind of state lasted for some days. Eventually, I decided to have a thorough look!

In this dream, I was in a building where I connected with lots of people. There was a sense of joy and fun while I was with them. I had parked my car pretty far away from this building; so I had to walk for some while to get there. As I left the party and walked towards the parking lot, I came across a region that I had not seen before. First I came across a rectangular patch of dead birds. Their beaks were wide open as if they were asking for food and water while they died; I think that the rest of their bodies were now under the earth, which is why I could not see their bodies at all. Some of them were still alive and moving around a bit as their beaks would quiver to indicate presence of life and pain. I gazed at this horrific sight and kept walking feeling undettered. Now I came across an area where there were four walls that demarcated a particular section. I realized that the parking lot is beyond that so I had to cross this place to get to my parked car. I decided to climb a wall and then just jump over the four walls to cross this area; it was easy to jump over this structure since it did not had a ceiling and thus one could easily jump from one wall to another. All the walls were covered with leaves and branches of nearby trees. There were dead birds scattered all over inside the region that was encompassed by these walls; I could see that the entire place was too rotten for any alive creature. The birds were peculiar to view! They had really slim and long wings and beaks as well as small legs. Their long and pointy beaks were open as if they died crying for help. Their wings were sprawled, spread wide open at 180 degree angle, as they lie in this out-of-place grave; they were scattered all over the place on top of each other. Their faces and bodies had still not decomposed and one could almost see signs of life on their faces although their features had twisted due to pain they endured before dying. Their wings fluttered slightly due to the air as the entire atmosphere became too eerie to endure. Finally, I jumped off from the last wall as the trees rustled at my touch. It is worth noticing that the trees were almost invisible although I could sense the phantoms of these trees as I jumped around to get to the parking lot.

A visual representation of this dream. There are two out-of-place graves of the birds here. I first drew this picture by using images from my dream; and, then I modified the original picture by using a 3D editing software to add some relevant images.

Like I mentioned earlier, I thought about why I had this peculiar dream. First I thought I was thinking about the paranormal world of dark creatures. I told myself that perhaps an angel was accompanying me as I moved through the world of the jinns; thus, the jinns that looked like some sort of birds died due to the presence of the angels. Then my inner voice literally combated this thought. It nudged at my heart multiple times; nudges like these are part of the extrasensory experience. Thus, I researched things online by following another gut feeling: “What if these were real birds who have died due to something and the angels of dream world actually took me there to see this for some reason”. An internet search showed the following BirdLife International’s article, “Catastrophic bird mortality events will increrase during extreme heat waves“. Another article titled “Summer’s heat waves could get more dangerous in the coming decades, study warns” indicated that the heat waves are going to increase in intensitythis one was published in Feb 2020. Therefore, I concluded that this particular dream is actually warning that the bird population is supposed to get severely hit due to the upcoming heat waves. I have some knowledge of the changes that are taking place due to climate change; but, seeing is believing! I believe that the lucid dream is showing me a signal that is currently taking place somewhere and will take place in the future as well. A part of me is very frightened and another part of me is feeling strong because it is now a bit used to these shocks.

It must be noted that lucid dreams are designed to give sights of the universe. This dream is terrible in nature because of what is going on around us. This shows that the subconscious and the other dimensions (dimension of sleep called “Barzakh” and the dimension that exists after death since sleep is like death) are getting influenced by what is going on around us. In addition, Rupert Sheldrake, a well-known Biologist and Author, states that there is definitely a telepathic connection between animals and humans; read article, “The Telepathic Connection Between Animals and Humans“. I am so sure that this dream is also a message from birds simply because I can always sense the souls of the animals who are near me. Its not the fur that I smell or just a body that I see move around; there is something inside the animals that I can distinctly feel and that seems distinctly separate from the heart and brain. Lastly, it must also be noted that before I had this dream, I dreamt of eating an egg and an egg-sized and egg-shaped pearl coming out of my mouth. Read blog post “Dream Of An Egg-Sized and Egg-Shaped Pearl. Then this new dream took place almost like this previous dream has given birth to it.

Verily! God designs things in an exceptional manner.

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My Dream About the Sinking of the South Korean Ferry “MV Sewol”

Somewhere around year 2013, I had a queer dream. I now believe that it was actually a historic dream! I am posting this in 2020 because I receive lots of dreams, some are historic dreams; others give me insight about the future as it concerns me or my loved ones; and, yet others offer me creative content for writing, poetry, and drawing.

Anyways, here is the dream about a sinking boat. Through this dream, I witnessed a gigantic ship get wrecked and eventually sink. I was on the ship along with everyone else as it slowly sank in the depths of water and everyone cried for help. Some people, mostly young ones, started gathering around me and asking for help. I tried opening my mouth to give them directions but no voice would escape my lips no matter how hard I tried to talk. I felt scared so I struggled to talk. But nothing came out of me no matter how hard I tried. Slowly, the ship started sinking and everything turned dark. I felt intense fear as everything around me gradually turned dark.

Around this time, I was thinking about a South Korean friend of mine who was an International student studying in Canada; I wrote about her later in 2018.

I did some research about this dream. I found out that a South Korean ferry named MV Sewol that carried younger people like students actually sank in 2014. Read article “South Korea ferry: Messages from a sinking ship“.

Out of 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in the disaster, most notably around 250 students from Danwon High School. Source: “Sinking of MV Sewol

The image below shows the very first description of this dream that I made public in 2013. Notice the copyright date at the end is 2013. I unpublished this blog because I was working on my new blog; but, I still have all the content and dates saved. The sinking of the ferry took place in 2014. Wow! So my attachment to this South Korean student helped me get this dream. You should read her story here; and, you will notice how much pain and love is involved in this interaction.


I feel that God has a direct hand in creating my dreams. God can see what I feel and experience when I interact with others; God can see my compassion and genuine nature. This is why God is giving me historic lucid dreams! I had a shock due to what happened to my South Korean friend (she was not on this ship though but her story is occurring around the same time), which is why God gave me this dream so I may have an important memory to build upon and thus a reason to move forward in my life. I think God’s message is that sometimes even the most incredible people fail at protecting someone and that this is part of our world nowadays. I strongly feel that angels are involved in sending these messages simply because I know really less lucid dreaming techniques. I read in Islamic text and found out that angels did arrive at the time of the war of Badr; read article “Did Angels ever come to the help of Muslims according to Quran?” Its a war at my end too! We colored people are being ignored while we are in Canada; and, I know that outside of Canada the same “beggars” are very well-respected and integrated.

Lucid Dreaming is an indication of incredible intellect; and, I am somehow doing all this while possessing knowledge of really less lucid dreaming techniques, which is why I feel that God is helping me do this. If a racist or a woman-hater is reading this and he/she still feels that colored people should be ignored, then please know that I am a colored woman and that people like me have created history!


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Dream Of An Egg-Sized and Egg-Shaped Pearl

I just had an intriguing dream. I have been going through some major changes. Times are turbulent; and, my chest is heavy with important ideas that must he narrated properly.

In this dream, I was sitting in the kitchen. I was looking at a cracked egg; I opened it a little more. I could see the inside of the egg because the shell was already gone; the yolk somehow shone in the darkness. Perhaps I ate a bit of the egg. Then I stood up and walked around a bit. Suddenly, something fell out of my mouth. I first thought it was an egg. But I could see it in the light that was coming through the window blinds. It was almost transparent; and, it shone slightly when the light rays hit against it. I felt a shock which intensified my emotions so I ended up waking up. Initially, I thought an egg fell out of my mouth so I started researching an answer.

I found out that even “Father of Modern Analytical Psychology” Carl Jung analyzed this dream symbol. According to Jung Current’s article “To Dream of Eggs”, eating eggs in a dream symbolize one’s creativity and fertility; it could also mean pregnancy. Oh! before I had  this dream, I received dreams that show that I am with a guy although I am unwed and have not met anyone significant yet. So this egg dream might be showing a possibility that is yet to come. Furthermore, according to DreamsDirectory, dreaming about pearls that fall from one’s mouth indicates artistic talents and being able to overcome adversity.  I found an even more interesting explanation from My Islamic Dream site.

If a person sees pearls coming out from his mouth it means he will utter words of wisdom and plety. He will also disseminate the knowledge of the Holy Quran and chant the praises of Allah Taala. Source: “Mouth dream interpretations” from Islamic Dream Site

By the way, above “he” also refers to a “she”. I am definitely a woman!

Well! I have been praying and learning new things on my own. I believe this dream indicates that some of my efforts are going to pay off.

person holding a silver easter egg
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

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Changes I Have Made In My Life To Handle COVID-19

Living in a lockout is very taxing for me because I derive a lot of my warmth from people. Before the lockout, staying indoors all the time was a complete “NO”! So I have made some creative adjustments for myself.

  1. I attend live events where I get a chance to interact with people.
  2. I have bought a Guitar; and, I intend to learn it soon.
  3. I have bought a Water Colors kit; and, I intend to learn it soon.
  4. I sleep well by listening to sleep sounds like sounds of a purring cat or rain. These are available through YouTube and an application called Calm.
  5. I recite mantras to calm myself and feel back in control.
  6. I have started praying again, which was a habit that actually took a big hit after I was raped.
  7. I am working on a brand new creative project, which requires a lot of commitment. I have started organizing the entire thing. Its going to take lots of thinking and strategizing before it is implemented. Then I will be able to surprise my fans with a brand new Patreon account! Yaaay!


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