Lucid Dreams Show Processes

In one of my lucid dreams, I watched a couple of artists work on a wooden structure that looked very similar to Sol Bailey Barker’s “Monumento a la Selva”. They worked together and erected the structure and then they dismantled it. I felt that they really wanted people to see what they created; and, I feel that this is why I could see the entire process that felt like watching a movie being fast forwarded. It all went very fast but I remember seeing the brown wooden structure really well. I know this sounds bizarre but lucid dreams are extraordinarily creative in nature so they seem unreal.


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Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences

Since I am lucid and thus incredibly intelligent, I experience odd incidences that can easily be camouflaged as coincidences. To prevent my mind from wondering about their existence, I will recount only 5 such incidences:

  1. I was still battling my infectionits almost healed so don’t worrywhen my exams for the first semester of “Event Management” program began in April 2018. I had to take a break according to doctor’s instructions to manage my exhaustion. When I went to take one of my postponed exam, I ended up at a place where books and binders were being donated. I took a large binder and now I do not have to go shopping for next semester.
  2. When I visited “Algonquin College” in 2017, I ended up meeting a guy by chance alone who gave me a brief tour of the college. This happened before the Orientation and I am lucky that I met him.
  3. In Dec 2013, I got a job in a very “out of the box” manner. I printed a list of Recruiters and then decided to visit the first two recruiting companies. The second office I visited was located inside a mall. I got into the mall but then I couldn’t find them. Thus, I decided to knock at another company’s door and ask them where they had moved. The person I spoke to next gave me a job inside his company.
  4. A relative of mine suffered from a massive loss in business simply because he decided not to listen my comments. I was just 18 years old then and I did not had any training or exposure to the world of business. However, I swiftly analyzed a situation as an outsider and gave him my feedback. He thought that I was just a teenager who was trying to sound smart. Some years later, he found out why I cautioned him.
  5. I dodged death by a couple of seconds when a large van ran over my car’s front where the engine is. I was praying to Allah (God) just some seconds before I got hit; and, I heard a voice asking me to drive cautiously while turning. When the Paramedics got me out of my broken car, they were puzzled and scared to see that I was unharmedI only got a Whiplash and some mild bruises and thus I was still unharmed. This is my second near-death experience. I cannot share the details of the first near-death experience because it still feels too painful to me although it occurred more than 10 years ago.

There are more and more of these incidences and I am a bit afraid of documenting all of them. I feel that even if I fully embrace my inner genius, many individuals will try to daunt me one way or anotherof course! Einstein was lucid and thus a genius; but, why should a random woman win a similar position? This struggle would give me a headache and my performance might decrease. But, I must be brave enough to proceed so that you may notice more queer things in my first book.

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Why Learning is Unlearning

I created a list of urgent tasks yesterday. I started out with 3 points and slowly expanded the list to 16 points. I noticed that as soon as I had written down a point, I would forget the rest of my concerns related to that point (unlearn) and then my mind would start scrambling again till the next point comes in view (learn).  This “Learn and Unlearn” process can be seen almost everywhere. Think about it! its a scattered process because the universe is scattered.

The problem with creative people is that they are a kind of universe. For example, I know Technical Writing, Biological Sciences, Philosophy, English Literature, Event Management, and Mathematical Sciences. But during my spare time, I am an explorer who is continuously learning something else; for example, Dancing, Acting, Nutrition, Photography, and Creative Writing. I do all these fun things on the side because they are part of my existence and I cannot exist without them. This intriguing challenge is there because “Learning” is tied into “Unlearning” and this is a critical element of “Adult Growth and Development”.

Here are some useful articles on this phenomenon:

Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning
Learning and Unlearning: A Journey of Self-Acceptance
Unlearning: The key to unlock 21st Century problems?

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Life in a Haunted House

Note: None of this is fabricated. This is 100% true; I haven’t changed this story at all.

I have spent some of my teenager years inside a rather spacious house that was really haunted. Exorcism had to be conducted to get rid of some of the evil spirits who had haunted the house. I saw only one real jinn in that house who pretended to be my dad. I still recall saying bye to my dad when he left for work and then I remember seeing him again in the afternoon. I thought hard at the sight because I couldn’t see his head at all and yet I felt compelled to believe that it was dad. I even felt comforted thinking that I was looking at my dad as he walked towards my mom’s room. Then, I kept staring at empty space as I thought why father was home early. I peeked into the room only to see my dad go inside the washroom. I waited outside for several minutes and then impatiently ran inside his room. My dad was not in the washroom at all. That’s when I snapped and told some of my family members about this─I can’t believe that I fell for this spell even if I couldn’t see its head because it was too tall; jinns can make you believe lots of beautiful things if they need to. At that point, my mom also confirmed that she had just seen my dad. Later, we called my father and found out that he was really at his office. These hauntings only troubled my family members and some of us were afflicted with real heavy nightmares. Eventually, our house and lives became normal after a very lengthy exorcism was conducted. I became more interested in the stories and lives of jinns after this queer incidence. Seeing them right in front of me or hearing what my family members witnessed was quite a treat. What puzzled me most was that every family member reported seeing someone different─I am saving these ideas for my novel “Koh Kaaf”. My experiences have lead me to a firm conclusion that jinns are actually telepathic nature.

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Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn

I once had a very lovely lucid dream that came true the second I woke up. I saw a young girl dressed in white standing alone in a room that’s inside a construction site. Then, I saw two male dream characters anxiously staring at her through some sort of well-like opening that was part of this building. One of them who looked like an American professor I sometimes read used a rope to climb down the building. Then I woke up.

I scanned my Facebook immediately because I had a feeling that my male dream character (based on a very smart American professor) was trying to send me a signal of some sort. Soon, I found out that an acquaintance of mine was being abused on Facebook. I tried to stop this cyberbullying by telling her about several resources including PrevNet.

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Reading Faces

Faces are critical part of scanning criminals. You can learn from an example of a psychic person. Simply because their brains are faster, they can SOMETIMES read faster than the rest; but everyone else can also learn to do this.

Here is one of my personal experiences. I was hanging around with a victim of abuse when I read the faces of one of her stalkers. I looked at his face only once and told the woman not to go near him at all. I felt that there was something else around him that was indicating that he must not be trusted. I was not only analyzing his face but I also cued my thoughts at the second I saw his face. I was also in a strong mood that day because the woman I was sitting next to had learned to trust me fully. She chose to listen to me and that’s how she got out of trouble really fast.

Telepathy is a very natural occurrence although some individuals have learned to not believe in this ability. For example, I have always been psychic every since I was a kid; but, some people still find it hard to believe. I strongly recommend that when looking for a psychic, you should look for things that are different like “energy sponge personality” or different eyes–check out mine.

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Mental Time Machine – Type 1

Here is a description of one of my Symbolic Precognitive dreams, which took place on May 01, 2018 and was actualized on May 04, 2018.  I have created an audio about this. There is an error in the audio. I said this dream took place on May 03, 2018 but it actually took place on May 01, 2018. Its just that this information feels too fresh inside my mind.

Please listen to this audio till the very end. None of this is fabricated. The material belongs to me and it is copyrighted. I am discussing only one version of the Mental Time Machines I have been using to browse small segments of the universe.


Again, the two Dream signals are 1) “sandwiched people” are the ones who were leaving the office and 2) “the long end of the machine that is always morphing like a Transformer” is the Vimy Memorial Bridge.

Here is the image that I just drew today to show this dream.


The links that I am mentioning in this audio are as follows:

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Snakes of Lucid Dreamers

What are the snake-like creatures that once visited me during one of my lucid dreams? During this enlightening dream, I transformed into a dragonness and fought alongside a male dragon in an attempt to get rid of an angry male dragon. The dragon who fought by my side won; and, then as soon as I changed into a human due to fatigue, he took me and flew out of the window. I found this dream fascinating because I learned to associate the nicer dragon to my youngest brother who often comes in my sleep; and, in one dream, we read books together.

Carl Jung also saw snakes in her dreams. Watch YouTube video “The Transforming Snake in Jung’s Red Book” to learn everything from Jungian’s perspective.

Scroll to 1:22 of video “Mystery of death of Arjun by his son in Mahabharat”and you will learn about the snake-wife of Arjun.

I know that some genies (jinns) appear like the snakes and that genies (jinns) are actually very intelligent beings who have families, religion, and free will. Because I am lucid, I can sometimes access those parts of the universe easily and perhaps I have been interacting with the jinn—I mean as an incredible, this interaction is one of my basic abilities. Of course! I have enjoyed dreams of all sorts. According to Islam, the dreams are from the self, devil, and God; and, every human gets these.

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She: The Mirror

I am in the process of writing this novel with the help of another author. She: The Mirror is about women abuse and how it is caused by society, peers, friends, and family. I will attempt to emphasize Abnormal Psychology,  societal trends, domestic abuse, and Canada as Dystopia. I will also clash Buddhists and Muslims of Canada to show how they participate in mistreatment of women by using misleading personal and religious ideas. My inspiration for this novel is a Buddhist Chinese woman who was a close friend of mine and whom I lost a long while ago. She was a bit psychic just like me so obviously I was very close to her.

So far, I have written many pages and recorded many audios. I am going to lose myself in this book soon after my “Event Management” program is over. Here is a snippet:

Protagonist: Sofia is snobby all the time. “Don’t do this. Do that. Don’t come in my room”. Her attitude implies that she wants to hang out but only if she wants to hang out. It is never about the other person who needs emotional support. Misfits! And, she talks like monkeys like last time she said, “Your butt cleavage is showing!” Right! Hang On! If its showing, then why don’t you cover it for me? You are my sister, aren’t you?  And, why do you have to complain like this in front of father? Then, she scolds me over nothing sometimes, “What are you doing? Don’t go out with this other woman. She is a grown woman but she is crazy all of a sudden”. I cannot believe that she said all this about my best friend. Has she lost her nuts?  I mean “this other girl” is the “only girl I can talk to without being neglected”. And, my sister is always saying things like “Don’t say anything to your dad. Don’t challenge him. Just sit quietly there and listen to him”. Right! the implication is that he should be able to pound me if he wants to. I think she purposedly targets the things and concepts that I somehow hold precious and without fully realizing what she is doing.

Younger brother notices everything, picks up his toy lamp and farts in it a couple of times; then, he offers it to the older sister and says, “Here sister, some ‘fruits of nature'” for you.

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