Note: (added on July, 04, 2015) This video is the best description of my poem, “Brackets”: Watch this video and then read my poem Brackets. Then you will realize the real potential of mankind for the very nature of pursuit of education is the deletion of a bracket. However, it is ironic to observe that it is this same nature of education that also creates brackets, like destruction of a forest because mankind has learned how to create and use machines. All of this is possible since the nature of mankind is flawed and so are all of their observations and movements. There is a verse in Quran that states that mankind is created deficient. I feel that the verse is referring to this paradox.

And the video does not discuss the biggest bracket mankind have experienced, namely God. What makes me think that the observer himself/herself is altered by God? Isn’t God like that parameter that we are not able to fully see and isn’t that’s why many humans feel baffled by arguments about the existence of God? 


Of within
and without

Of consciousness
and unconsciousness

Of the self
and the non-self

Of thoughts
and actions

Of sanity
and insanity

Of policies
and politics

Of determinism
and indeterminism

Of finite
and infinite

Of kismet
and karishma

Of the gamma
and the quark

Of the universe
and oblivion

Of known
and the unknown

There are brackets
[        ]
{        }
(        )
Of varying kinds


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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