Note: I wrote this poem for my close friends who suffer from domestic abuse or those who do not. This song will ensure that they all know that I am there for them.

You are better than a song to me

If I kiss you on your cheek

It won’t be enough…

You feel like an ephemeral and dainty scent

My heart sings like a lark when I sense your smile

I am in love with my true friend

So I run barefoot on the grass

To get to you

Can I keep running like this?

Oh sweet friend, when would you be back?

And shower your sweet words on me

I was just daydreaming about you

You are still my chum; you are still my chum

I sing to you of an accepting world that’s kind of foreign to me

Thus, my words are a solitary folly

Love reciprocates only when the other heart speaks

The other heart…

The other heart…

When you don’t speak, then you become a rhythm

Rhythm that ryhmes with your friend

Rhythm that ryhmes with your friend

The rhyme doesn’t know anything else

This overwhelmed rhyme does not fully know how to reciprocate

Thus, this rhyme is inspiring and true

See you around, my kind of nutcase

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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