3000 Things I have Done During Lucid Dreams

Originally Published On Oct 8, 2016

I am the first Muslim Woman from a very vast circle of acquaintances, friends, and family members who can create so many of these vivid, 3D dreams. The following list does not include all the details because I am saving the details for my short stories, poems, or novels.

I will be expanding this list over time—I am referring to my memory and “Dream Log” as I write this. As you read this, remember that lucid dreams are at a different level from normal dreams. These are 3-D dreams where feelings, emotions, sensations, thoughts, time, and higher realm are present. Lucid dreaming is the key to higher intelligence, and I know this because I have experienced and documented these dreams. Oh! this list does not include a whole lot of other stuff that I have experienced.

  1. Joined a dance party
  2. Rode a carriage led by and carrying only British women. The carriage took us through a horse-racing raceway that was way too convoluted.
  3. Drove a bicycle through very narrow roads
  4. Switched places with an actress
  5. Changed my form into that of my friend’s form
  6. Completed an activity together, like board games, with someone I like
  7. Met my favorite actresses
  8. Enjoyed sexual relationships with several male spirit guides
  9. Traveled through time and space
  10. Met the jinns
  11. Rode a flying horse
  12. Dashed through the sky
  13. Got lifted in air by Black Wind or perhaps the jinns
  14. Caught crime in action and reported to the correct authorities while awake
  15. Swam in an ocean or a very large water body
  16. Saw invisible lines that somehow connect two scenes
  17. Splashed through a water ride
  18. Flew in a balloon-plane type of contraption
  19. Saw a very tall man with golden stars on his entire body who wanted to be my date
  20. Saw a golden elephant standing next to my bed
  21. Fell on a bed filled with roses
  22. Saw some of Iraq and some Iraqis being vaporized with bombs (got scared afterwards)
  23. Watched an angel remove something vital from someone’s body
  24. Heard music while I dated a male spirit guide
  25. Saw my best friend and her husband play piano for me while I slept
  26. Fought with a very strong martial artist shadow figure and got injured
  27. Communicated with a Black shadow figure and reached another country where I saw buildings burning
  28. Observed couples dancing
  29. Slept in a couch where like-minds had been sitting
  30. Played games with children
  31. Healed my mind after the accident and from the nightmares
  32. Healed my body’s pain including menstrual cramps
  33. Changed into a dragon
  34. Met a boy-dragon creature who read me stories in his library
  35. Fought a dragon with the help another dragon
  36. Walked with one of my favorite writers
  37. Saw a man eating a cat
  38. Combined literary devices like similies and metaphors
  39. Watched a man do his laundry, but he had a round glass-digital type of thing on his tummy. Later, watched “The Martian” and realized that the man from my dream was wearing a space suit of some sort.
  40. Watched lots of boats sailing on water
  41. Played with a bulldog
  42. Experienced a dream within a dream
  43. Changed into an actress and stood on a cliff while the waves of the sea splashed against it
  44. Traveled in a train that took me across the time
  45. Traveled in a train whose tracks were woven through the mountains
  46. Saw a dancing squid
  47. Fell inside a cartoon movie and acted like one of the characters
  48. Saw words being translated from English into Arabic
  49. Visited a shop and ordered food after hassling all the servers
  50. Visited a shoe shop and allowed the server to help me wear a shoe
  51. Saw an angel sitting on my chest
  52. Saw two black figures, one male and another female standing near me
  53. Got attacked by the female black figure who tried going into my mind and then I fought this thing back
  54. Saw a mini-cyclone
  55. Saw a man sitting on a patio while it was raining
  56. Trained myself to handle trauma
  57. Dug the earth with the help of a younger kid
  58. Saw one of my friends dating his wife after his marriage
  59. Saw one of my uncles sleeping with his wife. Did not really understand it all because I was too young. This is why everything was hidden through blankets although I somehow understood what was going on.
  60. Rode a black horse that dashed out of one of my older houses
  61. Visited two of my relatives’ houses that are overseas
  62. Saw a really tall and black entity that pulled water towards it
  63. Saw a very gigantic entity guarding my bed
  64. Exchanged psychic signals with some of my close friends
  65. Rode a motorcycle
  66. Sat inside an enormous tea cup that spun and spun while my uncle sat right next to me
  67. Met the souls of my dead grandma and uncles
  68. Saw a black figure sing some sort of tune next to my window while I slept
  69. Enjoyed a fast ride on a flying carpet
  70. Saw my heart change into black light of some sort while I slept
  71. Spoke with my subconscious
  72. Rode a ship filled with Sikhs
  73. Saw a very strong and eloquent speaker perform on stage
  74. Saw an innocent male imprisoned and in chains
  75. Saw a civil war erupting in some country
  76. Sank with the rest of the young people who were on a ship
  77. Saw processions of people moving from one region to another as they looked for a new home
  78. Enjoyed the vibrance of a poetry slam and saw poets perform
  79. Saw fire pits up close
  80. Flew to the top of a volcano
  81. Saw a volcano burst
  82. Received two rings that were made from volcano ash from someone or something
  83. Joined several food parties
  84. Swam in the deepest oceans and saw enormous rocks
  85. Saw a red horned figure standing in my mirror
  86. Flew through a window after opening it
  87. Played the Alchemy principle of coniunctio oppositorum
  88. Picked and ate strawberries
  89. Lived in a mansion that was built on mountains
  90. Used Socratic method of analyzing objects to move out of my body
  91. Visited an office building that was situated right next to a train station
  92. Used corridors that went in any given direction
  93. Saw a man show me a hidden chest of some sort
  94. Saw a blue round object─perhaps, it was a jellyfish─that just vibrated, glowed, and jumped
  95. Saw a dust storm or was it a snow storm
  96. Saw myself dressed as a bride and talking to one of my teachers
  97. Saw a man bleeding near a pool while I was dressed in white
  98. Dreamt in colors and realized that colors alter based on stress levels
  99. Saw an angel that looked like a tiger and indicated to me that it was angel
  100. Saw a man sharpen and lubricate arrows
  101. Saw one of my classmates dressed like Hercules and holding a sword while he pointed at a building from the heavens
  102. Walked with a group of students inside a large park near a university or dorm while it was raining
  103. Came out from the bushes, which is an unpredictable and cool thing to do
  104. Walked in snow with a date of mine
  105. Saw a dream character of mine change into one of my favorite animals. I like jinns so the idea of transforming the human bodies into animals is from their end.
  106. Saw a place filled with mountains and stone buildings
  107. Witnessed a basement sink due to an earthquake
  108. Ran through roads while holding the hands of my best friends. Got so hypnotized by the rhythm of feet and the warm bonds offered by my friends as I watched out for vehicles and crossed safely.
  109. Watched several physically strong people, perhaps they were Caucasians, slowly break a wooden structure made out of wood. The structure was very huge and looked like a tower of some sort; I think that it was part of an Art Gallery.
  110. Saw a well-built male beggar lying on the street
  111. Got pulled by a rope inside a house by some women
  112. Saw a Black woman with incredibly long and twisted nails
  113. Saw a scorpion sitting inside flour
  114. Saw a sky that had different colors than what is in this world
  115. Fought bat-like creatures with guns
  116. Saw two men with whom I held a polite conversation inside a massive ship. The voice told me that the two men aren’t fully trustworthy, and thus I decided to leave. I wandered in a different corridor and saw another woman who showed me a murder taking place in a different room.
  117. Saw a very large store where prices were always going down
  118. Saw a school that had so many corridors inside it
  119. Walked in the corridors of a school and puzzled dream characters by chatting to them
  120. Visited one of the round Russian rooms, the type you see in the movie “Anna Karenina”
  121. Met a very popular actress from the movie “Xena” who told me that she was a women abuse advocate
  122. Held a male child whose hair were too wavy and curly
  123. Saw children running towards me as bombs were being thrown at them
  124. Saw one of my favorite writers fall in a sinkhole
  125. Spoke to a telepathic boogeyman when I was just a child
  126. Saw my mom at a party with several Caucasian women
  127. Saw a scam like a cartoon where people are told they will be given something grand when they reach the top building. But, everyone who enters it is stuffed and tied to something. Some dream characters tried making them escape and they succeeded at the cost of getting caught, frightened, and abused.
  128. Spoke with a very nice male entity who gave me and my siblings candies through closed fenced doors of our house.
  129. Rubbed the rings made from volcanic ash to create an orgasm
  130. Was driven to a gold-bricked building by a young boy who took his sports equipment with him
  131. Played hide and seek with two dream characters who looked like the two White kids I used to babysit
  132. Watched one of the characters from “Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” get lost in woods and then attempting to find her way back. She looked younger like she was in the first movie.
  133. Swam in a water body to retrieve some ancient books that were thrown away and were going to get lost
  134. Saw an airport where my uncle or one of my favorite writers were bidding me farewell
  135. Went inside a martial arts centre that held a gigantic electronic book where all the inscriptions would move
  136. Watched a male spirit guide play with an enormous ball that was filled with several artifacts and entities
  137. Saw alive heads with antennas on top play around
  138. Used a broken elevator
  139. Went inside two “Breakfast and Brunch” restaurants and saw people order and eat all sorts of donuts
  140. Wrote a test
  141. Played games with my brother’s younger version inside restaurants as well as when my other siblings were present
  142. Saw dream characters (mostly men) enter a large ship where a man and woman were sleeping. The woman was holding a child in her womb and she woke up with the child fell down. One of the dream characters tried picking up the child but both of the parents had awakened by that time.
  143. Saw several hippies standing inside a large garden
  144. Rode a train who tracks were designed through a garden-like place
  145. Met a young man who was lost inside an enormous garden that had so many different kinds of plants
  146. Watched a family buy movie tickets
  147. Joined a tea party where cake was being served to a family. The grandma was not being offered any cake for some reason. I went to the other room, opened a drawer, and took two types of nachos. I ate both of them and enjoyed their taste; but I did not touch the cake.
  148. Saw a Royal couple dancing during their wedding night inside a large room of a palace. Saw them move towards the window and look outside curiously. My friends got married some months afterwards.
  149. Flew in a chair perhaps. Then, made an appointment with a dentist. I was wearing some sort of silver plate on several of my teeth. The dentist gave me the entire silver plate for only 12 bucks. Then, the dentist said 7+7=12. That’s how I knew it was just a dream.
  150. Saw an African man and his girlfriend saw run away from someone who attacked them. I ran with them and they closed the door second I entered the safety of their room.
  151. Completed a Maths problem involving Cartesian Plane Coordinates with the help of a dream character.
  152. Visited the library to borrow some books.
  153. Saw gas-like entities come out of doors that looked like portals. Saw a woman holding some stuff that’s used in exorcism. Saw people getting confused due to the gas-like entities. Were these the jinns?
  154. Sparred with a martial arts partner and managed to injure his groin. I have heard that this move is psychologically difficult to make so I practiced during my dream.
  155. Saw a spacious house with a family inside it. The man and woman were leaving. I was roaming around in the upper floor. When the garage was opened, a woman could be seen shouting about someone getting shot. People in the house were screaming that the police came to the other house and not their house.
  156. I was inside a store and playing with all the clothes that were hanging there. I could see all the details and their sizes and colors. I picked one of my story books that was written by Barbara Cartland from one of the shelf. Then, I went inside a small room that was on the side. It looked like a pantry, and it held all sorts of boxes.
  157. A young boy decided to stand on the rails that were at the rear of the bus. He starts roller skating as the bus sped up. He holds on tight to the rail because he needs to make sure that he is following everyone who is inside the bus. The driver actually tries to move the bar by using a button of some sort. A girl who is sitting next to the driver starts protesting and thus he stops. The rail stops moving, and the man is able to stick to the rail for safety. The bus then stops but the man keeps roller skating at a very high speed, and finally he collides into a police car. Passengers got off and disappeared somewhere. I went near the bushes and saw a large hole. There were moving things inside them and you could only see some eyes staring at you. There were lots of green Tim Horton’s thermoses there and I thought of touching one. Then, I felt scared and withdrew. I thought I was looking at spirits that were moving inside the hole. Thus, I ran away from that area.
  158. My sister and I had to take a flight. We took the elevator a little late and were worried that maybe we will somehow miss out. When we were halfway away from the plane, I realized that we did not had our tickets with us. I ran back while my sister ran towards the plane. I found the tickets, which were taken by some man by mistake. Then I took an elevator to get back. That’s when I saw my sister stuck just outside the plane. The door in front of her as well as the one at the back were closed and she was sitting inside a tight and unsafe space. I screamed for help and a centaur came running. He was holding a gun, and he claimed that a security alarm had just rung. He pressed a button that was installed near the door and said something to the stewardess. Suddenly, both of the doors opened and my sister walked out unharmed. I became aware of the fact that I was dreaming the second I saw the centaur and my missing tickets.
  159. Visited an art gallery
  160. Saw a room where two spirits that looked like smoke flew. They went over a table and dots appeared on the table. Dots started moving as the spirits looked at them.
  161. Saw a concert. Two people were dancing on stage. One of them was a very famous actor. Shouts, songs, excitement, etc.

Signed: Fractal

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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