Creating Murder Mysteries through Dreams

Originally Published On: 22/06/2017

Creating Murder Mysteries through dreams is not easy because some of these dream snippets include watching unusual things take place up close─this is something psychic investigators also do during lucid dreams. The writers are required to study real crime cases because they can compose masterpieces only after they have studied everything exhaustively. Lucid dreaming allows you to achieve exactly this─I call this the Pandora Version of Lucid Dreamers; its trickier because it looks for trouble instead of looking for nicer things. You can not only examine how the murder took place but you can also tell who exactly is injured; what exactly is in a given setting; and feel the feelings of the victims and abusers. Of course, it might be painful for the person who is dreaming all of this; and he/she can be left startled forever. That’s why I don’t run this state often, and I always make sure that I am implementing sufficient self-care.

Reality Does Not Surface

In one of my dreams, I saw this very tall woman whose jawline was too firm and well-defined. This dream started suddenly and without any warning or cueing. I saw her throw one of her children in a bathtub. Then, she held him/her down and listened quietly to his/her cries. After her child was drowned and murdered, she wore her scarf around her neck and left the house. Then, I saw her standing outside feeling proud of something and sipping in some fresh air. She looked at everyone around her like she is in command─there really was this eerie feeling about her. This is one of those dreams where I can’t really tell who or what exactly I saw and whether this is past, present, or future.

Reality Surfaces

This state can play on its own if you are bonded to someone who needs help or if you have somehow developed a gut feeling about something. For example, I was helping an abused woman when I dreamt of three dancing couples, but I couldn’t find her there with her husband. Later, I found out that he was cheating on her. Only the abused woman is keeping track of this truthful dream.

Sometimes, you will realize what exactly the dream is trying to show you after you have received some relevant news. For instance, I saw a happily married couple around one or two months before a friend of mine decided to get married to the girl of his choice. I only found out that this dream was true after he confirmed this surprising news with me.

Remember that it takes effort to open yourself to this psychic world through dreams; thus, I have done this only with my friends or family members.

In conclusion, your mind is automatically tied into the world of murders, mysteries, and detective work given that you are writer. Don’t feel too frightened of this ability, and open it only in a safe and accepting environment. Attempt this dream state while cueing yourself to believe that the time warp does not influence you while you are asleep.

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