Dancing feels Ecstatic

I started dancing at weddings as a child─I am Rajputian so it is easy for me to learn dancing. Ever since then, my body has been learning on its own by listening to different types of music. I have learned mostly on my own after being taught a little bit in high school. Right now, I know a bit of Bollywood Dancing, Tap Dancing, Couple Dancing, and Indian Stick Dancing. Pretending that I am dancing with someone is very easy for me; and, I definitely plan to dance with my husband after getting married. Only my close friends; relatives; guests of family weddings; and, my entire (Pakistani) high school has seen me dance so far. Dancing is fun because I feel very elated, defined, and blessed after dancing. Dancers like me are genetically different! If they aren’t dancing, then their brains might die due to lack of movement, elegance, and teasing─right now, I am dancing on “Hum Tum Instrumental“.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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