How to Talk to Dream Characters?

I have not learned how to talk to dream characters by working with a professional lucid dreamer, and it is something I am learning slowly on my own by activating lucidity.

The only things I do to connect with my dream characters is demonstrate curiosity; attempt to communicate with dream characters and spirit guides; switch between dreams when dream characters are not responding properly; increase focus through meditations, Yoga, or Tai Chi; and take plenty of rest.

I did not had time to learn all of these techniques since I had a very busy lifestyle. Even though I already know how to interact with my dream characters to some extent, these videos are still very helpful reminders. Please keep in mind that the dream characters are an essential part of your psyche and should be treated with care and respect.

How to Talk to Dream Characters 101
Lucid Dreaming: How to find a Spirit Guide
Interacting With Dream Characters
Speaking to Your Subconscious

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