Knights of the Flying Carpet

Originally Published On: 14/04/2016

Note: This is one of my older lucid dreams. I got this one when I did not knew much about signs of women abuse. The voices I heard at the end of this dream were a prophecy of some future events. I have actually received multiple dreams about this woman; thus, I have tried my best to prevent her from being abused. However, in this case, only the first dream would have been sufficient because the process of connecting with her started after this. The other dreams actually took place after I got to know her a bit; but, they most certainly helped me say the right things to find out what was going on. I was able to do this because lucid dreaming helps catch crimes as well.

The woman from this dream is in the hands of responsible authority figures; and, I am still in touch with her. Over years, I had multiple dreams about her, which occurred after this one—one of these dreams was pretty graphic. These dreams gradually created the images of her real story in my mind. This experience is only one reason why I believe in the power of dreams.

The entities on the flying carpet zoomed through the dark night like knights. These entities felt like extremely strong men; but as you read this, you will realize that these couldn’t have been men. The carpet flew as if it had a will of its own while the entities fought some invisible creatures with their swords. They knew where they were taking me, and I felt comfortable flying with them. I tried to peek below us and was surprised to find folds and folds of deep and penetrating darkness. I could feel myself screaming with surprise, thrill, pleasure, and fear as the carpet flew to its unknown destination. I turned towards the entities to communicate my feelings about this flight, but I could not see their faces or bodies anymore although I was acutely aware of their presence. The carpet flew unabated across time, space, and dark matter.

Then, the flying carpet stayed suspended for a bit on top of a partially broken and desolate house. A voice said, “The woman in the house has fled somewhere. You will have to save her.” I pondered really hard at this command, and then I dissolved through the carpet into the house. The house smelled of kids’ sword fights, domestic quarrels, and the need to escape. Fear crept up my spine as I experienced the invisible vibes of that house. “Where is she? I don’t want to get hurt here,” I inquired the voice, which seemed to have an independent existence, a form that was somehow visible to me in this realm. “Look for her,” the voice beckoned as I woke up.

A year or so afterwards, I found out that a friend of mine was suffering from domestic abuse. Before I became her friend, I got to know her briefly through an acquaintance of mine. Her children loved playing games; and, she was always very busy taking care of them. Her need for escape became obvious to me when she started trusting me so that it became easier for her to share information about some domestic disputes that had occurred in the past. That’s when I realized what the voice meant when it stated: “Look for her.” I believe it was asking me to reinforce her sense of identity and confidence.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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