Originally Published On: 14/05/2016

Note: This is based on one of my older lucid dreams. I have imagined our conversation although the rest of the indications were in that dream. In my original lucid dream, my dream character did not directly address me because I did not knew how to maintain a dialogue with dream characters at that time in my life.

The young girl searched for him fervently as the night fell silently. “Whom do I play with today?” she thought as she sneaked around curiously to find her lucid playmate. The night fell melodically and teased her while hiding her in its open hawk-like wings. The divine orchestra played mesmerizingly as the drapes swayed at her touch. She laughed delicately as she saw her shy date hiding behind the drapes.

He ate his biscuits and seemed to ignore her to indicate that she is the one who should approach him. As she quietly approached him, he looked in her dark eyes and addressed her gently, “Oh! I am sorry but forgive me that I did not notice you standing there. And what is your lovely name?” His eyes seemed to issue a forbidden indication, which the young girl studied slowly as she partially understood the answers to his whispered questions.

She experienced an invisible tune and acceptance as the music of darkness, song, and self entrenched both of them. Spontaneously, she engaged him as she talked like a young maiden who knew nothing more than just having childlike fun. Gradually, the boy waned and became one of the silent ones as he realized that it was time to fly away. She dismissed his hurry as that of one of the grand ones who knew well how to sing, play, and dance. “Perhaps, it was time for him to experience something else,” she thought as she flew towards the ceiling and became absorbed in viewing the dynamic enfolding of the surrounding buildings.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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