Sword of the Thinker

Note: I have been learning the art of making sense out of invisible data on my own through lucid dreaming. I feel there is so much more I can learn and apply here.

As a lucid dreamer, I have felt very fascinated by the unknown like the supernatural, death, angels, future, and whatever is hidden. When I go on my lucid dreaming adventures, I usually cue my subconscious to glance into the future as much as possible. I still have to learn how to cue my subconscious professionally, and so far I have been just working spontaneously. Whatever I have felt and understood during those lucid moments is actually beyond my comprehension, but I am going to attempt to explain my current understanding here.

Once, I dreamt of a golden elephant that stood next to my bed, saluted me, and then disappeared as I started feeling uncomfortable. I also dreamt of a very tall man who was lit as if decorated by fireflies and sitting near my window. As soon as he understood that I had become aware of him, he smiled at me and attempted to communicate with me. This dream figure resembled a writer whose work I had been reading. I woke up feeling puzzled about these dreams and for a really long while I was unable to interpret them.

As my lucidity matured, I realized that these lit points were actually the Reiki points that can be manipulated through yoga, meditations, and Reiki to open the gates of lucid dreamscape. Over time, I have come to a startling revelation: some of the points that I accidentally opened during my lucid dreams have started to open during the day. For example, I can sometimes tell which humans from within my circle of friends or colleagues are capable of becoming lucid during sleep. Another intriguing thing that I found out is that there are some zoos in the area, California of United States, where this writer works. The elephant that appeared when I dreamt of this writer is a signal that there is a zoo or some zoos in the area. Wow!

Furthermore, I have fully realized that the writing code is actually a scientific or mathematical code or fractal that has its own laws of Physics. For example, just last night I dreamt of a very tall dark entity being brought to my room. It was being held by invisible beings and was emitting a force field around it. The man was brought into a closed square room that was flooded and his body soon absorbed all of the water. I literally saw water waves rush towards this tall entity, which I initially mistook as a jinn of some sort.

The tall entity is perhaps a supernatural being or a magnetic bar, I am not so sure. The water waves are moving towards the entity and get absorbed by it.

I thought about this dream and realized that I was looking at force fields of some sort. Thus, I researched some Physics textbooks today and found out that the bar magnet releases a force field that looks similar to the one found around Earth. See the diagram here.

This dream tells me that man, substances, and heavenly bodies are releasing force fields. The YouTube video “Gravity – From Newton to Einstein – The Elegant Universe” shows that if sun disappears, then this gravitational disturbance will create a wave that will travel in space.

In case of humans, these force fields are psychic in nature as well. For instance, in one dream I saw that a group of women had tied a rope around my neck and were trying to push me into a room. Meanwhile, I was resisting with all of my might; I was applying the opposite force with great force. This mean that humans can easily read some psychic concepts; read other ideas with difficulty; and are unable to read the rest of the psychic ideas no matter how hard they try? I saw some part of a bigger picture; since I resisted, I could not see the rest of the story. This dream also tells you that humans are designed to be psychic collisions of energy and thoughts. Why else do you feel vibes around humans or are able to channel with their help?

I am still in the process of opening the code slowly. I am interested in self-improvement and writing; and, some of the scientific code is designed to open along with this rest.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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