Understanding the Two Selves

I have been thinking about all the buildings I have viewed and visited during my lucid dreams. Once, I visited a building and later found a very similar one in the city of Ottawa. My lucid dream showed me stunning images of a building near which a bus station is located. The buses went in a semi-circular path that later became straight. It rained while I boarded one of the buses as the night fell. During this lucid experience, I could see myself meet someone inside an office, walk through corridors, walk out on the concrete road, cross the stop sign, and then end up on the other side where the bus station was. In another lucid dream, I lived inside a palace that was built on top of a very gigantic mountain. It had spiral stairs that were made out of very large stones. I saw myself living in this palace and communicating with its inhabitants. In one scene, one of the residents came back with food and I ran from one room to the other until I got to the balcony. From the balcony, I gazed down only to be bewildered by the height of the mountain and the dimensions of this palace.

There were several other such dreams where I experienced a separate existence inside buildings and areas I have never seen before. These buildings are filled with life, people, stories, furniture…and even weather changes occur there. I have sketched some portions of these dreams, which are actually far more massive and detailed than my preliminary sketches. I am running into recall issues while I work on these ones simply because there are far too many details to catch, such as the geometry or blue prints of the palace.

Furthermore, I know that some of this data is imagined but the rest is real; i.e. sometimes, I am really collecting data about buildings that exist now, had existed in the past, or exist in the future. I know this sounds very confusing but that’s the nature of these fractal dreams.

The dream dimension allows me to have a second existence where I can experience things ahead of time or things that I am not meant to experience in this dimension. I so want to sing to the world: There are two Arzoos, such is the definition of her creativity. One is from now. The other is from there, then, and somewhere. Verily E=Mc^2.

I am slowly learning how to not get overwhelmed by such dreams and visit these buildings over time. Repeat exposure will work.

Signed: Fractal

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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