Fifth Pentacle of Mars and Scorpion Dream Signal

For some unknown reason, I have always felt that the Key of Solomon ties into the world of Lucid Dreaming. I haven’t fully investigated this yet; and, I am slowly working on this during my spare time. Today, I reviewed some of the Pentacles found inside the Key of SolomonFigure 29 from the Key of Solomon shows a Scorpion that’s sitting inside a circle. I remember that once I had a dream during which I saw my mother open the flour container. Then, I saw a large, dark black scorpion sitting there fully alert. It felt alive and extremely watchful somehow. My mom took some flour out; and, it didn’t bite her or move away from its assigned position. I remember being slightly frightened of it for some reason. And, I remember waking up after watching all this. The similarity between my dream and the Fifth Pentacle of Mars is that in both cases a Scorpion is captured inside a container. Another similarity is that the Scorpion from my dream was sitting in a very similar position; it was facing one side of the container just like this Scorpion is facing one portion of the circle. Thus, it is easy to conclude that this was an ambient dream where some parts of the environment are slightly altered but the rest is same.

(added Dec 11, 2018)

I read on the site “Carolina Conjure” that the Fifth Pentacle of Mars is used to control demons and make them come under the influence of the possessor of the seal. I know that Lucid Dreaming is used to control things like Depression, Anxiety, fears, or PTSD. Just like demons do, these issues can cause you to lose control of your life. Lucid Dreaming adds the control back. Is it what the appearance of Fifth Seal of Solomon actually means?

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