Heaps of Snow

This lucid dream showed 3 D, real-life-like scenes that spanned an entire day of the dreamworld. In this dream, I spent all day with my friends inside a university. In the first scene, I was sitting on a large sofa with some other girls. They were listening to my concerns and nodding. One of them noticed that I was a bit stressed so she bought some Booster Juice for me. We sat in the lounge and chatted till sunset.

I looked outside the window and saw the orange sky. This part of the building was built on higher ground, and I could see the steps that lead to the street below. Suddenly, the guy who was sitting at the front desk announced something in a cheery manner. All the ladies turned to him; and I stood up, walked over, and asked him the details of this announcement. He said that there is going to be class here, and I might be interested in it. I peaked through one of the corridors and found out that some people had gathered in the corridor. One of the men shouted from the room and announced the names of the speakers who were going to deliver a free seminar. Everyone got excited after they heard this news. I got excited too, but then I just shrugged this off as a common occurrence.

It got dark rather quickly afterwards; and, thus I decided to leave the building. Outside, there were mountains and mountains of snow. “Who can walk on these streets that are now laden with thick blankets of snow?”, I thought as I looked at the horizon to see if any cars were approaching. Then I noticed that there was a young man ahead of me. He was faster and more athletic than me. I quietly looked at him and envied his physical abilities; the sky felt surreal and peaceful as if souls of all the dream characters were somehow merging.

I struggled through the first heap of snow that was covering the first street. I looked up and saw him run over the small hill that was built in between the two streets. My legs were tired now, but I had to climb the hill. All of a sudden, my legs gave up; and I fell down. My books fell out of my hands and cluttered all around me. I was out for several minutes; and, God knows how this man just turned and noticed me. I wasn’t even screaming and just lying there frightened thinking whether I will ever stand up again and face this world. Quietly, he walked towards me and gently picked me up. He didn’t address me because he seemed reserved. I examined his well-built face and started feeling shy because this situation was so awkward. I thanked him slowly and felt odd that he was looking at me. He laughed in a friendly manner, and hinted that he will keep noticing me to keep me safe. He seemed in a hurry; but, he had looked at me just like I have always dreamt that he would.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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