Individuals who belong to Health Care and Clinical Research professions─both professions are closely tied so people belonging to these professions interact a lot─are usually very passionate and smart. But, know that Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Teachers, Clinical Research Project Managers, and anyone in Senior Management might be a narcissist who has a strong need to rape and violate─they are like the Werewolf of Wysteria. They know how to keep shifting the blame on the vulnerable parties like students, patients, women, disabled, and coloured people. Just some years ago, I wouldn’t have known all of this at all; but, I was provided with some credible information about severe mistreatment─not rape but just excessive blaming and intolerance─that was taking place inside some Canadian Nursing schools. So, I spoke with some Doctors, Nursing students, Clinical Research Coordinators, and Managers privately who confirmed my suspicions─ obviously, there is a strong link between narcissism, bad work and academic performance, rape, and murder.

My research also shows that some people who are running for Political positions are also teaching inside Medical or Nursing schools. This article identifies Politicians, Lecturers, Managers, and Medical Doctors as possible narcissists. One key characteristic of narcissism is gaslighting to alter the setting inside the minds of their victims. “This has to be done because you weren’t listening” is something you might hear from a Nursing Teacher who wishes to “punish” by devising errors inside your mind and then displaying false ideas about your performance and health on your record. Some abused students I came across are so nerve-wrecked that they have learned to make “little errors”; this is because their confidence and boundaries slowly break due to the intrusive and pushy behavior of their teachers. To add to the stress offered by the victims’ lifestyle and circumstances, narcissists perform intense probing to eliminate any personal space so that they may easily takeover. You must have noticed that the very nature of the Health Care and Clinical Research professions requires “strong control of one’s activities as well as those of the patients”; “lack of personal space”; or “touching/examination including touching/examination of the private parts”. Furthermore, North American Medical, Nursing, and Clinical fields have a very strong hierarchy, which makes it mandatory for everyone to seek status. Status is linked to power and even teachers can tell you what power means by getting away with lying about you. Power corrupts and damages the brain so that the humans end up becoming narcissists and in some cases rapists. Thus, it is easy to hide scams that are taking place inside the Health Care or Clinical Research fields for years and years even if someone decides to whistleblow.

Below are some helpful resources that show you how Health Care and Clinical Research professionals are busy raping and violating their patients, colleagues, or friends instead of helping them. Oh! All rapists are amazing at narcissism because rape requires hijacking the minds of the victims. Why else do you think that a rapist says, “Baby, I will protect you” and then says, “No! you wanted all of this” after forcing the victim. Narcissism redesigns minds by adding trauma and new goals.

Doctored Abuse
Ontario must do more about doctors who abuse patients
Woman Claims Doctor Raped Her While She Was Sedated

Can you easily see now why some Clinical Research institutes, Hospitals and Nursing or Medical schools have a “strong bullying culture”? Some victims told me that they had always believed that these professionals whether they are involved in Politics or not are the ones who are supposed to bless and protect us─but, do you know that rapists also protect and bless you before they rape you? They aren’t able to manage this issue well because the narcissists keep dodging all the feedback or critique through further gaslighting; the victims keep disappearing without fully reporting everything or without pursuing a filed report; and/or other professionals keep mistrusting and abusing the victims instead due to the existing hierarchy. Surviving such toxic environments isn’t easy and sticking to a functional and protective group is the key─remember that not all Health Care or Clinical Research professionals cross these critical boundaries.

You can say that this post is an example of Whistleblowing because the Canadian media is not available to cover these issues in detail. I feel that they don’t want to fully cover the issues that the vulnerable parties, such as colored people or women are facing as they try to enter the Canadian Health Care or Clinical Research systemwhy else do we keep hearing from some non-profit research institutes like Wellesley Institute that Canadian Health Care system (don’t forget that its linked into Clinical Research system) offers biases and obstacles that target the vulnerable population?

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