Note: (added on 12, 2011) I wrote this poem one night when I woke up at 3:00 am. I was worried about something so I couldn’t sleep well. After finishing the first draft of this poem, I decided to take some rest. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I said a solemn prayer asking God to alleviate my suffering and pain. Suddenly my head turned warm and I felt that someone was holding it with two hands. This is when I became very peaceful and sleepy. This happened around 4:00 am. That’s how I figured out the ending and name of this poem. 

(added on July 20, 2015) I have asked myself several times what do the above-mentioned hands represent. After feeling unsettled several times, I decided to eventually use specific keywords to research some content about Lucid Dreaming. So, a while back I found an article that I posted as a comment on my Facebook. I had time to review this article today. Apparently, it is talking about some sort of Lucid hands (see the second paragraph under the heading “Writing, Dreaming, and Lucid Art”). I feel that the two hands I created just before sleeping are some sort of Lucid healing technique. I did this without much knowledge of my lucid abilities or techniques that activate the lucid state. I wonder what happens when I get fully versed in using these techniques. 

Early morning, 3 am
I am still awake
Feeling my heart ache
Struggling to collect
The past that was wrecked
Reminiscing, I swam

Exhausted, I’m
Knowing life is opaque
And how often people are fake
Innocent mind they infect
Purity, they foolishly reject
Finding an answer; I climb

Staring at stars; love ’em
I see the floating clouds that make
Onlookers feel fully awake
Crisp, dark night fully reflect
Majesty of God in full effect
Magnificent nature; a true gem

Deeply satisfied, I’m
His presence melting my ache
His shelter, I must take
Slowly, I will learn to collect
Because moi, I truly respect
Losing my fear, I finally rest; 4 am


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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