Note: This poem came to me when I was meditating on the picture of an African child, which was published on World Vision’s website. I was planning on donating some money for the African children and was distracted by a kid’s picture. So I meditated on the picture for a couple of minutes and created this poem.

He looks at us with those dignified eyes

His head slightly tilted
That appeal for respect in his eyes
That appeal for recognition
Shining magnificently
He beseeches us politely
Wondering if we will ever answer
His lips quiver as he fights hesitation
Wondering how to endeavor properly
Silently praying
Yearning for a hug
That orphan kid
Hugs his knees
Sitting on the rough ground
He watches the kids pass
Hand in hand with their parents
A tear escapes his eyes
That gallant shine almost disappearing
Am I not wanted?
Am I not needed?
A smile forms slowly
As he looks up at the sky
And feels the strength and courage
Emanating from within
One day, I will be loved
It’s not too dark yet
It’s not too dark yet

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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