Note: This poem is dedicated to those who suffered during the recession.

Average Joe sat staring in nothingness
Hearing the age-old battle of despair and hope
Adamantly, he urged the self
“Seek within; seek without; within and without
…don’t cease, don’t desist.”
Alas! Disappointment drowned the self immeasurably
As his cell phone never rang and that email never arrived

Silently, Brownian motion prolonged
As the dust particles collided randomly
Young Joe collided too, silently, with others
You see, random collision was the norm
..had been the norm for several years
Gradually, Joe turned into a puppet
Silently floating from sector to sector

Heads up, Joe the soldier marched onward
Smiling at a simple memory of someone
Word of the Day: Harmonized Taxes
Fresh Joe’s dignity blew to thousand pieces
As the economy, an outrageous beast
Raped Joe mercilessly of his meager possessions

Lawless World
Hush! There is no law stating that this rape is a crime
A battered Joe shared thoughts with his confidante
Despairingly hoping for things to alter
As the two-faced clowns threw money at the economy
Nonchalantly, Joe drowned in music and cheap drinks
“Stay Busy. That’s the reality call, that’s the sanity pill”
But the black hole got wider and wider


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