Men Finding Excuses

Note: Abuse of the female gender is more strongly tied into the Abnormal Psychology of abusive individuals and how the society functions in general.

Christian Man: She wants to marry a rich man, you know what I mean. Oh! what good gals won’t compromise to stay in strong hands.  
Jew Man: She is sick and tired of me. Well! I must punish her for this immodest behavior because she isn’t allowed to divorce.
Muslim Man: Wait! Pay her less. You know she won’t need a job once she is married so don’t waste your money on her.
Buddhist Man: She has her own derogatory way of looking at herself. She likes suffering so I hurt her; and, she likes it.
Atheist Man: I don’t believe in any Gods and she can’t be considered sacred around me.
Hindu Man: She is supposed to live and die for her husband. I will lock her in the house and starve her to see if she still loves me.
Sikh Man: She is pure nonsense. She don’t know what she is talking about. Why does she want to identify herself with a different religion? She might as well do some drugs and get a taste of different religious practices this way.
White Man: I can fuck and rape her but who is going to catch me? No one can because I am invincible. There are never going to be any reports because the rest around me are doing the same. Classic!
Gay Man: She is a girl. I can ignore her forever and whenever.
Businessman: She has made a little error. But let us translate it into something massive and remove the rest of the team work from her mind and ours. I can lie to her and get away with it because I am a smarter male.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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