White Saviour Complex

White Saviour Complex is a very bad idea because it is designed to marginalize the rest.

  • I apologize to everyone for your language and accent.
  • No! You don’t know what you are talking about; let me handle this for you.
  • We are here. I can help. We can help.
  • We are better at everything. Therefore, we must be the leaders. Thus, we must help out in everything.
  • We can bomb you. But if we bomb you, it’s for your own good. If we bomb you, then we are going to help you. Why else would we bomb you?
  • If you complain, we are going to look at you like you are an imbecile. We think you are like children and we think you need to be regulated and watched.
  • Sure! I can help you out but we have to stay distant too. This distance will help us keep control of our lives.

You know sometimes parents or older siblings do some of this too. They are looking out for you, which is why they need to bend your obligations a little bit every now and then. But the White Saviour Complex is different because it not only bends obligations but also manipulates the victims. And some very confused White people cannot even tell the difference between White Saviour ComplexEmpathy, and Holistic environment. For instance, I once left friendship of a young White man because he attacked me with a hate mail, and he thought that I act the way I usually act because I need to feel superior somehow. I was older than him, and I am the oldest woman in my house besides my mom. He confused my empathy and holistic bearing with the White Saviour complex. This happened some years ago, but I feel very violated due to his commentary and approach. I find it very puzzling that he tried making friends with me but he does not fully understood my culture or personality. If you are making friends with coloured people, please do not confuse their empathy or holistic environment with the White Saviour Complex. Empathy does not include feelings of superiority just because someone is helping out. In addition, holistic environments encourage generosity and sharing; but again, this does not add dominance or control over others. However, the White Saviour Complex adds feelings of superiority and thus the White Saviour appears too confident; always knows what he/she is doing; or, always seems to be in command of everything.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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