In my first book, I will be discussing some of my personal experiences of abuse that took place at some Canadian workplaces; I will be changing these abuse cases a bit to protect my identity. After observing several incidences of abuse that involved not only me but some other colored colleagues and friends, I have seriously started wondering if Canada’s Laws about Employee Harassment really apply to Canada’s minorities. If they do, then what exactly is sustaining Canada’s color-coded market. So many of Canada’s colored geniuses are suffering from Canada’s Double Glass Ceiling, which ensures that they don’t step into the picture at all. Trust me! This kind of abuse really goes to the very top level. What is currently happening at CSIS is just one example. Wherever, the employees have more money and intelligence, they end up launching these massive cases on the entire organization─but, there are plenty of cases that end up going to Human Rights organizations like FAFIA. That’s how those who are less privileged are left struggling on their own. Know that in most cases, just like in my case, abuse of any sort is a REALLY WRONG MOVE─you can clearly see why I have a gigantic Case File.


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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