Energy Enhancement – Part 1

Note: I think that once I won a complicated board game through channeling. I was playing in a team setting with two very creative men; the other team was also made up of three players. I feel that my team unconsciously overlapped each other’s thoughts through channeling. I have seen this creative channeling among some very creative students and professors from University of Toronto. Do you know that I can sense creative psychic grids (vibes) that are found around humans by default. I have seen these types of gripping auras around some very creative individuals including writers and poets─sometimes, I am stuck staring at the auras instead of the person.

I have successfully done this several times just before I am about to fall asleep. I am an empath (psychic or energy sponge), which is how my mind can detect and store mental and physical energies of almost anyone. Just before I go to sleep, I think of the individuals I have fallen in love with or have learned to admire. Since my mind is in a relaxed state, it plays back the energy patterns rather precisely such that I start believing that that individual is right next to me. Doing so improves my mood, removes stress, fights negative energies, and helps me sleep better. It is also possible to think of the stored energies of your loved one as an energy ball and then literally rinse your mind with it. You will feel warm, safe, rejuvenated, and less alone this way. You can do all this and survive on your own. But remember, the stored energies can fade away if you met the selected person a long while ago; but these will persist for longer if you have been bonded for a very long while.

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