Energy Enhancement – Part 2

Yesterday, I played with more of my energy because I was tired from all my boring routine work. My body glows in the night, and I can see this all with closed eyes. It feels like I am looking at Aurora Borealis; it gets really that hypnotic. While I was lying on my bed, I rubbed my hands together rather vigorously. Then, I slowly moved them apart and imagined that I was holding a bubble of some sort in between my palms. That’s when I sensed and saw with closed eyes some sort of light (vibe) inside that imaginary bubble. I looked at my arms and they felt like they were glowing too. This makes sense because during the day the same energy also shows as some sort of music that comes from others’ minds and bodies. You can read more about how I read energies below:

Energy Enhancement – Part 1
Vibe Size

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