Enhancing my Fractal Vision

Today, I am holding a copy of “The Psychic Children: Dolphins, DNA, and the Planetary Grid” in my lap. I don’t know who they are, but they sound very similar to me in some ways. I don’t have ADHD or ADD at all although some of the psychic kids do; I am only lucid in nature. Thus, I have decided to dig deeper and learn about the rest of my friends. This is how certain things will make more sense such as why I hear voices when I touch certain flyers or papers or when I decide to submit a donation for a cause. The voices say, “That’s it. This is the flyer that will take you to the next one. Leave the rest”; or “You must help me and donate”. The voices also explain why I start feeling so overwhelmed almost like I am carrying the weight of another person. I find it very interesting when those voices disappear when I am randomly picking up any type of flyer or donating to any given charity. Those voices have a very specific appearance and form, something that I can see but others won’t quite understand─these are not the usual thought forms, which have a different color to them; and, sometimes they can run incredibly fast so that I end up writing an entire draft in around an hour. I think I can see these forms because I am capable of dreaming differently.


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