Photogenic Faces

I have a very photogenic face, which is why the photographers are capable of capturing tiny details of my face by distracting me during a conversation or making me glance at certain angles. Some of these pictures are years apart and all of these were taken when I was in my thirties. My face hasn’t changed at all over this time─I think beautiful skin is one of the stunning effects of lucid dreaming. I see why some people get confused by my looks and feel forced to ask me if I am a model.

I clearly recall how a Border Security Guard reviewed my face and then one of my pictures only to feel very confused because he started thinking that he was looking at two different faces. I laughed a little when I realized that this dude who is very versed in conducting facial recognition screening couldn’t figure out my face─the correct answer is that not many people can do this. Photogenic faces are a great example of how the human eye and mind are designed to see things differently even if they are trying to fathom the same concept.

Oh! the face in each of these pictures is completely unedited. Only the camera and my face were moved at different angles to create these alluring effects.







Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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