Vibe Size

Have you experienced or sensed the size of vibes? It is kind of difficult to describe this. But, the vibe size is probably one of the most deceptive things I have ever experienced. I have seen this among colleagues, friends, and family members. I still feel baffled as to what I see when I see this phenomenon because everyone sees it differently. For instance, a man might talk less and don’t like taking command of things, but his presence might still be very overwhelming. I can tell when I see humans of this sort because they can dominate everyone simply through their presence. Vibe size might be invisible to the person who possesses it. For instance, my friends say, “Arzoo has a very strong presence; and when she is in the room, almost everyone just notices her.” But, when they tell me this, I just stare at them thinking that maybe they got it all wrong. Then they protest that that’s the way it is. So you see how size of human energy or vibe can be hard to decipher because of variation of the lens.

Practical Applications of the Visualization of the Vibe Size (includes sensing and almost seeing it while awake; and using it during sleep)

I opt for using energies of humans who are more creative in nature and who can easily take command without hurting anyone. Note that your personal preferences might be skewing your perception of the vibe size and its applications.

Day: Where did he/she walked off to in the store? I usually whistle while sensing them and end up finding where my friends might have gone.
Day: Is he/she in the house? If you are used to the person, you will sense where he/she is in the house. All this depends on whether he/she is projecting on you or not.
Day: I can get distracted by using his/her energy levels. Be careful of this one. You might get very distracted based on the size of the vibe.
Day: I am feeling scared. Let me think about him/her.
Dream: Where is he/she going to be in the future? Are we going out for snacks again or is that going to be ruined? You might get visions of the future. This really depends on how sharp you are feeling.
Dream: How abstract and creative can his/her vibe become?  You will get more creative dreams if you think about playing with energy like this.
Dream: My head and heart hurts. May I think of him/her and fall asleep? You will heal faster this way given that you are able to lucid dream.

You cannot turn off someone else’s energy given that you are able to sense it.  You can use their energies to create a protective shield for them or yourself, but this requires faith in that particular person. I have done this a couple of times. When you feel that you have become too tired of sensing energies, distract yourself with some herbal tea. I never perform this technique for long because it drains me.

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