Media and Women

I have been observing female psychology and the attitudes of men who are reared on media. Some or perhaps most men who watch movies a lot do not know certain things such as “anger does not indicate need to have sex” or “women like to be verbally and emotionally engaged and ignoring them does not bring them close to you; instead doing so could give them PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome in the long run.” I am originally from Pakistan, and I have seen some very horrific things there. One memory that keeps popping is how groups of young boys and men used to line up outside the girls-only college and then peek at the young women. Furthermore, we used to get stalked by guys while walking towards private learning centers. I still recall being routinely tailed by around 20 young men even even when I was walking in a group of around 20 young women. I feel these boys watched movies and adopted this attitude because they felt that the women would react better this way.

Media isn’t good towards the women because it seeks to objectify them by removing all clues about psychology and upbringing to create helpless puppets. Media isn’t good for women because it brainwashes men and boys by teaching stereotypical behaviors.

Media like any other gang is very controlling in nature. People and concepts that are trapped inside may remain trapped inside for a really long while. Even smaller outlets like social media accounts of one or two men might prove extremely harmful for the women.

See Twitter moment “Media Distorts Minds and Thus It Distorts Women” for more articles.

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