Another Rain Warning

Originally Published On July 23, 2017

I became very lucid tonight because I have been drinking Aloe Vera Juice. Lucid dreams issue psychic signals that help one perceive some of the future. Today, in the morning, I dreamt that I was in my friend’s car again and it rained and rained while I touched and examined car’s dashboard. Observing rain during sleep felt so lovely and mesmerizing. When I woke up, I decided to check the weather forecast and found out that rain is supposed to start tomorrow or sometime this week. There was no rain at the time I woke up and while I am writing this blog post. This is why I feel that the lucid brains can figure out some of the the weather forecast somehow. I started documenting my mind after I examined some of my childhood dreams; in one of the dreams, I brought very large aeroplanes near me. Verily, I am a very complicated Fractal; and this is why whenever I open a portion of my mind the rest multiplies and then it keeps opening and opening.


Added Sep 06, 2020

The link with the original weather warning has expired. Check out the historic data for July 23, 2017. Just make sure month July 2017 is selected from the “Select Month” drop-down menu; and, then scroll back to date July 23. You can also scroll down to “Ottawa Weather History for” and select this date from drop-down menu “Show weather for”.

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