Attachment Among Lucid Dreamers

In the Korean movie, Lucid Dream, one character states that people who engage in lucid dreaming are naturally drawn towards each other. I understand the essence of this statement because some very creative individuals who are my friends are actually lucid dreamers. To prove this statement, I will share a personal story with all of you; but please note that there are some other similar stories in my life. This is because everything around me follows the creative grid by default. This grid is something that can be turned on and off; and it can be used to easily create opinions among the masses.

Once I used a mentorship and networking program to click on the picture of a guy because I somehow felt that he will make a great mentor. This program was designed to match younger professionals with seniors; and for some reason, I chose this person without fully considering the rest of his credentials. Later I found out that just like me he was lucid in nature. Perhaps this was a coincidence or perhaps it wasn’t. Anyways, this is when I fully realized that some of other my close friends who just happen to be lucid aren’t there due to some crazy coincidences and that there is something else that’s causing all this.

I believe this theory because it happened to me. Try lucid dreaming for a while and then ask yourself who you are connecting with and exactly why. You will notice the “something else is going on factor or energy” only when it comes to strong lucid dreamers.

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