Glowing Hands

I was a bit fatigued today due to work and a mild headache had slowly developed. I took a Tylenol tablet and went to sleep hoping to recover soon. During my sleep, I saw myself near one of my female younger cousins or siblings. She asked me a question and I mumbled something back. Soon afterwards, two glowing hands covered and massaged my forehead. For several moments, I slept peacefully as I allowed this gradual healing process to take place. The hands were small and feminine, just appropriate for massaging my small forehead. Their warmth slowly poured into my mind as I watched them magically move and respond to my pain.

This is an example of using spirits to heal oneself. Empaths have the ability to heal by using spirit guides; and in real life this ability can be enhanced and demonstrated with the help of prayers.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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