Healing Menstrual Pain

Note: I think I should learn how to use energy healing methods whenever I have some spare time.

Healing menstrual pain has never been easy for any woman. We use pain killers, hot water bottle, and soothing liquids to soothe the women. Periods are normal part of a woman’s life simply because without periods the entire reproductive cycle wouldn’t work out.

I have been healing my menstrual cramps by using all of the above methods. Just a few years ago when I started practicing lucid dreaming regularly, I thought of using my hands to heal. I haven’t professionally learned how to channel energy through hands, but my lucid dreams add this ability by default─no wonder, my body literally starts glowing the second I close my eyes. Just yesterday, I was trembling and sweating due to my menstrual pain when I decided to fight this by touching my belly with my hands. Within minutes, I stopped sweating and my pain vanished. I started testing further by removing my hands and felt the pain come back. Again, I placed my hands on my belly and channeled to remove the pain. Eventually, I fell asleep like a child who has been rocking gently in her mother’s arms.

You can definitely use your dreams to sharpen your healing abilities. Twice during my dreams, I have used lucid hand figures to learn healing: Once, the hands just appeared under my head when I was suffering from a tension headache; during the second dream, the hands slowly massaged my forehead.

After healing my pain like this, I thought back to my mom’s words, “My daughter is most definitely an incredible woman.” It feels great to cooperate with my inner self, which is more versed than my awake version.

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