I Love Cats

Note: My friends’ cat woke me up early in the morning today. She saw me packing last night and figured out that I was leaving. So she woke me up by 5:30 am. Clever kitty! I love her. This one bows her head so that I may kiss her. Another cat who belongs to another friend hides under the tables 24/7; and, I have to lay next to her to talk to her.

I play a lot with my friends’ cats and for some reason I feel very tuned into them. One of my friends’ cat has a very small head as well as very fragile bones. I don’t feel any fear while touching her because my slim fingers and hands are perfect for this task. And, she loves me! Once, I played with her all night instead of going to sleep. She jumped on my pillow a couple of times; so I had to get up to make sure she does not end up sitting on my face. Today, I have been petting her to make her feel relaxed so that she may fall asleep properly. She sits like a princess and modestly bites and scratches like one. So rare!

For some reason, I feel so happy and satisfied around her and any other cat. The vibes/energies of cats are probably the best music I have ever experienced—I feel connecting with cats is a psychic experience because they really have very strong and amazing souls. I have always felt very close to cats just like I feel close to my siblings. One of my friends once noticed that one of her cats who didn’t like people that much started acting very sweet towards me after our first meeting. I feel that’s because I can easily welcome and soothe even the scariest and quietest cats.

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