Is New York One of the Safest Place to Travel for Women?

When you are living in countries where education and statistics relating to the rest of the globe are lacking in many ways, then know that foreign tourism sites would easily earn loads of cash from you by offering misleading statistics. For instance, Trekeffect is suggesting that the New York City is the second safest place that allows women to travel safely. I was curious about New York so I went to YouTube and found out some very scary videos:

10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Woman
10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Violist
10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman in Hijab (Sometimes silence is actually a sign of exclusion and not respect. I know that some abusive minds don’t see women they really want to victimize especially when they are not alone)
Muslim Woman Maliciously Attacked In NYC
Group: Woman In NYC Catcall Video Receives Rape Threats Online
NYC Man Buys Woman Cigarettes, Then Tries to Rape Her 
Donald Trump Protests: Millions Of Women Take To The Streets  (Did you notice that all the women who were interviewed here had fair complexion? This misrepresentation is due to racism that is designed to dehumanize victims.)

So when you are learning about a country before you travel to it, make sure to ask the women of that country. Do not bring your sisters, daughters, or wives to countries that are somehow involved in slowly shunning women’s needs and personal space. And know that some tourism sites are lying to you because that’s what Marketing is all about.

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