Rains, Storms, and My Brain

Rains and storms alters my brain frequencies and this change is totally out of control. I have always been able to clearly experience my brain frequencies alter several hours before rains or storms start─it is a crazy feel. My hormones also fluctuate; and, I start listening to all sorts of songs. Sometimes I start dancing given that I feel too tortured by these natural beauties. I wonder what researchers will really see if they examined my brain frequencies before, during, and after rains or storm─my brain becomes a more pronounced and synchronized fractal during these perfect moments.

This is why I can predict during sleep if its going to rain or not.

Another Rain Warning
Proof of Another Prediction of Rain, Storm, etc.

This happens a lot to me. I recorded these videos on Sep 10, 2016. And, on Sep 8, 2016 I dreamt of rain. I hurriedly posted about this dream on my older blog. Here, I am posting the original post and YouTube videos.


Here is the original post, “Reversed”, which was posted on Sep 08, 2016.

Yesterday, I dreamt of rain that pelted viciously on my back as well as heavy wind. Today, I stared at the sky and felt some energy trickle through my system as I wondered how quickly my mind’s mental images altered. I thought like a critic and wondered if it was really to going rain or not or if it’s just going to be windy. “But, I saw rain and wind in my dream,” my lucid self stammered in anguish. After regretting over this wasted energy, I reviewed Weather Canada’s website. Surprise! They are expecting rain this weekend and the next week. I see why it would be very vain to state that our current realities are contradictory to those of our inner eyes.

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