The Gift

Originally Published On May 19, 2016

Note: This is one of my precognitive lucid dreams, which came true soon afterwards. This gift allows me to enjoy two parties at the cost of one. As Lucy (2014) mentions, “1+1 = 2. That’s all we have learned. But, 1+1 has never equaled 2. There are in fact no numbers, no letters. We have codified our existence to bring it down to human size, to make it comprehensible.” So, I am a Lucy and everyone who can tap in like this are the other Lucys. Can you believe it?

A party was taking place somewhere in this planet or perhaps in my vicinity. The vibrance of dancing bodies was in complete harmony with the breathtaking tunes that were being run on speakers. I danced with several women while failing to examine men simply because it was not my day. As the female dancers’ heels tapped wildly on the floor, my lucid soul vibrated in agreement. “This is a dance that I must snatch,” I laughed wildly as I danced and danced until I woke up.

Several weeks later, I was invited to a very casual party. When we arrived at the banquet hall, I managed to take a peek in one of the other party halls. This is when I felt very frightened and awestruck because the scene from my dreams was actually taking place there. Several women and men were dancing there as predicted and the music vibrated the entire hall.

Perhaps, they had been involuntary looking for better and more thrilling dance partners; and, the call somehow echoed at my end simply because I sometimes think the same when I dance.

As I quietly adapted to this sense of my pre-existence, I walked into the other party hall where everyone was prepared for a grand feast.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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