Once, a Muslim woman told me that she firmly believes that people cannot see the future and only the Prophets can. I thought about her statement and recalled reading a saying by Prophet Mohammad, which went something along these lines, in one of the books: “Followers/People have 1/24 of the vision of the Prophets.” I believe that lucid dreamers are able to gaze through the time warp to some extent because their brains are a little different and because perception of time actually distorts during sleep. Even if you are able to see the future, you still aren’t considered a prophet because prophets have stronger visions, abilities, and missions. For instance, Jesus Christ was able to resurrect the dead. Even I can heal myself to some extent, and I use my dream visions to enhance this technique; but, I cannot awaken the dead. You see what I mean! Also, some but not all of my prayers just get accepted. For instance, once I saved an abused woman by praying that she finishes her education; later, somehow I found her a great internship while managing a very tight deadline. Lastly, genuine prayers last for really long and have long-lasting effects. For example, my first book has been created due to a specific prayer I used to say before going to sleep while I was very young; I used to issue this particular prayer when I was only 12 and my book was completed when I was in mid-thirties.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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