Time Traveling through Lucid Dreams

Originally Published On Jun 23, 2016

Methods Used So Far: 1) Imagine sitting inside a time machine and imagine pulling it towards the future. 2) Stay near your inspirations because this method involves using the mental and physical energies of those specific mental archetypes. For instance, I get a dream that’s situated in the future almost every time I think about one of my most intelligent uncles. I think this way because it is easier to pull oneself toward the future because it feels safe doing things this way. Your friends have strong similarities with you, which define your movements through time and space. If you ask a sociologist or philosopher this, they will tell you that that’s a norm that all humans experience. 3) In the beginning, start out with the known mental schemas of your friends. As you develop your knowledge of time travel, travel through space to meet others or open new opportunities in life. Always choose the most creative friends or those you can “awaken easily. Their brain waves are scattered enough by default to allow for time travel. Lastly, I am mentioning some of my dreams but I will provide all the descriptions later on in my book.

Traveling through time during lucid dreams is easy because time is an illusion and  consciousness is not bound by time. When I analyze some of my precognitive dreams where I had felt that I was traveling through time, I start feeling that they aren’t hallucinations or creative dreams. For example, I was traveling through time and space when I entered a ship that was inhabited by Sikhs; visited a palace although I have never ever seen one before; received visions of my uncle’s death; used signals to protect myself or my loved ones; saw a city that was stifled with civil strife; and, attended a dance party.

I can tell exactly when I was traveling through time because there are times when the exact same thing happens in the future; other times I see snippets of the reality interwoven inside imaginary content; and yet other times I receive visions of distant land and time zone. I have often felt puzzled as to why the shadow figures look dark black ; thus, I have started believing that these entities might be made out of dark matter. Blogger Luke Cole also discusses the relationship between shadow beings and time travel. He provides this YouTube video as proof of the relationship between dark matter and time travel.

You should also learn how to travel through time and always firmly believe that you are not alone in this game─I do rather easily because of high levels of stereodepth vision.

Have fun!

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