Note: (recorded on July 17 some days after this post was written) I became lucid today by swinging on a swing. It swung and swung until it got too high; and, then it started winding itself around the bar or was it flying through some portal. Then, I landed myself in a room; I walked around an entire house only to find a young boy sitting alone in front of the TV or was it just an empty room? I cannot remember fully because it felt empty; and, at the same time I could feel that someone was there. Was this a precognitive dream of some sort? I think it was a precognitive dream because of the swing─Time Traveling during sleep requires imaginary machines or games.

Dream Researcher Ian Wilson mentions four types of Precognitive dreams:

Symbolic Precognitive Dream 

Dream symbolism abstracts the precognitive information and generally is not realized up until the actual event. This can be a very difficult type of dream to identify as a type of precognitive dream, however certain symbols in the dream can match or greatly exaggerate the future event when it actualizes. The accuracy and quality of this type of dream should be considered of a low grade type of precognition.

I saw myself talking to a woman who lived in a house near or on a plantation of some sort. Her husband had just died. There was this eerie sense about this dream like it’s a message from a different dimension. My uncle passed away after I had this dream; and I only realized that that woman was my aunt after we had to cross a highway whose both sides were filled with so many trees while travelling to attend uncle’s funeral.

Literal Precognitive Dream

From a first-person view, this type of precognitive dream in literal detail. What you sense, think, and feel in the dream can actualize in the future-tense when the dream actualizes. This dream can bring about a Déjà Vu aura however linking the memory of the déjà to a dream is what classifies this type of dream as Déjà Rêvé.

I had a dream of a place that was filled with rich people and boats. Some months later, I moved to a city that was surrounded with water and boats.

3rd Person Precognitive Dream 

From a third-person vantage point, this type of precognitive dream can take on both symbolic and literal similarities however does not suggest that the information being observed will occur from a first-person point of view.

Some of my dreams about children are set up this way. There are some kids I don’t really get to see in real life. Some other dream snippets that you will see in my writings are also set up this way.

Lucid Precognitive Dream 

 A lucid dream is a dream where a person is awake and realizes that they are dreaming. This alert and awakened focus state also can emerge within the phenomena of precognitive dreams. This type of precognitive dream can have an even more pronounced déjà vu aura then a non-lucid precognitive dream. Robert Waggoner explains there are two types of lucid precognitive dreams: Active and Ambient.[4] In an active lucid precognitive dream, the dreamer actively tries to engage the precognitive dream, where in an ambient lucid dream the dreamer passively observes the dream remaining within the usual dream flow.

I usually receive both active and ambient lucid dreams, which I have been using in my writings.

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