Closed Spaces are a Health Risk

I have read about Islam just a little bit simply because of lack of time and authentic literature. What puzzles me most is the fact that the earliest set of Muslims used to always build very open and capacious buildings; they did not like closed spaces at all and they also forbid the creation of small places. Even their washrooms that were made out of stones and whatever else were very vast.

Keeping the aforementioned notion in mind, it is easy for me to conclude that those Muslims played a key role in forbidding abuse of men, women, and children. For instance, I have seen how some abused women tend to withdraw from the rest by locking themselves inside little rooms or closets. One of my male friends mentioned that it is very difficult to get those women out of their rooms and then help them become stable and functional. I actually tried this trick to figure out what was going on with those women; I found out that I had difficulty breathing, thinking, reacting, and functioning while being locked inside my room. I strongly believe that the earliest set of Muslims fully understood that if closed spaces are unhealthy, then so is abuse and torture of humans─even a mental closed space, such as education in only one area is discouraged in Islam and also apostasy is allowed in Islam.

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