Snapshot: Racism

Racism is propagated by those who love the White Saviour Complex; those who falsely believe that they are educated about societal norms, stereotypes, races, and cultures; and those who are unwilling to accept the talents and skills that are offered by coloured people. Racism involves throwing inexperienced boys and girls into an imagined collaborative setting, some of which is offered to them at the Canadian high schools and universities─supposedly, clubs like “Change is Now” are designed to promote healthy dialogue and change at the societal level. After graduation, these talented individuals are thrown away like rats; and, thus they are at risk of being mistreated physically, verbally, and economically in front of everyone else─I say this because I have been observing countless instances of abuse ever since I graduated from a Canadian high school around 17 years ago. So, if so many of these talented graduates, including immigrants and second-generation Canadians, are being brutalized with unemployment and neglect, then who is creating change and what sort of change is being created? Canada’s racism problem is worse than you think; even their health care system has a double glass ceiling and a strong colour-code. To make matters worse, foreigners who wish to come to Canada are usually provided fake news─for some reason, its real news for some cases and fake for the rest─like “Canada loves and endorses multiculturalism”; “You can have a real life when you come to Canada”; and, “There are more opportunities here in Canada”─the infographic below shows how it really works out if the foreigner is a coloured individual. As you read the infographic, remember that repeat questions and racism can both gradually force people to be insane. To make matters worse, the Expectation Gap adds to the problems that are created by Racism.

Source: easelly. Written by: Arzoo Zaheer

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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