Colour and Crime

Canada’s definition of crime is based on colour. A lot of coloured people who come to Canada do not know this until they are faced with the truth during their stay in Canada. Canada rips money from very wealthy immigrants. Why do you think that Medical Specialists who come to Canada are left working inside Tim Hortons or McDonald’s while most of the easy jobs like those found in Journalism go to the White people? They tell coloured people or immigrants that they are welcome here; but, this is done by using their money to run the Canadian economy while ensuring that coloured people or immigrants have trouble living stable and safe lives in Canada. All of this falls under systemic abuse that’s offered by the Canadian system and the people. Minorities are always being told that they should be doing more work to get that job but the Canadian system offers services and jobs mostly to the White people. This is another example of how Canada’s legal system promotes and expects Hyper-Responsibility. I think back to the dehumanization of Africans that’s depicted in the novel “Heart of Darkness” every time I analyze how coloured people are brutalized in Canada─perhaps, coloured people aren’t considered fully human and this whisper is somehow always there. Everyone knows that inequality and poverty is linked to crime. And, everyone knows that compartmentalization creates poverty through isolation.. Thus, everyone knows how some coloured people are suffocated till they become real criminals. Thus, Crime of Colour is like how Hilary Clinton admitted that US created Al Qaeda/ISIS but nobody talks about this by using the mainstream media─I hope these people don’t get to China as well and create their own “Khun Cha Terrorist Group”.  These people don’t wish to fully integrate and listen to other cultures’ viewpoints simply because their rules might be superior in many ways. For instance, pornography is forbidden in Islam but that’s eating most of the Westerners alive; another example is how mental exertion is very much discouraged in Islam, but the digital age is forcing this heroin on almost every Western child; another thing that’s being hidden from the eyes of some unsuspecting Westerners is that Islam does not allow abuse of prisoners of war or unarmed civilians during armed conflicts; and, the last example is how Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to prescribe honey as treatment for stress and depression but most of the Westerners are subjected to lethal anti-depressants.

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