An Enigma: Realm of Jinns and Lucid Dreamers

Note: I once read in an Islamic scripture that believers have 1 out of 24 parts of the sight of a real prophet.

American writer and expert on spirituality and paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, discusses the jinns in the YouTube videos “Transdimensional Relationship between Djinn ET Presence and Humanity” and “The Djinn Connection“. She describes the jinns as beings that thrive in a parallel dimension found on Earth since Earth was originally designed for both the humans and jinns. Rosemary Ellen Guiley has reviewed several ancient scriptures including Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, and Islamic scriptures and has come to the conclusion that jinns are the shadow figures who attempt to connect with humans. She specifically narrates the story of King Solomon and how he captured and enslaved several jinns. One particular story that Rosemary brings up is that of the Queen of Sheba, which highlights the ability of the jinn to teleport themselves and other materials from one place to another. She informs us that the jinns have access to some sort of portals that allow them to move through space; and, that’s how they construct the illusion of movement at the speed of light. The audience is further advised that the basic nature of the jinns allows them to alter their shapes, become smokeless fire, or fly. In addition, Rosemary hints of some wars with the jinn during which the jinns were thrown away from the world of the humans. Lastly, she asserts that there are 11 dimensions of the multiverse and the fact that jinns are capable of hiding in the subterranean, lonely places, and parallel dimensions only shows that these dimensions exist. She also states that the universe has thin spots, which act as portals for movements of the jinns (Paranormal Multiverse Part 1, Paranormal Multiverse Part 2). Lastly, she asserts that the jinn know how to access this world through the humans.

Lucid dreamers possess incredible minds that allow them to interact with both good and evil spirits. As a lucid dreamer, I have interacted with several entities including the jinn, angels, and humans. Perhaps, Islam is the only religion that expounds heavily on the nature of the dreams and their usage in real life. Ancient Islamic scriptures state that there are three types of dreams: true dreams that are from angels; dreams that contain dialogues with the self; and dreams that are from the “demons” (I think the word “demons” also include the devil and other spirits). Thus, we see that lucid dreamers are capable of accessing the parallel dimensions and enjoying the privilege of communicating with the unknown. Carl Jung, a lucid dreamer and a psychologist, wrote accounts of his interactions with an entity called the Abraxas. Abraxas is a demonic Gnostic diety, which according to “The Dictionary of Demons” by Michelle Belanger, controls four horses that symbolize the four elements. Carl’s exposure to the Abraxas had a strong influence on his writings; for example, “The Seven Sermons to the Dead” contain several mentions of this jinn.

Everyone has a different way of looking at the jinns. Some tend to be afraid of them; others use them to extract knowledge; some praise them due to their magical abilities; and, yet others pray to God to save them from the influence of the bad jinns. My readings suggest that the jinns have families, communities, religions, languages, traditions, and even crushes on humans. For instance, sometimes the jinn get attracted to the humans who dance and sing. The lucid dreamers might be like a family member to some jinns or they may be their enemies. Both ways, knowledge can be shared between these two species. For example, almost all of the lucid dreamers will tell you about sleep paralysis and the shadow figures that form after they have learned to master and control this state. I have thought about this; I think the brainwaves alter and create shadow figures, which is how we can enter the realm of the jinn as well. Writer Rosemary describes shadow figures as the boogeymen who can communicate telepathically. I agree with her simply because of some of my childhood experiences with a telepathic boogeymanI named this entity “Bagarbilla”.

Before, I narrate the above-mentioned incidence, I must comment that I see this conversation as a metaphor or proof of existence of good and evil; evidence of the power struggle between humans and jinns; and, some of the basis of the creativity of lucid dreamers. During a dream that I had when I was a child─perhaps, I was in kindergarten at that time─I met a small, hairy jinn who telepathically communicated to me that it wanted to be my friend. I felt scared at its appearance and entered in a dialogue with it during which I deciphered that it was very deceptive in nature. Therefore, I rebuked and scolded it and told it that I don’t want to be its friend. Despite my persistent attempts to get rid of it, it visited me two or three more times and then it left─I plan to discuss the details of what it shared with me in my novel, “Land of Arwah“. A couple of times, I have seen the jinn (spirits) while I am awake and aware. Here is one story, “Feeling a Little Frightened“.

I believe lucid dreamers have thin spots, like the portals that allow for movements of the jinns, on their bodies and minds by default. These thin spots tend to open up more during sleep during which the rest of their dialogues and encounters occur. I have lots of unanswered questions at the current moment. For instance, if the dark light (I think Mary Ziemer mentions this as “Black Light” in her article “The Alchemy and Archetype of Black Light in Lucid Surrender) that comes from my body while I rest an interaction with the jinn and a dialogue with the entire universe, then what is the reason for this light to exist and what is the exact mechanism of communication? Is the human psyche traveling at the speed of light and thus foreseeing the future events during the dreams by entering the thin spots of the universe? Do ancient civilizations like the Indians of Mahabharata and the Greeks actually carry proof of the existence of the human-jinn hybrids? Would humans ever be able to compare to the powers of King Solomon? If this is not possible, then why exactly? Why is the Qareen, the jinn or good spirit who is born with a human and exists in a parallel universe, considered similar to the Daimon or spirit guides? The descriptions of the aliens of which we are currently aware of show that they can get attached to the humans, but to fulfill what sort of purpose? 

REMEMBER: If a jinn does get attached to you while you are asleep and dreaming, then don’t panic. That’s because 1) you can tell which one is good jinn and which one is a bad jinn; and, 2) you can pray during your sleep, which should scare the bad jinns away. Oh! prayers can also control angels. And Yes! What I just told you is true because it is based on my experiences. Read one of my experiences “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death“.

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