Note: Read “Beckoning the ‘Dark Giant” to see how I create this dream entity. Maybe, Dark Giant is an angel; but, I can’t be 100% sure about this. He/she/it usually stands towards my feet and near the edge of my bed, which is where Angel of Death is known to stand while extracting human soul; and he/she/it is very tall just like a real giant. So, what if that was an angel? He/she/it is a very secretive and attentive entity so I cannot figure out who it is.

I think that the “Dark Giant” takes many forms during my dreams; it definitely changes shape and there are times when it appears as Solid, Dark Wind. I ride this wind and it’s super-exciting. My other explanation for this wind is that those are my jinns (demons), angels, or guardian spirits. The first time I saw the Dark Giant was after visiting a Pakistani park where the chairs were designed like tea cups. I still remember that I was very excited that night because I had spent a lot of time with my family members. I feel these supernatural entities are attracted to me because I am a very creative person.

Calling the “Dark Giant” is not an easy task because it is one of my largest entities, and it is also extremely enigmatic. Here is what I have gathered about it so far after a lot of thinking:

  1. It is designed like a wish of some sort because it likes surprising me a lot
  2. It usually comes when I get scared of something
  3. It is a very romantic creature, and it can also alter its shape
  4. It can change my darkest fears into roses, gardens, children, palaces, and whatever I will not expect
  5. If I get scared while it is holding me and I recite a prayer, it complies.
  6. Uses totems or totem-like objects to get to me. Three powerful totems that it has used are “curiosity”, “fear”, and “tea cup”
  7. Uses roses to find me, which it showed me during one of my dreams
  8. It is the keeper of some sort of ethereal boundary that I am not designed to fully see or cross despite my incredible intellect. I think that I have never really been able to cross the Dark Giant’s wishes no matter how hard I try
  9. It is probably in each of my lucid dreams although I cannot figure out who it is and whether it is present or not


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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