Beckoning the “Dark Giant”

Note: Read “Beckoning the ‘Dark Giant” to see how I create this dream entity. Maybe, Dark Giant is an angel; but, I can’t be 100% sure about this. He/she/it usually stands towards my feet and near the edge of my bed, which is where Angel of Death is known to stand while extracting human soul; and he/she/it is very tall just like a real giant. So, what if that was an angel? He/she/it is a very secretive and attentive entity so I cannot figure out who it is.

I think that the “Dark Giant” takes many forms during my dreams; it definitely changes shape and there are times when it appears as Solid, Dark Wind. I ride this wind and it’s super-exciting. My other explanation for this wind is that those are my jinns (demons), angels, or guardian spirits. The first time I saw the Dark Giant was after visiting a Pakistani park where the chairs were designed like tea cups. I still remember that I was very excited that night because I had spent a lot of time with my family members. I feel these supernatural entities are attracted to me because I am a very creative person.

Calling the “Dark Giant” is not an easy task because it is one of my largest entities, and it is also extremely enigmatic. Here is what I have gathered about it so far after a lot of thinking:

  1. It is designed like a wish of some sort because it likes surprising me a lot
  2. It usually comes when I get scared of something
  3. It is a very loving creature, and it can also alter its shape
  4. It can change my darkest fears into roses, gardens, children, palaces, and whatever I will not expect
  5. If I get scared while it is holding me and I recite a prayer, it complies.
  6. Uses totems or totem-like objects and concepts to get to me. Two powerful concepts that it has used are “curiosity” and “fear”; and, the totem-like object that it has used to connect is a “tea cup seat”.
  7. Uses roses to find me; and, it showed me roses during one of my dreams.
  8. It is the keeper of some sort of ethereal boundary that I am not designed to fully see or cross despite my incredible intellect. I think that I have never really been able to cross the Dark Giant’s wishes no matter how hard I try.
  9. It is probably in each of my lucid dreams although I cannot fully figure out who it is and I cannot always figure out whether it is present or not.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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