How I Fly During Dreams?

Flying during dreams is a delight that I haven’t dared to fully share with anyone else yet. This is because on certain occasions, flying has lead to time travel. So far, I have flown in the following setting:

  • Over a Forest
  • On top of buildings like bars and schools
  • Through buildings
  • Through sky during the night
  • Through the sky during the day
  • Through the windows
  • Inside banquet halls
  • While in the form of a close friend
  • While sitting inside a holicopter
  • While in the shape of a dragon
  • While sitting on a carpet 
  • While wrapped in black mass, which I feel were Jinn of some sort
  • While connected to a male shadow figure with the help of some sort of device. I flew below and he flew above almost like he was guarding me.

I strongly feel that you can fly over any kind of setting. Make sure to imagine your entire setting and if you wish to travel through time tell yourself that you wish to see the future. If you want, you can use this entire flying deal as an opportunity to train. For instance, you can learn how to land yourself properly while wearing a parachute.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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