Jinn and Lucid Dreaming

Some experts like Rosemary E. Guiley believe that some dream characters that appear like Shadow People might actually be the Jinn. I have seen and played with Shadow People many times. Some of them are frightening and others are very friendly and creative─ not all of my dream characters are Shadow People. In the video, Rosemary E. Guiley The DJINN, Ms. Guiley raises several points that easily make sense to an experienced Lucid Dreamer. Below, I am mentioning some of her comments and my thoughts in the form of an imaginary dialogue:

Rosemary: Jinn or Shadow People are very much into taking control.
Arzoo: Lucid Dreamers use their dream characters to execute control inside their mind, such as how to do well in the upcoming job interview.
Rosemary: Jinns are attached to families.
Arzoo: This makes sense to me because Lucid Dreaming is a genetic trait. Once I found a thread that fell off my bun. It looked like a fairy. So cute! Oh! I have always been extremely attracted to the paranormal including the jinns and fairies.
Rosemary: Solomon used a magical ring to control the spirits including the Jinn.
Arzoo: One of my Lucid Dreaming technique involves using a ring totem, which I imagine is on my finger. I only imagine its there but I don’t have it. Then, I rub my finger where I think the ring is. This is how I receive great dreams.
Rosemary: Jinn are shapeshifters and they can shift very fast in space.
Arzoo: Yes! I use the jinn to fly. Some of the entities I fly with are dark black shadows. Some entities change their forms too. I have met the jinn Marbas who shifts into a human form from the form of a lion; when this jinn comes, I hear some sort of music and start feeling very peaceful; I know that this jinn is a really loving individual. I met this jinn through sleep and learned about this entity later by reading the Key of Solomon. I am aware of one strong psychic who belongs to my family; I also know that one of my ancestors was an exorcist. So its obvious that I can connect with the jinn.
Rosemary: Shadow People are bedroom invaders and they can sometimes be negative.
Arzoo: I definitely see them every now and then but I don’t show them my fear. If I feel fear, then I can request another dream character to help me out or I can change the dream scene.
Rosemary: Do not show them fear.
Arzoo: Yeah! Otherwise they can overcome me while I am still asleep and create a nightmare. When I don’t show any fear, I can easily manipulate them and play or write with them. I am surprised that you have mentioned the importance of fear in your video.
Rosemary: Jinn are intelligent.
Arzoo: This is why Lucid Dreamers use them to write things like scientific code, writing, and psychology. For example, Psychologist Carl Jung wrote his book “The Red Book” by going into the spirit world through his dreams.
Rosemary: Daily meditations and prayers strengthen and buffer the auras.
Arzoo: I can even pray during my dreams; and every time I pray, I get in control of the Shadow People. This is why they do not harm me.
Rosemary: Some Jinn can be very evil and like to take control.
Arzoo: Not all jinn are evil. I have learned through Islam that the jinn are a creation that can think and have families and religion. Some jinns are very nice and understanding in nature, just like the Dark Giant  and jinns of the Key of King Solomon.
Rosemary: (possible question) Dark Giant and the jinns of the Key of King Solomon! Wow! First tell me about the Dark Giant. Is that a Jinn? Have you met this jinn, young woman?
Arzoo: Yes, I have. I thought you would never ask me this. I think that I have met several of them during sleep and while awake; and I enjoy interacting with them. Perhaps, Dark Giant is a jinn too; it is a very kind creature and connecting with it isn’t that easy. Maybe, its an angel; and, my only clue here is that he/she/it usually stands towards my feet and near the edge of my bed and that he/she/it is a very tall giant-like entity that does not display emotions unless I am reading my prayers. I read in an Islamic hadith that when a human dies, their soul is pulled out of from their feet first. So, what if that was an angel? He/she/it is a very secretive and attentive entity so I cannot figure out who it is. I am so much in love with this particular dream character. Another jinn or gang of jinns that I have played with mentioned in the post “Earthlings that are like Kryptonians”. 
Rosemary: Which jinns of the Key of King Solomon have you met through your dreams?
Arzoo: I am aware of four such demons but if there were more demons of the Seal of King Solomon who connected with me through dreams, then I am not really aware of them. The ones that I know about are Samigina, Marbas, Beleth, and Botis. I did not realize whom I had met when I had these visions; I only learned about them later by reading the Key of King Solomon. Read my post, Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming.
Rosemary:  What are your favorite hangouts and hobbies?
Arzoo: Forests or Parks. I go crazy with delight in such places! The warmth of such places is of varying degrees, which is the strongest feature. I also like songs and dance simply because I am an empath. I have heard folktales about how jinn get attracted to songs and dances.
Rosemary: What did you to do initiate this all?
Arzoo: I don’t know. I think I was born different. I used to see aeroplanes and jinn during my dreams even when I was a child—I named an entity that visited me when I was around 6 years old “Bagarbilla”.”Bagarbilla” was actually a vicious jinn! I know that I didn’t just imagine this all because I received repeat dreams about “Bagarbilla” and I was a child back then. I was able to talk to this entity telepathically; and I was able to scold it and make it leave me. So you are right! Some jinns can be very mean and dangerous. I have browsed through the “Can your dreams Hurt You In Real Life?” post that was posted in the “Above Top Secret” forum; and, I was very surprised to find out that some people have reported injuries that they had after dreaming. I had no idea this was even possible! So I researched even further and found the article “Dream a Bigger Dream: How We Truly Create Our Reality“; its written by Ashmi Pathela and is published on Thrive Global. This article clearly states that more than 90% of the matter is empty space; everything including thoughts are types of energies; and, consciousness of the observer effects how energy particles move, interact, and exist. So if all this is true, then I believe it is possible to use your dreams to hurt someone or something that harms you. Furthermore, I used to pray and my prayers would sometimes just get accepted; so I started calling my special prayers “Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions“. Sometimes, I pray my favorite prayer “Rabbai Zidni Ilimman“, which I believe is one reason why I get lucid dreams.
Rosemary:  That means God grant me knowledge. Solomon used to ask God of knowledge but not sheer control. Knowledge dominates the concept of control; I think Solomon’s intentions and the intentions behind your prayers and dreams is to control the bad things or to be just aware of other realities.
Arzoo: Yes, I also prefer knowledge over control. I have always thought Lucid Dreaming is somehow linked to the Key of Solomon. I am sure there is only some kind of partial relationship.
Rosemary:  You know that the jinns can’t disturb us during the day unless it is a very angry spirit or unless a message needs to be conveyed.
Arzoo: Yeah! So, I watch movies to soothe myself during the day. I find movie “Maleficent” so entertaining.
Rosemary: Aha!
Arzoo: Yes! most of the humans can only think and write about them for now. The lucky ones get to see them. But, Islam tells us not to praise them so that they may get you the things and control that you need. I have heard that some Lucid Dreamers like praising their entities; but, I seriously can’t overdo this. Sure! I love them but I don’t think they need to be always praised; I think you should just tell them that you need them tonight and that you love them. However, I firmly believe this Islamic teaching is about praise and control that occurs in physical space and it does not involve the mental space.
Rosemary: That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for this awesome conversation.
Arzoo: Yeah! It does make sense. Thanks for this supportive chat.
Rosemary: No problem.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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