My Thoughts on “Key of Solomon”

Intuitive people like me can easily attract spirits towards themselves. This is why I hesitate every time I read about real magic. Some years ago, I came across the magical and legendary “Key of Solomon”. But, I still have not read it fully due to fear although my experiences with lucid dreaming are pointing to some sort of link between “Key of Solomon” and lucid dreaming. For instance, you can say that lucid dreaming is like some sort of pentacle that opens during the dreams and somehow impacts the days as well; and, acts similarly to the “Pentacles of Solomon” that have prayers encrypted on them.

Here are similarities between the “Key of Solomon” and Lucid Dreaming:

  • Communication with Angles
  • Communication with Jinns
  • Longer and Younger Age
  • Better Health
  • Access to the Spirit World
  • Interactions with Shadow Figures
  • Mind over Matter
  • Time Travel
  • Amorphous nature

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