Ordinary Magical Objects

Every fairy tale has both special and ordinary magical objects. Finding ordinary magical objects requires an analysis of writer’s essence, preferences, and environment. Furthermore, this review requires the ability to decode the object according to possible and actual facets and functions. For instance, I have a beige ponytail holder that feels so fragile and perfect to my eyes. One day, a thread fell off it, and I saw it because it was shaped in a peculiar manner. I analyzed it for a bit and felt attracted to its form and nature. It felt very light and it was drenched in my energy, which I could clearly feel on my sensitive palm. I started daydreaming a bit and wrote down all the possible qualities of this object after I decided that its a “Male Fairy that Likes Pigeons”. After I thought about its character and personality, I started hearing voices that told me how it will speak and act. I wrote that down too; felt intimidated at the odd nature of this game; and then closed my book─I guess stereodepth vision is more than I originally visualized.



Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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