Bonding and Psychic Phenomena

The type of bond and the amount of effort you have spent on bonding with your loved ones tie into how your psychic energy fluctuates and channels. Here are some of my psychic encounters that were defined through bonding:

  • Once, I was at the mall when I got an urge to buy a subway sandwich for one of my siblings. When I got home, he told me that he was craving a snack.
  • Another time I just decided to run to one of my siblings’ school because I was missing him. I prevented him from being bullied, and I have no idea how I ended up there in time.
  • Whenever my dad gets sick, I get real nausea and it happens even when I am very sleepy.
  • Once I donated money to someone because I sensed his worry through energy sensing.
  • One night, I woke up around 2 am and decided to check my email. I replied to an urgent email by a friend of mine. He was lost about his homework which was due tomorrow.
Most of my close friends and family members know about my psychic experiences that occur during the day. Bonding isn’t always required for psychic encounters although you will experience stronger psychic phenomena if you have properly created and maintained your bonds.
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