Breastfeeding Improves Intelligence

I have always felt that breastfeeding improves intelligence because my mom keeps reminding me that she breastfed me for two years. She said that I was unlike other children and used to demand more breast milk from her. One day, I met this young White man while studying inside a Canadian college who once referred to me as “mother” owing to my attitude. Furthermore, I have been noticing that my mood and thoughts sometimes intersect with those of my mother. For instance, once I was sitting in one of the rooms of my parents’ place when I started smiling for some unknown reason; later, I went to a different room to check out what my mom was doing and found her laughing and throwing jokes. I believe breastfeeding is designed to perform miracles in the long run─now do you racists and abusers see the importance of close healthy contact for improvement and development?

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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