One argument that critics of Islam use against the current Muslims who are very different than the earliest set of Muslims is that Muslims are allowed to marry children. I did some online research and found out that this statement is based on some narrations about Prophet Mohammad’s wife, Aisha. Research actually shows that many modern scholars and Muslims differ in opinion here because of the confusion created by unreliable narrators. After sorting through so many confusing documents, I eventually found one article by that shares a whole lot of verses and ahadith to reveal that Aisha was 18 or 20 at the time of marriage.

In addition, I recalled that Quran and Islam allow and encourage Muslims to seek current experts to verify verses as well as follow the laws and rulings provided by one’s country. In essence, it actually presents a challenge to the Muslims while allowing for Apostasy.  As I sorted through some text today, I realized that perhaps Polygamy was the only way of surviving at the time of Prophet Mohammad. What if they were trying to survive through harsh circumstances where lots of people die due to lack of medicine. Having as many children as possible would have allowed for survival. Another similar example is that of the Hunter-Gatherer population, which is a type of society we cannot fully relate to even if we were exceptionally creative.

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