Link between Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing

After experiencing several dreams that are challenging to document owing to their uniqueness and high frequency of occurrence, I have started wondering about the link between lucid dreaming and automatic writing. They are both considered psychic writings; and the primary difference between them is that automatic writing can only be done while awake and lucid dreaming can only be done while asleep.

A brief review of literature shows us that both writers and poets can exhibit psychic phenomenon. For example, J.K. Rowling has experienced immense trauma in her life. In some cases, trauma is linked to psychic phenomenon. Some people believe that J.K. Rowling learned and applied Automatic Writing, which involves channeling through spirits. Similarly, some poets are psychic in nature because they channel poems based on setting, mood, and atmosphere. For instance, I wrote a poem while I was very sleepy and was playfully pointing my finger towards the moon. Lastly, scholars like Ibn Sina and Socrates also used dreams to create new concepts─I have clearly understood why I chose Philosophy minor to sharpen my inner voice.

I feel that the ability to use Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing to compose original works requires patience and lessons even if you are naturally gifted. I am currently learning Automatic Writing from Anna Saya at my own pace. I strongly feel that when you combine both, you will be able to generate material much faster than usual. For instance, currently I have several writing pads that are filled with lucid dream content or the material that’s derived from it. It is challenging to document these dreams; e.g., it takes time to recall the dreams. Some of these dreams are still sitting in recorded format; and, I have not yet been able to write them down. I am slowly working towards finishing a book about my creative dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Link between Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing

  1. I have about a hundred vivid dreaming “episodes” that I have written down(automatic writing?)
    I have had several traumatic experiences and intense PTSD with startle effect and I understand this be (vivid dreaming) is what happens when you have PTSD to such a degree that your brain wants to expose what trauma is and does to your mentality and spirituality.
    I have files of handwritten recorded dreams, that I would be willing to email to you, if you or someone would type them out, and/or paint the innovations in my written vivid dreaming..
    I would be more than willing to read you some of my dreams if you call me at
    My name is Barbara Todish


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